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Somedays you just need to laugh. TheChive prides itself on being the best place to go to turn your frown upside down. This website has the world’s largest archive of funny pictures, videos, hot girls, hilarious fails, innovative photography, and art from the four corners of the globe. TheChive really is a one-stop place for all things funny, sexy, and original.

There’s nothing but awesome on TheChive, making it one of the best sexy and funny sites on the net. This website full of visual entertainment is owned by Resignation, LLC and is independently operated. Each day, the staff working at TheChive search domestic and worldwide websites to find only the best for their daily submissions.

Sites Like theChive

Yes, this site is entertaining and funny but it also knows how to give back to society. TheChive runs their own charity called Chive Charities. They collect money and boost awareness to give back to families and individuals in need. Veterans, kids, victims, rescue squads, fire departments, and more have benefited from this charity. Listed below are more sites like TheChive that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Enjoy!

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With over 300 million monthly page views, Cracked must definitely be added to our list of best websites for men. Since 2005, Cracked has been rising in the ranks. This website gives you intel on the smart and stupid stuff of life. Watch silly and embarrassing videos, view ridiculously captioned photos, and read articles about dumb situations.

You can also brush up on smarter things like video games, technology, and history. Read an article about why doctors lose it or about animals you never knew were considered evil geniuses. There’s a ton of things to browse on this site, get started right away.

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Funny or Die

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Our list of top men’s websites must include Funny or Die. This site is a massive collection of funny videos. Each day, user-generated and exclusive content is added to make you roll over with laughter. Celebrities and up-and-comers can add parodies and skits too.

Anything that’s considered funny can be added to Funny or Die. Just because anything can be added, it doesn’t mean it will stay. Funny or Die lives by its name, if it’s funny, it can stay on the site, if it’s not, it will die and be deleted. Your votes can help decide what survives or not.

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There’s a ton of things to discover on Cheezburger’s website. Are you in the mood for funny pictures? Search the Memebase, the fail blog, and the “I Can have Cheezburger” for one-of-a-kind entertainment. You can find pictures of funny animals, lists of interesting celebrities, and an entire Geek Universe on Cheezburger’s website.

This is one of the places like TheChive for quality entertainment about everything and anything. Every time you scroll down on this site you’ll find something new to laugh at or share on your own social media account. We’re sure of it.

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QuickMeme is all about memes. Meme’s here, meme’s there, meme’s everywhere, on this site called QuickMeme. This site follows all the latest trends and laughable moments floating around on the internet today. If something is popular, it’s bound to be on this website.

On QuickMeme you can also upload your original ideas or click on “caption a meme” to write an original meme of your own with the collection of pictures on this site. If you love memes, you’ll love this site found on websites like TheChive.

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If you think spelling mistakes on popular items and storefronts are funny, you’ll love Engrish. This site is sad but true. When people can’t spell right or translate wrong it can certainly be hilarious.

That’s why Engrish must be added to our list of websites like TheChive. A no smoking sign that says “no smoking”, a bathroom warning translated to “the bathtub launches, step on the jar inner piston please!” and an outdoors sign translated to “no sightseeing while walking, no walking while sightseeing” are just a few examples of what to expect on this site that adds the ridiculous to writing.

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Lastly, on our list of sites like TheChive, we must add 9Gag. This site has gags, jokes, gif’s, WTF’S, and a ton of content not suitable for work ( NSFW ). Don’t look at this site near children or your boss. You have been warned. 9Gag also has an app that can be installed on your phone or tablet for awesome stuff on the go.

New posts are added each day and you have the freedom to vote for the ones you love best, which will make those favorites move up to first place. With one simple click, you can instantly share the content you love to Facebook or a site like Pinterest. 9Gag is an adult-centric website for funny, explicit, rude, and idiotic content.

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