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To invest sometimes you need a guide, and that’s where companies like Ally Invest come in. But, what does Ally Invest offer? These and other questions are answered in this post.

What’s in Ally Invest?

In this platform, there are tips, packages, and advice to invest in public debt markets and financial instruments. We can find 2 investment models: Self-directed Trading and Managed Portfolio.

Characteristics of the “Self-directed Trade” Model:

  • No commission on ETF shares within the United States.
  • The competitive contract rate of 50 cents without commissions when working with options.
  • Access to a wide variety of investment options.
  • Access to extensive market research as well as analysis tools that will help the client create customized strategies.

Characteristics of the “Managed Portfolio” Model:

  • An account opening from $100.
  • No advisory fees, annuities or rebalancing fees.
  • 30% of the portfolio is saved as a buffer (investment in government bonds) that generates interest and increases profits.

Besides, Professional level portfolios are designed taking into account the client’s objectives and the risk they want to incur.

On the other hand, your portfolio is supervised to keep it always in the path of profit and has a combination of low-cost exchange funds when risks are taken in other investments.

How to open an account on the platform?

Opening an Ally invest account is relatively simple. You will only need to communicate with the company and explain the objectives you have when investing.

You will then talk to the company until you reach a midpoint where both parties agree on the risk you will be exposed to and the expected annual return.

Once you have determined these two main factors, you will have to start investing (you can do it from 100 dollars) by selecting a portfolio.

Finally, you should relax and track your investment through your cell phone. In total, you will not take more than 10 minutes in the opening process.

All of the above is taken from the official Ally invest website. However, you have to be careful when things are so easy, especially because their system invites you not to be included in the investment and let them work for you.

Simulator to know how much you can earn

In this section, you will find a simulator that will let you know what will be the return on your investment in the future.

To know this result, you will be asked some questions related to your investment intentions, risk tolerance and investment portfolios that interest you.

After answering all the questions, a new page will be generated showing you which portfolio best suits your needs.

If you are already an Ally Bank or Ally Invest client, you can open your account and start investing immediately.

Navigating down (on the new page that opened), we will find out which financial instruments would be used to invest.

According to the risk you have chosen, you will be shown public bonds or shares.

Note: If you want more returns, you must be willing to risk more of your money. Take this into account when answering your questions.

If you continue scrolling down you will see a graph that will show you the returns you would have obtained if you had made your investment a few years before. In this way, you will be able to verify if the investment portfolio you chose is profitable in the long term.

Subsequently, we will find detailed information on the methodology used to create the portfolio and make the investment. In this way, we will be sure that it has been done based on financial tools.

It is important to note that this is one of the best investment simulators out there. It contains very complete information about the methodology, the financial investment instruments, the risk, and the possible returns.

What does Ally Invest offer its investors?

Ally Invest has improved its investment system by offering its clients:

  • Experience: Platform investors can access and manage their portfolios, making the transactions they want from the devices they want.
  • Extensive customer service: Its system of attention to investors’ doubts is one of the most complete. It offers advice 24/7.
  • Possibility to learn: The platform also develops content for your investors to better understand the world of investment strategies and market trends.

Although the platform is sold as a solution for anyone, you must know the financial markets before investing.

For this reason, the company may be unreliable, as it does not show what investment risks you are exposed to.

In contrast, on the positive side, it offers attention during all hours of the day, which will allow you to react quickly to any eventuality that arises in the market.

At the End

If you’d like to invest and need an ally, this company may just be what you are looking for. Yet keep in mind that, once you know the market, you can save some money by investing yourself.

You see, directed portfolios such as this usually have high rates. If you are an investment newbie give Ally Invest a try! You won’t regret it.

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