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Trading options and stocks can be somewhat challenging when you’re not sure how to do it, and more importantly, when you don’t know the right trading platform for your needs.

You should keep in mind that you need to get all the information you need to evaluate the market, as well as select a service provider with an easy-to-use platform.

MintBroker is a discount brokerage that emerges as a new option for traders, based in the UK, offering independent traders access to US markets.

Yet they are still growing and some traders haven’t paid much attention to the platform. To help you know more about them, we have prepared this quick review.

About MintBroker

First of all, you must be aware that American traders cannot open an account on this platform.

They have little time in the market, but the platform is presented as an attractive trading possibility, as it was designed by day traders for traders who trade for a living. It also incorporates advanced graphics, hotkeys, among other things.

About customer service, there are different ways to get help information. First of all, there is the live chat window, available to users and non-users alike.

An online submission form for submitting troubleshooting tickets is also available, as well as an email address.

Besides, you have a telephone number – it is not clear whether it is available 24 hours a day or during office hours – for more personal assistance. And finally, the online support section presents a wide selection of useful articles on using the platform and navigating the financial markets.

MintBroker Rates and Fees

While some traders are attracted by this platform system of fees, others don’t.

The fact is that there are no hidden rates or fees that take you by surprise every time you trade on this platform.

On the other hand, not hiding fees doesn’t mean that they are 100% beneficial if you make less than 15 transactions within a quarter, you suffer a $50 penalty –Remember when we said this was to daily traders? Well, it is also for traders who work with short-term transactions.

Each stock trade applies for a flat commission of $5, this is imputed to the trade regardless of the volume (1 or 100,000 shares) or the number of moves you make during the day. On the other hand, option trades have no commission, only a $0.50 per contract fee –Which is still a bit high if you compare this platform with eToro or other options.

To be able to pay for the services keep in mind that all MintBroker deposits must be converted to US dollars to make transactions. This means that currency exchange rates may reduce the amount of your deposit, and your bank may charge a fee for the exchange.

The web-based platform is free to use, but the desktop platform costs $49, and the mobile version requires a fee of $35 per month. A professional client must pay $40 to access NASDAQ quotes and $65 for AMEX and NYSE quotes.

Market depth access data, such as Level 2 quotes, also require a standard monthly fee of $40. Option quotes, futures and pink sheets also have their specialized monthly fee. Outbound transfers also require a $40 processing fee.


To trade your investment you have three options:

Desktop platform:

Includes Level II quotes and direct access order routing, allowing users to clearly define entry and exit points to block profits and avoid excessive losses. You can also do without the mouse and execute trades on the hotkeys. It provides real-time news and more advanced charting tools.

Web-based Platform:

Not as sophisticated as the Desktop Platform, but has tools and features for experienced veterans and novices. Level I order quotes provide accurate prices for thousands of stocks and users can seamlessly switch between stocks and options. Internet Explorer version 10, Chrome version 16 or Firefox version 11 is required to download. The web version is free to use.

Mobile platform:

Has many of the same tools as the desktop platform, conveniently built into an easy-to-use smartphone exchange system. Level II quotes are available and trades can be executed directly from the price chart with just a few taps. Android 6.0 and iOS 6.0 are required to use the mobile trading app.

In the End

MintBroker is not a scam, but it isn’t your best option for trading if you are just learning. On the other hand, if you live from trading you should give them a try.

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