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Who owns the mainstream media? Without naming them, we can often see that their messages are practically always in tune … mass manipulation? Reflection of reality? But what? That of the west or the east?

In short, on one side of the world or the other, the media will always be very persuasive at the idea of making you understand that we have to go east along the borders of any country for our own safety. But when is it a reality?

Fortunately, to see a little clearer, there are very good independent international news sites that let’s say it frankly, are not governed by their sponsors …

Sputnik News

sputnik news

Site Officiel

Translated into several languages, it can truly be said that Sputnik News is part of the great international news sites that are run independently. Here is a site that contains a lot of content and very interesting blogs. Sputnik News, as its name suggests is focused on the great Federation of Russia. You can also find some breathtaking pictures. Launched towards the end of 2014, this site of the international free press, although very young is a must.

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Site Officiel

Here is an independent news site that will not leave you on your appetite. A lot of analysis, testimonials and very good videos. This site was founded in 2004 by Michel Collon (writer and independent journalist) who gathered a very exceptional team. Translated into 5 languages, you will become addicted pretty quickly.

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Site Officiel

Mediapart is an independent news site, available in French in English and also in Spanish. There are very good articles in all topic genres. Whether it’s about national politics, international politics, economics or culture, Mediapart is an international free press site that deserves to be taken seriously.

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L’Échelle de Jacob

l'echelle de jacob

Site Officiel

For each end there is always a new beginning. – St Exupéry.

This is the kind of sentence that will strike you in the face when you have the pleasure of clicking on echelledejacob.

This free information site is, in my opinion, one of the most attractive, for its diversity of subjects. The subjects always up to date, can strike as much one side as of the other. Let me tell you that by scrolling down the page you will quickly find an article or video documentary that will captivate you.

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Site Officiel

Mondialisation is a site of international news site that will inform you in a different way about the war in the Middle East, and conflicts all over the world. It also includes all major issues of the day, such as economics, the environment, and justice. Founded just before the events of September 11, 2001, Mondialisation has joined the leaders of the international free press.

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oulala presse libre internationale

Site Officiel

Having chroniclers in Europe in Africa and on both Americas we can say without exaggeration that Oulala has to be taken seriously. You can find an enormous amount of world-class information and analyses on several hot topics around the globe. In short, if you want to develop your knowledge on current topics or other conflicts, this site of free and independent information will be able to fulfill your expectations.

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