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Back in 2012, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University joined forces and created a massive open online course website called edX. But unlike other similar sites, edX is a non-profit organization, and it runs on a free software platform which is open-source.

Using the website is simple; the courses consist of learning sequences composed of videos and learning exercises. Some courses offer discussion forums where the students can interact with each other, and online textbooks.

You can even find online laboratories for certain topics, such as the circuits and electronics course. The courses are open 24/7, and anyone who is interested in them can join; no application is necessary.

When you finish a course, you receive a certificate of completion, but there are some which are also credit-eligible, designed for high school students looking to jumpstart their university career.

The edX programs are top-rated, and over 33 million enrollments have been registered by over 10 million learners worldwide.

Free Online School Like edX

With more than 1,300 courses available, in subjects such as math, humanities, or computer science and from institutions ranging from The University of British Columbia to Caltech, no matter what you want to learn, you will probably find it here.

But if you’d like to check out other options, then keep reading our list of sites like edX, where you’ll have some great alternatives.  

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One website similar to edX is Coursera. It was founded by Stanford professors and offers many online courses, specializations, and degrees. There are over 2,000 courses in subjects like digital marketing, social sciences, business, medicine or biology, among many others.

More than 24 million users have registered at Coursera, but the courses are not free. The price can start at $29, and go up to $99 depending on the topic or the provider. 

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 Khan Academy


Official Site

Khan Academy is included in the list of edX alternatives because it is also a non-profit organization. The lectures are short and consist of YouTube videos. Although the primary language is English, you can also find all sort of topics in Portuguese, Russian, French, Bengali, Hindi, Turkish and Spanish.

Their test prep section is highly popular and offers SAT, MCAT, GMAT, IIT JEE and NCLEX-RN practice tests. 

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Official Site 

It is always nice to find sites like edX which are free, and free-ed is one of them. It has been online for quite some time now -launched in 1997- and even though it has a layout which looks pretty outdated, it is packed with interesting content.

You will have to take your time to search for it, though, since there is no easy way to find what you need, but it is fun to discover those hidden gems where you can learn about professional carpentry or cosmetology. 

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Stanford on iTunes U


Official Site

 What makes this one of the top edX alternatives is the extensive catalog of video and audio content, which has been provided by Stanford University’s schools, departments, and programs. Everything on this site is free, and you can search for content directly on the iTunes store also.

As long as you have the iTunes program installed on your Mac or PC, you can access the catalog.  

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Academic Earth


Official Site

Academic Earth makes it because of its respected providers; for example, UC Berkley, MIT, Princeton, and Yale, which offer courses in astronomy, chemistry, law, philosophy, religion, and others.

There over 1,500 videos in the catalog, some of which are grouped into classes, and you can download them to watch when you are offline.  

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 No list of sites like edX would be complete without Udemy. Aimed at professional adults, anyone can create a course and offer it for free or for a tuition fee. The collection is vast, with over 55,000 courses available.

You can learn almost anything you can imagine, from how to use an Android device or setting up advanced Excel formulas, to drawing comic book faces or cooking Moroccan recipes.  

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Cosmo Learning


Official Site

Nothing beats free, so any sites like edX which are don’t cost anything are always welcomed. Cosmo Learning is one of them, designed for both students and teachers.

It works as a free online school and used by many as a great homeschooling tool, with subjects ranging from health sciences and technology to languages and humanities. There is also a fascinating documentaries section where hundreds of videos are on hand. 

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