Best Trucking Websites for the Road

Life on the road is full of adventure and discovery, but truck drivers need to have the knowledge to help them make the best decisions at important times, especially when they are doing long trips.

To achieve this important objective, several websites specializing in truck driving subjects are available on the Internet.

However, it is necessary to be aware of the various options and to select those that best suit the needs of users.

Best Trucking Websites

To help you choose the right site to trust, here is our list with the best trucking websites for the road.

In these, you will find the best information and the most varied content, which will be of great help if your life and your passion are trucks and roads.

Today’s Trucking

Official Site

Today’s Trucking is the website of the truck magazine of the same name, owned by Newcom Media. It is also in charge of other magazines specialized in this subject, as well as several truck exhibitions in Canada.

In this platform you can find the following options:

  • News, such as statistics, calendar of events, environmental impact, safety and health, economy, vehicle maintenance and more.
  • Information about spare parts and accessories for trucks, news, and technological advances.
  • Photo gallery and videos of sports events organized by the company.
  • Today’s Trucking magazine editions in digital format.
  • Advisory documents for truck driving tests.
  • Opinion articles on various topics, prepared by the magazine’s chiefs and directors.
  • Access to the company’s social networks (Twitter), directly from the website.

Besides, this interactive website offers a wide variety of information for lovers of trucks on the road, which is why its target audience is usually made up of experts in these topics, seeking to increase their knowledge, as well as fans and lovers of sporting events for trucks.

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Official Site

Developed by Randall Reilly, the website over the road trucking TruckersNew presents an interactive interface, full of information, images, and content of interest for lovers of the road.

Among its varied informative proposal, on this website you can access the following alternatives:

  • News of events, events, advances in technology and more.
  • Video gallery.
  • Entertainment, news and fun section.
  • Information on public policies, statistics and other data of interest.
  • A segment dedicated to women drivers, with advice, magazines, and articles in general.
  • Reviews of the climate on the roads, as well as articles about the use of fuels.
  • Section specialized in health, with various articles with nutritional information, exercises, diseases, alternative medicine, among others.
  • Accessories and spare parts for motor vehicles, trucks and more.
  • Access to the company’s social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

As we have noticed, the TruckersNews website offers a fairly extensive range of information; also, the platform has an attractive design and is easy to use.

In this way, you can easily log in and find the information you need, but the newsletter will be on your feed pretty often.

To conclude, it is important to point out that this website is aimed at a wider audience, since the information published has a content that may interest both experts in trucks, as well as those who have little or no knowledge on the subject.

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Truck Pictures Free

Official Site

Also included in the list of the best websites over the road trucking, is Truck Pictures Free, which is a modern platform dedicated to publishing images of all types of trucks, perfect to inspire the creativity of artists and fans of these great vehicles.

In this sense, the gallery is divided into the following categories:

  • Classic designs.
  • Custom designs, inspired by movies, television series, celebrities, music, among others.
  • Large trucks.
  • Racing trucks.
  • European art.
  • Wallpapers for social networks, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

In addition to this, within the website, you can find other options for users seeking to know the attractive art of painting trucks.

These include the DAF truck category, photographed at a variety of events, exhibitions and more.

Besides, we can see high-quality photographs and completely free of charge of other brands of trucks, such as the American Freightliner, as well as recognized Renault, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, Iveco, Kenworth, Man, Peterbilt, among others.

Unlike other truck websites, Truck Pictures Free can be used by anyone, from the youngest to the adults who are attracted to the subject.

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Official Site

Continuing with the best websites for truck drivers, you will find the online magazine RoadKing.

This website specializes in trucks (And all about them) and offers various content to its users, which are distributed among magazines, news and more.

In this sense, the following topics are available on this website:

  • Real stories of truck drivers, who tell their experiences on the roads.
  • Tips and advice from professionals on trucks.
  • Articles of accessories, spare parts, and other truck equipment.
  • Lifestyle, entertainment, and news.
  • Fun and entertaining reviews of the road.
  • Guide to services and stops on the road, which can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Location maps.
  • Direct access to the magazine’s social networks.

Unlike other types of truck websites, RoadKing focuses its theme on a specialized audience, which is made up of driving professionals, who spend most of their lives on the roads.

Also, in this web portal the professionals (owners and drivers) of trucks, have the possibility of sending their stories to be published; in this way, a link is created with the users and they can exchange information with other interested people.

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Transport Topics

Official Site

Today more than ever, accurate and timely information plays an extremely important role in all areas of society; and Transport Topics is fully convinced of this statement.

It is for this reason that this website over the road trucking is full of information of the following type:

  • Technological advances and developments in the automotive industry, especially road trucks.
  • Events related to the industry, with a gallery of images and reviews.
  • Business articles, security, public policies, among others.
  • Fuel price indicators.
  • Podcast with topics of interest.
  • Current topics, in various digital formats and linked to media and social networks.

In addition to this, this interesting and interactive website has forums in which users can participate so that everyone can expose their knowledge and information, and share them with the rest of the group.

Also, this type of communicational tools serves to create and to put into practice new ideas, to clarify doubts in the subjects of interest of the professionals of the trucks; as well as, to know the experiences that these have had in front of the steering wheel of the giants of the highways.

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Smart Trucking

Official Site

To finalize the list of the best websites over the road trucking, you will find the Smart Trucking website, which is designed to provide advice, support and useful tools to all professionals in the road trucking industry.

This website has multiple experts in this area, capable of providing specialized, accurate and interesting information for the public.

In this sense, some of the issues addressed by this website are:

  • Legal advice.
  • Training to drive.
  • Tips for choosing the right company.
  • Recommendations regarding makes and models of trucks.
  • Truck design: Personalized decals, paints, and trucks.

In addition to the above, this interactive interface specialized in trucks has available for all users various articles and reviews, which can serve as help for future road truckers.

This is because it shows real stories that demonstrate the experiences of veterans of the wheel, who expose their experiences, both positive and negative. As well as useful tips about the day-to-day life of truck drivers.

Finally, it should be mentioned that this website has a wide target audience since the information it presents is not only aimed at experts and connoisseurs of roads and trucks, but also for people who are just starting in this world and want to have new and quality information at their fingertips.

To Conclude

In any job or field of life, information and knowledge represent tools of power, with which people can make the right decisions.

In this sense, the websites presented offer the best content over the road trucking found on the net.

Likewise, in the various detailed options, you can find information that suits your lifestyle, needs, aspirations, and expectations; also, each one of them presents you with a varied selection with which you will be able to learn more about trucks and roads every day.

On the other hand, in Truck Pictures For Free, you may find inspiration and even some impressive wallpapers; while all the other sites are more directed to a professional and specific audience.

We hope that you enjoyed our selection of the best trucking websites for the road!

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