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KidBox Review

We always need clothes for our kids, they get dirty, torn, or don’t fit anymore. KidBox is an amazing service that offers the best kids subscription boxes for less than retail. KidBox will prepare a unique box every season and send it straight to your door.

Each box is filled with well-loved brands and exclusive items for your special child. You’ll always have cool new clothes to dress the little one you love without the fuss of shopping.

You spend hours rummaging around popular stores to dress your child, and the result is that they’re dressed like everyone else. The clothing you’ll receive from KidBox will make your kid stand out at daycare or school.

Shopping will be a thing of the past. KidBox only needs a little information about your child to make your experience effortless and fun. Save time in your busy lifestyle by signing up for this subscription service.

Monthly Subscriptions For Kids

KidBox works by sending you a personally designed box for your child, with clothes and accessories that follow the latest trends. Keep what you want and send back what you don’t. Your bill will arrive later.

If you decide to keep the entire box, a clothing donation will be made to a needy family. The simple act of purchasing a box will make an impact in the world.

If you’ve enjoyed the possibility of having clothes delivered to your door and cutting out on shopping time, we’ve found more monthly subscriptions for kids to make your life easier. They are all listed below.

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Kidpik is a great kids clothes subscription box service for girls.

This site lets your darling daughter create her own style profile by choosing things like her favorite colors, patterns, and styles. Once the choices are made, all you have to do is wait for her personalized box to arrive. Only pay what you keep.

You’ll receive clothing, shoes, and accessories by mail in a cute little box for your daughter to open in awe. Receive amazing kids clothes, pay monthly, and keep only what you love with Kidpik.

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Red Tricycle

Official Site

Red Tricycle must be added to our list. This site doesn’t offer monthly subscriptions for kids but it does have a ton of family-oriented activities, lunch ideas, craft projects and more.

Every idea on this website is oriented towards fun and inspiration. Red Tricycle knows that being a parent takes up a lot of time and energy so they do the discovery work for you.

Red Tricycle searches the web to find great ideas and projects that you can do with your little ones and teenagers and lists them on their site. If you want to find a unique rainy day activity or summer vacation idea, check out Red Tricycle.

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BabbaBox is one of the best monthly subscriptions for kids on our list.

This site caters to activities and family activities. You can order a box for as little as $7 a month or for as much as $40. Each box is filled to the brim with activities, learning tools, and creativity.

If you want to discover pleasure and fun with your family, you should think about ordering a BabbaBox. Every order will give you a coupon towards the next and shipping is always free, all the time.

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Kiwi Crate

Official Site

Do your children love to tinker and create? If they do, the Kiwi Crate might be the best decision for them. This is another one of the top monthly subscriptions for kids like KidBox.

Kiwi Crate will send a monthly box filled with science experiments, educational games, and hands-on projects. Kiwi Crates will help your child follow instructions, think about solutions, and learn to manipulate materials.

The Kiwi Crate can be customized for any child between the ages of 3 and 16. Watch as they wait by the door for the postman to arrive when it’s time for the box to arrive.

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Bluum is very similar to the kids clothing subscription boxes listed above, except it’s filled with toys and stuff for parents. Bluum is made for babies, toddlers, and young children and will constantly evolve as your baby grows.

Each box will have a wide assortment of treasures for mom and baby. Bluum currently works with over 350 brands and 1,000 products. Because of this diversity, no two boxes you receive will ever be the same.

Make the early years of your child’s life easier, more convenient, and more fun with a monthly Bluum box.

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Rockets of Awesome

Official Site

We cannot forget to add Rockets of Awesome to our list of KidBox alternative. This site makes shopping for kids simpler and smarter. Every box you’ll receive will be personalized for your child with hand-picked, stylish clothes.

The durability and comfort that comes with Rockets of Awesome clothing can’t be beaten. This site will send you a box every four months with up to 12 items. Try them all on, decide what you want to keep, and send back what you don’t for free.

Only pay for the items you like. Rockets of Awesome will then adjust the next box to your liking. This website is the only kid’s clothes subscription box you’ll ever need.

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