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Karaoke is when you sing along with your favorite songs and become a rock star yourself. Karaoke is a great way to entertain your friends during a party or to improve your singing skills. Karaoke has been around for a long time and it comes and goes with certain fads. People of all ages love to sing along to their favorite songs. And to be honest, a party isn’t really complete without someone singing a karaoke tune in front of everyone else.

You don’t even need to be hosting or attending a party to sing karaoke. This can also be an awesome hobby and a fun way to spend your time. Whatever the reason, KaraokeParty is one of the top sites for the best karaoke songs and free karaoke tracks. KaraokeParty is a specialized website that caters to singing along and joining others all over the world for online entertainment.

KaraokeParty is very different compared to sites like YouTube when it comes to music. With KaraokeParty all you get is the instrumental version of the song and the lyrics with the tempo of the music. The tempo helps to follow along. Another great thing about this site is the ability to record your music so you can then share it on social media for others to enjoy.

Karaoke Websites

Unfortunately, KaraokeParty is no longer available in most countries around the world and no one knows why. The site is still running but it has been blocked. Luckily, there are more sites like KaraokeParty that let you play your favorite song online and sing along, alone or with friends. Check them all out to see which one works best for you. Have fun.

Karaoke Version

Official Site

This karaoke website is called Karaoke Version. Karaoke Version has more than 48,000 quality instrumental songs in their online database. If you want to sing online, this is the place to start. Karaoke Version has a custom backing track which allows you to remove any instrument of your choosing like guitar, piano, or drum. You can also play around with animated backgrounds and every song on this site is legal to use. Click on the link above to start joining in on the party.

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Karaoke Island   

Official Site

Karaoke Island is an online party island where you can find a powerful software that can help you create your own personalized karaoke in a matter of minutes. This editor tool can synchronize lyrics with the beat, adjust tempo, personalize the look and style of the background, save your music in MP3 format, and save your files so they can be played on a keyboard.

This is just the basic software. There are more updates available that make your karaoke experience even better. If you want to throw the best karaoke party in the world, you should get yourself this quality software found only on Karaoke Island.

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Karaoke 4 Free

Official Site

There are a lot of online Karaoke free sites like KaraokeParty but Karaoke 4 Free is one of the best. This website has thousands of free songs that you can play directly on your computer screen. You don’t need any fancy equipment, all you need is a computer and a mic.

Pick a song that is already listed or upload your own to remove the vocals in a few minutes with their helpful software. On this site, you can also upload your saved songs, rate others, and sell your playbacks. If you love free Karaoke, you’ll love this site called Karaoke 4 Free.

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Karaoke Chanel Online

Official Site

Karaoke Chanel online has the world’s largest library of songs. The Karaoke Chanel online can be set up to play on your tv 24/7 so you can throw the greatest party ever. With this free karaoke site, you can also turn your home computer into a karaoke machine. Join a community of performers and share your songs with them, you can also vote and comment on their songs too. The Karaoke Chanel Online is so good it has to be added to our list of sites like KaraokeParty.

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Official Site

If fun is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place with this site called KaraFun. Singing karaoke has never been easier, or cheaper, with this site. KaraFun is the best way to start a singing party in your home.

This site has a huge database of free karaoke songs for you to choose from. To use KaraFun all you have to do is plug in a microphone, turn up the volume, and hit play. That’s it. Having fun has never been easier than with this site called KaraFun.

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Power Karaoke

Official Site

Our list of Karaoke websites must also include Power Karaoke. Power Karaoke is a high-quality karaoke program that lets you create, burn, and play all the songs you want. If you’re a professional singer or a home singer, you’ll love all the tools found on this site.

Not only can you prepare a collection of karaoke songs for the next party you attend, but you can also save your voice, create videos with backgrounds, and remove vocals from songs that aren’t already included on this site. If you like to do more than just sing when it comes to Karaoke, you’ll love this site we guarantee.

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