10 Best Online Art Classes – Drawing Lessons

In the old days learning to draw and develop skills was a real challenge, few people were qualified to instruct and the same could be said of the institutes disposed to teach you such skill –Leave aside the expensive tools to draw.

But that is a thing of the past, with the support of digital resources and helped by certified instructors and anywhere in the world you can learn or improve your ability as a draftsman.

Best Online Art Classes

Even if you are one of those who prefer to preserve the traditional drawing forms, there are several courses and online classes available for you where you learn from the basics of drawing to advanced methods.

For this reason, to pave the way to your artistic goals we have prepared a list with the best online art classes sites to draw, choose the one that best suits you and your tastes.

Learn Squared

Official Site

In Learn Squared the drawing courses are paid and the average price is $ 175 for each course.

We can mention that, although there are courses for types of industrial or traditional drawing, the content of this website is specially oriented to the digital graphic arts, so you will find important content about HUD, Houdini, and Design for production, among others.

As you will be able to see on their site, in this platform the leading artists of the industry share their technical skills and knowledge of the industry –so you have the opportunity to learn from the best.

To join, you only need to register a use,r and buy the class of your preference, you can share your progress and receive comments from other users. You will also receive advance notices of new course announcements, availability of new mentors and what to expect in the future.

Keep in mind that this option is a bit expensive and is probably only the best if you plan to make a living out of your drawing skills.

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Official Site

Proko is a place to buy three courses on a specific subject: handmade drawing.

You have the option to choose between one of your three-course packages or opt for the free version.

As you may imagine, paid packages offer more extensive content, for example, the free drawing course of figures lasts 5 hours, while the premium course 15 hours. The high-resolution versions of some diagrams will also be only in the Premium section.

These courses have been developed so that if you have little knowledge you understand well what their methods are about, while if you are a professional you enjoy and learn the level of detail of each video.

Here, you will learn to correctly provide shade, develop gestures and even master the use of mannequins to improve your way of drawing poses.

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Official Site

CGMA has been developed for everyone: if you are one of the artists in 2D, 3D and VFX looking to complement your university studies or you are among the professionals in the industry and you need to keep up to date on the trends and emerging techniques in the field this is also a great place to go.

They also offer a lot of creative opportunities for artists of all types and levels.

Each course is structured in weeks of content, so that you can have enough time in your agenda to learn the content and, at the same time, to correctly develop the skill in question. The list of courses is huge, offering you access to drawing programs, and much more.

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Smart School

Official Site

Rebecca Guay is the creator of Smart School, and she has 20 years of experience in the field of illustration.

This particular website exists since 2011 and focuses its classes in the fact that “the best artists can share their techniques and advice with those who enroll in the courses” which helps you train your perspective on your own work and to understand how to do the kind of work that people fall in love with.

You can choose between live, blended or survey classes, and also take advantage of the three-level classification (beginner, intermediate and advanced) to really take advantage of the content.

Few classes are recorded and the price can go from $ 400 to $ 2,500.

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Official Site

Despite not being a website specialized in illustration, Skillshare has a huge and varied content of courses related to this industry.

The reason is that Skillshare aims to make the new echoes necessary to succeed in being available to anyone who wants to learn something.

You will find courses divided into recorded classes into different topics and work tools, such as ink illustration, watercolor, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, PROCREATIVE, among others.

You can filter the results by category and also by the duration of the classes, or directly use the search engine. Also, you must register on the site and make yourself a premium to enjoy all the content.

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Creature Art Teacher

Official Site

Creature Art Teacher is an online illustration learning site created by Aaron Blaise, an artist with nearly 30 years of experience and who has worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation in several of his animated films. He specializes in illustrating animals, although his knowledge is also applicable in drawing people.

Through this platform, you can understand basic notions of illustration through digital and traditional elements and, with this knowledge, advance especially in the drawing of animals and creatures at rest or movement.

The courses can cost from $ 2.5 to $ 95, and the annual membership has a price of $ 199, which gives you access to all the content of the site.

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Draw Mix Paint

Official Site

Having painted at least two presidents of the United States and a secretary of state, Mark Carder is an artist of the traditional method with more than 30 years of experience who has decided to teach people like you through his own platform, Draw Mix Paint.

The design of this website is quite simple, you can clearly see the section of downloadable videos –at a price of $ 100-, as well as a large list of free short videos with very valuable tips that will help you improve your technique. There is also a forum to share and comment on creations.

Remember that the site is for those who are interested in painting, so do not look here if you want to learn digital drawing.

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Nancy Hillis

Official Site

The artist Nancy Hillis is the person in charge of offering through this course the idea of increasing confidence in yourself so that you can experiment, explore and, finally, express your creativity through the canvas.

It is a single course of abstract art, so it is not for you if you seek to improve your skills in digital illustration.

There are 3-course packages:

  • The first one costs 197 $ and includes 4 modules and a fifth module with revision
  • The second package costs 297 $ and includes the above plus 4 weeks of a painting challenge
  • And the third package costs $ 397 and extends the painting challenge period to 8 weeks.

This course guides you step by step through deep reflection, written lessons, video painting demonstrations, challenges, and painting implementation.

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Official Site

We all know Udemy as one of the best places online to get high-quality courses at very reasonable prices, and this is true when it comes to drawing classes as well.

With more than 100,000 courses available in various languages, you can find at least a list of 238 (more than in other websites) dedicated to the development of artistic skills.

With prices in a good part of only 10.99 $, in Udemy you have access to courses of all levels in different areas of illustration, such as charcoal, watercolor, and use of digital tools; They also go further by offering you the course of application designer.

Just enter the site and explore all available options; the downside is that you don’t know what you get into until you actually try, but the quality standard is overall good.

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Vilppu Academy

Official Site

Founded by Glenn Vilppu, the Vilppu Academy is an extension of the classes taught throughout the world in cities such as Florida, Amsterdam, and Vienna, to name a few.

With more than 50 years of experience, this world-class instructor has dedicated himself to teaching the basic concepts of drawing in detail so that with a solid foundation you can improve drastically.

Among the courses that are taught, you will find: anatomy, drawing of the head, a figure dressed and others.

We should mention that the cost of these courses is quite high, between $ 600 and $ 900, and you have to pay again –although at a lower price- if you want to repeat any lesson.

On the other hand, this option is quite didactic and participative as it forces you to do weekly tasks and participate in interactive classes.

To Sum Up

After having read our list you will conclude with us that there is a wealth of options available for you on the internet, which will help you improve your illustration skills, from the most extensive and optimized use of digital tools used today, to the best techniques for traditional forms of drawing.

You have free or low-cost courses available at sites like Udemy and Draw Mix Paint, on the other hand, some of higher cost, but with top illustrators behind them such as Nancy Hillis, Glenn Vilppu or Aaron Blaise.

Select the one that best suits your style, budget, and goals and begin polishing your talent with one of the best online art classes on this page!

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