Five Funny Apps for Downloading

Life can get you down, but there’s no reason to let it keep you down! Download a funny app (or five) and whenever you need a laugh, just browse through the funny memes, gifs, pictures, and other funny remedies to brighten your day. If you’re not sure which apps are funny, here are five funny apps you can download today for free!


This app can keep you laughing for hours. iFunny shows you random funny memes, photos, and other funnies and you can vote if you like them. In addition, you can also create your own funny stuff and upload it to see if it can make through moderation to be shown on the main feed.

Just remember, this app generally contains mature content and isn’t meant for children. If you’re an adult who likes humor, this free app is definitely one for the download list. You can also share your favorite funnies with friends, too.


This is another popular funny pictures website where you can enjoy geeky humor, dark humor, and all kinds of memes. You’ll forget how easy time flies while you’re on this app until you realize how much has time has actually passed. You can also share funny anecdotes with your friends via the share button, which enables sharing on almost any social media platform. This is also a free app, so download now and get you to laugh on!


Although not all funny, BuzzFeed is one of the most popular fun apps available. This app delivers funny and noteworthy stories from all over the world. In addition, it has a ton of fun little quizzes you can take when you have a few minutes to spare. You can find political jokes, videos, new you can share them with your friends as well. BuzzFeed is another free app, so why wait?


This is another app that has funny memes, pics, gifs, and other anecdotes. In fact, it’s a competitor of iFunny, so it has similar humor with quotes, autocorrects, even Tumbler pics. There are dozens of fun categories to choose from, like fail compilations or stupid autocorrect, but you’ll want to see all of the funnies, not just a portion. Like the others, this is also a free app and you can share what you find the funniest with your friends on other social media.


Do you like JibJab? Well, IFUNFACE is similar; it’s on online fun video editor as well. With this app, you can put a funny face onto a funny character, making your own funny video. You can use pics from your very own gallery, upload a new one, or use one from the internet.

The possibilities are endless! See if you can make your funny short video go viral. You won’t know until you try! This app is also free and you can share your funny videos on almost any social media platform you want. Have fun and show your friends how much they can have as well!

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