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The Legendary Road Service

What AAA Auto Club offers an affordable membership, with special benefits that allow you to be protected in the event of a road accident. Also if your battery runs out, a technical team promises to help you solve in record time.

Although it will always be necessary to prevent and take into account that all the details of the car are up to date before leaving, having coverage in special cases is part of the prevention.

Why go for road insurance?

Staying on a road is one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to you. But beyond being an unpleasant event that can ruin your plans, this incident is an imminent danger that you must take into account.

Many accidents occur on the road, and when this happens is of great importance to have a crane service that can help get out of the danger of being on a road exposed to so many accidents.

It is also often the case that the keys may be left inside the vehicle, and this can ruin any plan you have for that day.

Sometimes our cars can fail for a variety of reasons that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and in the face of these unforeseen events, it is a total relief to be able to count on AAA Auto Club as a special ally in the prevention of vehicle trips.

But before getting excited it is important to point out that this insurance is valid in some areas such as Alaska, Northern California, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana.

What does AAA – Auto Club offer?

It consists of a membership that is paid annually, and is based on three main plans:

Classic Plan.

For $56.00 a year it offers you:

  • 50 miles of free towing
  • Free fuel delivery
  • $50.00 refund for locksmith services.

More Plan.

For $ 91.00 a year you get:

  • 100 miles of free towing
  • Free fuel delivery
  • $100.00 refund for locksmith services.

Premier Plan.

For $119.00 per year you can enjoy:

  • Free towing for 200 miles
  • Free fuel delivery
  • $150.00 refund for locksmith services Including RV and Motorcycle.

These are the main plans offered by AAA Auto Club and the services provided by being within the above-mentioned memberships.

However, the benefits of belonging to this club go beyond crane services. Below you will find information about the additional benefits included in the membership:

Protection is not for a particular vehicle. Whether you are driving or a passenger, you will be able to access the benefit, even if it is not your car. On the other hand, if you run out of battery, they take a new one wherever you are so you can continue your journey.

Besides, they offer security monitoring to protect your wallet and supports and backup when it comes to someone committing fraud with your documents.

Are there other features included?

AAA Auto Club has discounts to go to the movies, where you can save up to $ 96.00 annually.

If your friends and family join the membership, you receive a 10% discount and additions a 50% of your spend to your wage.

Is AAA Auto Club reliable?

One of the most feasible ways to consider whether or not this membership is worthwhile is to consult the experiences of other customers, and if their stories are positive, you can likely trust this brand.

Trustpilot is a portal that receives all this information, and you can take some time to discover the degree of reliability that the AAA Auto Club offers its customers.

This company offers regional auto insurance services and belongs to the CSAA Insurance Group conglomerate, which has been ranked number 14 (a favorable position) before the most important insurances in the United States, Alaska, and Canada.

Besides, all this information is based on customer service records, complaints and resolutions of problems caused and customer satisfaction ratings.

Based on these data, it can be verified that the services offered by this insurance company in these sectors are reliable.

Advantages of AAA Auto Club

  • The services they offer are tailored to the needs of common incidents.
  • The prices are very affordable.
  • Additional benefits add significant value to membership.
  • That you can enjoy the service even as a passenger is a very beneficial thing.

AAA Auto Club Disadvantages

  • It is available in a very small territorial space.


AAA Auto Club membership is worth it. If you tried to access any of the services it offers, in an emergency, the costs would exceed $250.00.

Belonging to this membership allows you to solve problems at a single rate that is paid annually (renewable) and does not exceed, from its most basic price, the $ 52.00.

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