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Your back is a part of your body that has one of the most important tasks. Beyond maintaining the stability of the body, it is where our spinal cord is located, protected by the vertebrae. Your care must be a priority.

In this regard, your quality of life depends a lot on your back’s health. And the type of work you do daily tends to affect it significantly. However, large companies, such as Back Pain Help, are supposedly creating ergonomically conscious products that help improve the posture and care of your spine.

What is Back Pain Help?

The union of three strategic friends allowed creating a set of ergonomic products designed for the care of the back. Mark Critchley, Marketing Director of SSL International, meets John Sutcliffe, Spine Surgeon in London. Both are introduced by the entrepreneur Adrian Collins.

As friends they met on holiday and discussed the idea of making creations that allow people to take care of their spine, taking into account walking, sitting and working positions. The integration of Adrian Collins allowed for the successful creation of various devices that contribute to the care of the back.

What Does Back Pain Help Offer?

BPH products are highly qualified under comprehensive studies of the spine, providing significant relief and preventive care needed for the care of the spine. Some of these main products are the following:

  • Posture Hero: By gently pulling the shoulders back and keeping the spine firm, this device allows people to do any physical activity, keeping the spine in a perfect posture.
  • Posture Hero Sport: Places the back in a perfect posture and is designed for more accelerated and complex movements. It also has a small bag that works as a deposit for sports equipment.
  • Posture Laptop Stand: Places the computer at a suitable point (at eye level) to work without the spine is located in a bad position.
  • Backboard Mini: Small device to be placed in car seats (or any other chair) that helps to correctly position the lower back allowing to stretch the neck and avoid lower back pain.
  • Spine Aligner: Device that is placed on the heel of the foot, placing it in a proper position that influences the position of the back.
  • Sacroiliac Belt: Used the same as a normal belt. It protects the pelvic area and hips. It is very discreet, comfortable and easy to use.

Is Back Pain Help Reliable?

Evaluations on the regulatory pages of the general public’s opinions rate it positively. On their page, in a very honest way, they publish enjoy the 4/5 rating in public attention in Trustpilot.

Furthermore, their customers express that both the purchase and the delivery were made in a fast and favorable way.

While there are no demands or negative ratings that question this company and mort people expose to be grateful for the products received they also count still with few reviews.

Advantages of Back Pain Help

  • Offer nice products with real solutions based on in-depth studies of the back and spine.
  • They have a high-level marketing platform.
  • The prices are very accessible.
  • The attention to the public is ideal.
  • They offer a Money-Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of Back Pain Help

  • Their products are legally available in the UK, USA, Canada, France, and Finland only. Buying outside these countries implies no customer support.


Back Pain Help offers products based on a global physical need. Everyone needs to improve their posture to improve their quality of life. Each device is based on in-depth studies conducted by experts.

Furthermore, this company provides humanity with a set of articles that can avoid unnecessary accidents due to the misuse of our spine.

To sum up, their products are medically proved and are not a scam. Yet it will come to you as a user to define whether or not you find them useful and worth the, somehow high, prices.

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