Best Military and Defense Websites

Keeping pace in the field of military technology is a major challenge, especially considering that the world’s major military actors are investing large sums of money in improving their technologies in this field.

That’s why it’s very important to be informed to know how to defend your family and interests.

In addition, it is also useful to know a little about the subject to know the best way to help or not interfere with those who are dedicated to defending the order and justice of the nation.

Military and Defense

On the other hand, if you’re a military enthusiast, you need reliable and reliable sources of news.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best military and defense websites available to you, domestic and foreign.

Here, you’ll find the latest military news from around the world, machine purchases, and even commentary on current disputes and the state of war. So, let’s get started:

Official Site is a website launched in 1999 with the goal of revolutionizing the way 30 million militarily affiliated Americans stay connected and informed on military and defense issues.

Today, they have more than 10 million members, including active members of the National Guard, reservists, and military spouses.

It is free to enter this site and register a user.

  • The main page features news, classified into various areas of interest, such as military headlines, service news, military life.
  • They also feature other interesting topics, such as services, employers of veterans, spouse and family, and more.

In 2004 this site joined forces with Monster Worldwide to accelerate growth and change career and educational opportunities for military, veterans and military spouses, as they share a vision of connecting the military community with all the benefits of the service.

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Military & Aerospace

Official Site

The online version of Military & Aerospace Electronics offers daily international and industry-related business news, articles of current interest and access to years of searchable archives.

Besides, you can also check out the upcoming COTScon calendar of events, or consult the Buyers Guide for information on suppliers, products and services.

As their name suggests, they are especially interested in keeping you up to date with airspace news.

In addition, you’ll learn how new technologies to power computers and how you, or even your company, could take advantage of that.

The articles available online are classified into categories such as unmanned, sensors, reliable computing, videos, magazine, power, among others.

If you’re interested in their approach to military news, you can subscribe to their newsletter.

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Official Site

Through Naval Technology you will read updated international news and features about technology in the defense industry.

Therefore, the content developed on this website covers projects, trends, products, services and more in the naval sector.

They have journalists all over the world, and produce a joint work with the associated sites and,

This makes them the best commercial service available focused on the technologies required by military personnel, thus being valuable for companies working in this important space.

It stands out that they have a digital edition magazine that you can obtain for free; you also have free downloads of documents and press releases of the company.

On the main page, you will see the latest news, which you can comment on or read the comments of connoisseurs on the subject.

Besides, this is one of the few places where you can learn about projects in development.

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Official Site

This is the official website of the United States Navy. At you can learn practically everything you need to know about the nation’s defense issues and other military issues that are relevant to U.S. citizens.

On the other hand, the design of the site is simple yet very efficient, allowing you to easily navigate to find the information that you look for.

When you log in you can first see the news highlights of the Navy news service, read the latest tweets.

Besides, you can see the day’s featured photos related to military issues, get free unclassified strategic documents, and the most relevant headlines, among other things.

If you’re particularly interested in being educated about the nation’s military history, you’ll probably like the Today in Naval History section, a section dedicated to showing military anniversaries. It’s a very rich place to explore.

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Military Factory

Official Site

Military Factory is an online site that specializes in developing lists of military features, with more than 5000 developed topics that are developed on previous wars, current wars.

This web portal exists since 2003, and since then has helped to provide a unique insight into many aspects of modern warfare.

To sum up, its lists are grouped into six main categories, namely:

  • Aviation or aerospace
  • Hand or small arms
  • Armored vehicles (land systems)
  • Military ships
  • Payment information
  • Enlistment

In addition to another section filled with articles of general interest.

The analysis of the weapons, planes, tanks and military ships especially interesting are, because they offer a level of detail on the technical aspects that will surely awaken your admiration for the minds behind these excellent designs, whose goal is to protect all members of the nation.

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Official Site

Whether in print or online, DefenseNews provides the global defense community with the latest news and analysis on programs, policies, business, and technology.

The website provides up-to-the-minute, essential coverage of last-minute events –While the Early Birds newsletter and other newsletters provide specific coverage to your inbox.

Moving forward, the main categories in which articles are selected are:

  • Military news
  • Air force news
  • Army news
  • Marine corps news
  • Navy News
  • Defense News
  • Federal news
  • C4isr
  • Cyber
  • History

Still, there are other sections that may also be of interest to you, such as the so-called Pentagon, which showcases the latest issues related to this nation’s defense center.

You’ll also be able to see the calendar of the most important upcoming defense events, and where they will take place.

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Official Site

Founded in 2003 and authorized by the Central Military Commission of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and sponsored by the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) Media Center, ChinaMilitary Online is the only official English-language military news website for the Chinese Armed Forces.

They use multimedia media such as text messages, photos, graphics, audio messages, video, and cell phone news.

All these, so they can reach their overseas audiences directly and instantly at crucial moments of coverage of important military news and the latest events in China.

You can get news from all of the Asian giant’s security groups, military news from around the world, especially from the Asia region.

In the end, the site is basically dedicated to Chinese citizens in the world, have a bilingual news section, English and Chinese.

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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Official Site

The main contender to compete for the title of having the most powerful army and, along with the United States of America, the protagonist of the era of the cold war, also has its official site in English.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is the right place for Russian military news and other things of interest.

Particularly, it stands out from other military pages that this one includes a section of sports, specifically of sports and military sports competitions, so much inside the Russian territory as events of international character in which the Russian troops participate.

In addition, you can read articles under the main sections, which are news, multimedia, science, service, structure, and leadership.

Besides, on the homepage, you will see a special section dedicated to the Russian army’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.

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War History Online

Official Site

War History Online is a website specifically dedicated to military history, developing articles on conflicts and technologies from the Stone Age to the first Gulf War.

To ensure good material they work with various museums, historical societies, and media around the world.

Additionally, they have a forum where you can read really interesting topics and know what other people in the world think about topics such as the first or Second World War, military news and even start a topic.

You cannot register a user, but to participate in the forums you can simply log into Facebook.

The design of this site is very simple but meets the minimum we can expect to surf the Internet, in addition to being comfortable.

On the other hand, the multimedia work such as videos and photos of this website is excellent.

To Conclude

As expected, you’ll always be able to get information online on the topics that interest you, even if you’re a defense and military enthusiast, or if you’re a retiree or even an active effective.

Our list includes international sites that will keep you up to date on what’s happening militarily inside and outside our borders, so make sure to visit the ones that called your attention and have some fun!

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