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Enraptured by the tender brushstrokes in Monet’s Waterlilies, Van Gogh’s impasto, or Frida Kahlo’s revolutionary artworks, you stand complete bewitched by their magic as you completely lose yourself and only, art can ensure that.

This is why you’ll always find museums and art galleries lit up with sparkling eyes in awe, courtesy to the enchanting canvas paintings enveloping them. People’s memorization with art combined with the advent of technologies has led to the establishment of web galleries of art.

A fine and sophisticated example is https://www.1st-art-gallery.com that brings the most quaint and brilliant artists to your doorstep when you order handmade paintings.

What makes 1st art gallery the world’s largest supplier of custom paintings?

1st art gallery is a portal that teleports you into the magnificent world of art through its humongous display of fine artworks of the primordial times as well as of the present. Encompassing many categories and a user-friendly interface, it effortlessly leads you to the painting of your dreams only to birth it into reality with oil on canvas.

The vast clientele of the art gallery ranging from interior design firms, Hollywood production houses to the Royal Family speaks of how it is an embodiment of excellence. Like a cherry on top, the oil on canvas paintings is backed with a 100% money-back and lifetime guarantee. Last but not the least, the gallery also offers free shopping worldwide with a certificate of authenticity for assurance.

The art gallery owes its success to the team of reproduction artists who beautifully replicate any historical artwork into a custom painting as well as to the experienced management team who adds excellence to the mix and ensures orderliness.


A transaction cannot be complete without trust which the art gallery perseveres to establish. Alongside guarantee of authenticity and quality, 1st art gallery brings to you the word of mouth through hundreds of testimonials singing praises and laurels of their reproductions that answer the question of ”what is beauty”. For a first-timer, it would be like a breeze of relief since the section is filled with valuable feedback, leaving no room for doubts.

Explore with ease

Sifting through centuries of stained canvases is made easier with this gallery and its numerous categories that are bifurcated as per the artist’s name, art movements, timelines, art genres, etc.

Did your eyes intertwine with an exquisite classic of the Realism but your mind can’t unearth the name? Not to fret for 1start gallery will be your guide into the light.

You can just click on categories that will open a flap containing paintings organized by art styles, art subjects, and what not.

You’ll spot ‘Realism in the art styles section and that’s your way to go. Now, to infuse more knowledge into you, there is a page long description of Realism and how it ruminated on ordinary people and events, beautifying simplicity. You’ll learn the industrialization that reigned Europe and the repercussions of the French Revolution on art.

To learn more, you can explore which painting grasped your attention or look at the glorious works of legendary painters like Homer, Corbet which are popular choices for reproduction.

Gustave Corbet’s A Bay with Cliffs, a journey to discover the physical world is a perfect embellishment for your living room. Corbet’s art style was laden with picking out the mundane scenes of life and transforming them into historic pieces. This surreal piece bespoke elegance and is a perfect pick for someone interested in Impressionism for Corbet was the leader who brought in this movement.

Glance away at the samples

 1st art gallery believes in establishing the trust factor with the customers and hence, have exhibited their previous works of terrific reproductions which cannot possibly be distinguished from the original works. This is yet another promise of assured quality, excellence, and a spectacle of the refined skill of the gallery’s team of artists.

Regarding the right of consumers as well as to brush off any and all hesitation that comes with an investment, the gallery has categorized the various works they’ve reproduced according to the artists for convenient browsing.

This is a reproduction of Renoir’s Armful of Roses which equally reeks of peak Impressionism as the original painting does. The reproduction artists have brilliantly replicated even the most subtle nuances of Renoir ranging from the deep saturation of color to the smooth brushstrokes and the rough texture.

Get oil painting portraits

Scratching your head over an extravagant yet meaningful present for your loved ones? This gallery has you covered since it also transforms beautiful memories encapsulated in digital files or photographs into life-sized classic oil paintings. The samples of such portraits stand as witnesses of the successful recreation of memories by the gallery.

1st art gallery has done several family portraits, pet portraits and everyone has delivered exceptional work which becomes a beacon of togetherness and love for the customers.

1st art gallery meticulously weave dreams into reality for art aficionados with their exceptional skills and premium quality. The gallery is the flag bearer of art and intends to keep alive the essence of artistic masterminds by replicating their world-class masterpieces to be planted in homes and workspaces.

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