IP Cameras – The Emerging Trend In Video Surveillance

Benefits of Using IP Cameras

IP cameras have recently blown up in popularity with everyone from households to major corporations getting their hands on this equipment.

Although most of you might not have heard about IP cameras beforehand, IP cameras have been in use for over two decades,  twenty-one years to be exact.

The advancements in technology have now made IP cameras and their digital signals a much more appealing option than the old analog signal technology.

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Improved Picture Quality

Probably the biggest benefit that consumers get from using IP cameras, is that it offers vastly improved picture quality. While analog CCTV systems offer a maximum of 0.4 megapixels, an IP camera can offer anything between two MP to twelve MP.

In addition to that, the NVR is able to retain the image quality, so rest assured you can replay the video with no loss in video quality.

When you use a camera with a pixel count above 2 megapixels, you can also zoom into a picture with no worry about pixelation occurring. This is handy when trying to read the license plate of a car.

Another advantage of the higher pixel count is that these IP cameras have the ability to look over a great area than conventional CCTV systems.

For instance, a modern-day IP camera can look over the same space where 4 lower pixel cameras would be needed.

Long story short, this helps you cut down costs by opting for lower cameras that would be possible with older lower resolution systems.

IP systems bring with them better playback functionalities than previous generations. While old systems such as hidden cams and spy cams required you to rewind and sit through the part where you think the activity occurred.

Some models of IP systems are able to search for specific things such as license plates or even alert you when specific events occur. In the long term, this saves you a lot of money as well as time and this is something that should not be underestimated.

Connectivity with old CCTV systems has always been an issue, especially when it comes to wireless CCTV options that are regularly plagued with issues like radio interference.

Digital Video Recorders

Furthermore, it is quite difficult to add more units to the system, making expansion quite a hectic affair. They also require being directly connected to the digital video recorder, making them impossible to use in certain scenarios.

Some digital video recorders can have compatibility issues with certain security cameras so you might be required to replace either the camera or the DVR.

IP cameras on the other hand just need to be plugged into a network switch – which might already be there from an old system – to be used, which means one might not need too much wiring.

An NVR can generally handle cameras with a larger pixel count as well as cameras with low pixel counts, so you can upgrade your camera to a newer model with more pixels later on without having the need to replace the entire system.


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