Making Candles at Home – What Do You Need

If you love candles and tarts (wax pieces that are specially made to melt and release the scent in tart burners) and the way they make your house smell so good, you could be making them at home.

Although you have to spend more initially, you actually come out saving money and what’s more, you gain an awesome new hobby.

Making candles and tarts also makes your home smell wonderful and some people find it’s a great form of therapy. If you are thinking about making candles and tarts at home, here’s some advice to get you started.

#1- Order Supplies Online

Even though there may be a candle supply store near where you live, chances are the prices are not only higher, but there will be a much smaller selection of scents and other supplies.

Reputable online candle supply companies offer everything you need to get started, including a variety of waxes, wicks, and over three hundred scents! A short amount of research is all it takes to find a good online supply store.

#2- Be Sure to Order Everything

It’s easy to forget something and it’s even easier if you’ve never made candles or tarts before. There’s more to it than just wax and scents.

You also need containers for candles (you can buy cases of mason jars at Walmart that work just fine and have lids), molds for tarts, a digital thermometer, dye, an approved crockpot to melt wax (again, try Walmart), a glass pourer, a whisk, scales, and, of course, the right type of wax for what you’re making and scents.

#3- Get Everything in Place

Before you get started, get out all your supplies and make sure you have everything. It just makes it easier if you have everything you need all ready to go, instead of searching out each one as you go.

Also, it’s a good idea to set the crockpot on a newspaper or another disposable liner as well as your jars and molds where you’ll be pouring the hot wax.

#4- Find Candle-making Instructions

Just because you have all the right ingredients still doesn’t mean you know how to put them together. Most likely, whatever website you ordered your supplies from has simple directions.

After all, making candles and tarts is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Again, it’s also a great form of therapy; you’re doing something with your hands while utilizing a form of aromatherapy.

#5- Make Your House Smell Great

Once you’re done (allow candles and starts to set up first) you can place them all over your house, making your house smell great. In addition, they also make great Christmas, Birthday, and Housewarming gifts. Everyone is going to want one!

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