Best Architecture Design Websites Online

Different reasons motivate different types of people to look for Architecture Design websites. Some are thinking about remodeling their home, others want to choose a good manufacturer for the project they have in mind for their business, or simply because they are architecture buffs.

Also, in case you own a firm and are thinking about creating your own website, you need to understand how others who have time online have carried and synthesized the necessary and sufficient information to capture customers.

Keep in mind that the quality of the design and content of the site will speak volumes about you.

To help you in this search we have prepared a list of the best Architecture Design Websites that are currently available online.

When you log in and explore the websites you will see that they are a way of communicating the vision and approach of the brand.

Heatherwick Studio

Official Site

We can start by mentioning that this website, official of the firm Heatherwick Studio, is rather a gallery of their work.

The website design is quite neat, evidencing the taste of the firm to achieve elegant results in their constructions while demonstrating their capabilities to potential customers.

Each project on the list presents a brief description, as well as some details about the people in charge and other important data.

The gallery is divided into four main categories: buildings, spaces, infrastructure, and objects.

And in each of these categories, the completed projects can be seen, showing name and location. Some of the most impressive is London’s Olympic Velodrome, Hong Kong’s Pacific Place, Bang’s B in Manchester and New York’s Pier55.

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Architectural Digest

Official Site

Architectural Digest is a vibrant monthly magazine of international design talent, innovative homes, and products, inspirational ideas for décor, culture, and travel. It began in 1920 as a California quarterly business and evolved over the years.

Today it is widely accepted and useful information on architecture and interior design, among other things, can be found on the site.

This website is a great way to stay informed. They have a digital edition of their printed magazine, accessible from the App Store, Google Play, Amazon or Next Issue and that includes not only all the content of the printed edition, but also additional photos, interactive floor plans, and videos. Plus, you can receive your daily email newsletter for free.

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Oda Architecture

Official Site

Based in New York City, Oda Architecture is a relatively new firm, but with a fresh vision, which is the product of its design team, mostly young people who share the same vision of architecture.

Her vision is to create buildings that escape the conventional perspectives of the spaces that surround her, but that easily become part of people’s daily lives.

Besides, they have worked on projects in all 5 continents.

You can explore their work from the home page, or enter the projects or interiors sections.

Some of the outstanding designs are the Post Rotterdam buildings or the Bauhaus Dessau Museum, while some interesting interior designs are those of the Bedford Hotel and the Mercantile Lobbies of Chelsea.

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Official Site

When you enter the Les Ensembliers website you will quickly notice that it is a design site specializing in interior design.

Its managers, Richard Ouellette L’Artiste, Maxime Vandal Le Maverick, and Éliane Bazelais La Maestrothink that the interior of space should be a reflection of the soul of those who occupies it and can also be enriched through the good selection of furniture and works of art.

It stands out the fact that they have proposed to be at the head of several nonprofit organizations, which aim to help disadvantaged youth and women.

Outstanding projects reflected in this site include Redpath Industrial Chic in Montreal and Una Masia Con Alma in Hemmingford. Its services include design, construction, architecture, and decoration.

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Official Site

Opticos was founded in 2000 with the belief that walkways are critical to healthy, resilient, and equitable communities.

Through that experience, we introduced the concept of Missing Middle Housing, a transformative idea that highlights the need for diverse and affordable housing options in transient urban settings.

On the other hand, Opticos is also a Corporation, and they do have a focus on social, environmental and economic responsibility.

This approach has led them to win awards such as Kauaʻi Kākaou Daniel Burnham Overall Plan Award for a comprehensive plan in 2019and the Outstanding Planning Award from the comprehensive plan Kauaʻi Kākaou in 2018.

In addition, you can find out where your next events will be if you want more information in person. They are experts in zoning and the application of forms.

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Hill West

Official Site

Originally founded in 2008 as Goldstein Hill & West (GHWA), but renamed Hill West in 2016, this successful construction company is dedicated exclusively to operating in New York City.

They are described as market-sensitive, pragmatic and in tune with the forces driving successful development.

As they themselves explain, they strive to create buildings that are efficient and beautiful, contextual but fresh, timeless and that reflect the present moment. They have a wide repertoire of buildings in this capital of the world, among which are Residencias Portuarias, Bono 363, Torre 28, Torre del Horizonte, Plaza de la Línea de Flotación, among others.

In addition, they devote time and support to nonprofit organizations throughout New York City and the country.

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Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Official Site

Also known as DS + R, Diller Scofidio + Renfro is a respected firm that has worked on major projects around the world.

We must mention that the design of the website is quite creative, a faithful reflection of the avant-garde solutions that apply and characterize their designs.

When it comes to the website of a private company, they do not have a newsletter or similar publication, but the site is quite extensive.

The articles that accompany the published projects include a description of the project, as well as other relevant data, as well as comments from prestigious newspapers or publications.

Outstanding projects of their firm include the Lincoln Center in New York, the London Music Center, Columbia Business School or the Hungarian Transportation Center.

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Official Site

Dezeen is not the official website of a construction or design company, but a place on the web where you can be up to date with the latest news on the world of architecture and design.

That’s why it’s an excellent choice for people who need to be up to date in this field, such as company directors or architecture and design students, as well as professors.

Like most similar sites, it features a section of the most popular articles, as well as the most recent ones. There are also job offers from major architectural firms.

Another important characteristic of their site are the awards that bear in this firm’s name, sponsored by brands and names such as Clippings, Sancal, Herman Miller, among others.

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Handel Architects

Official Site

For Handel Architects building is not the only mission, they are described as architects, planners, and designers who want to change the world.

Projects designed by Handel Architects have received more than 150 design awards, including the AIA Honor Awards and the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Global Awards of Excellence. They have offices in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

Founded in 1994, the firm’s track record encompasses projects such as the September 11 National Monument, urban infrastructure and master planning projects, high-density mixed-use developments, multi-family projects for all income bands, corporate headquarters, and buildings for non-profit, institutional and educational clients around the world.

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Official Site

Iconic Houses is not really an information or news center on architecture and design, nor does it represent any firm, rather it is an international network that connects architecture houses and artists’ houses and twentieth-century studios that are open to the public as a house museum.

The platform also focuses on conservation, management, policy, and cooperation.

Another way you can stay well educated with them is to purchase some of the books available in their dedicated online store, dealing with the houses and museums that make up our network of icons that you can visit using the site as a guide.

And you can also subscribe to receive timely updates on homes available to visit.

To Sum Up

After reading our list you will have noticed that there are several ways to get to know design and architecture through these websites.

You will find corporate perspectives such as Hill West, and others that are on the other side, such as Opticos and there are also numerous informative or educational sites such as Dezeen, Iconic Houses or Architectural Digest.

We hope that, in your search for the best information and inspiration, these sites are the most appropriate for you. Most of them are present on social networks, which makes it much easier to stay up to date with their content.

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