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Starting a business or launching a new product can be one of the biggest challenges for any company, including yours, but the fact of getting clients to increase the income and influence of your company, replace a vacant leadership position or have contact information important at hand in a short time is an even greater challenge.

Satisfying this type of need is possible today thanks to the fact that we live in an era where software can solve almost any business problem.

That is the case of Oxyleads, a company founded in 2015 whose founders realized that they spent hours trying to find information about potential customers. In this review, we will explain a little about this app and its possible applications in business.

What is Oxyleads?

It is a data collection and generation software to create a B2B connection with clients that provides companies and organizations, regardless of their size, access to high-quality commercial data and potential customers in companies, corporate managers, influencers and decision makers.

Let’s say, for example, that your company needs to contact an advisor from a certain industry to make a decision, you will have to look in a directory, on the internet, go out to visit companies and, in short, spend a lot of time (maybe days) to obtain the contact data of said professional and even more for the necessary interview.

On the other hand, when using Oxyleads, you only apply a filter and get the contact details of that person.

Main Tools

Extension: this tool will be especially useful for content managers, as it helps to find bloggers and their contacts, which are necessary to establish the possibilities of collaboration.

Simply, for example, you must press the Extension icon and the list of all employees will pop up. Then, you can search for a person with a position title such as “content manager” or “editor” and get their email.

Prospector: SaaS companies can find other companies that meet their requirements for ICP, decision makers or use various filters to find the right prospects for certain vacant or emerging positions, as well as create lists.

This tool saves valuable time in the lead generation process.

Oxyleads Prospector and Extension: if you are a head hunter or recruiter you will appreciate this software tool, the reason is that you can use it to find the most qualified professionals and talents for your organization.

On the other hand, Prospector serves to find a wider range of possible candidates by applying specific filters: position skills, position title, and other keywords.

How Does Oxyleads Work?

This software arises from the need of its founders (sales managers) to find information about certain contacts (potential customers), since they could not find enough business contacts or collect enough company data in a reasonable time using standard methods, They understood that other companies had to face the same challenge and learned that the problem was widespread, so they decided to develop the program.

Nowadays, they have a database of business contacts capable of obtaining information from more than 35 different sources.

Currently, Oxyleads provides B2B data that includes more than 330 million decision makers related to more than 2,000 different criteria, coming from 196 countries and more than 8000 companies.

In addition, these data are easily accessible and can be customized to suit your unique business needs.


There are 4 packages, these are some of their characteristics:


  • 5 weekly credits by email
  • 5 weekly searches with Email Finder
  • also 5 weekly verifications with Email Verifier
  • 100 searches for prospecting
  • 1 user account


  • $ 89 a month.
  • 500 email credits
  • 2000 verifications with Email Verifier
  • Searches for unlimited prospecting
  • 1 user account


  • $ 269 per month.
  • 2000 email credits
  • 200 searches with Email Finder
  • 4000 checks with Email Verifier
  • Searches for unlimited prospecting
  • 2 user accounts


  • Custom email credit limit
  • Custom search limit with the email search engine
  • Limit of personalized verifications with Email Verifier
  • Searches for unlimited prospecting
  • Upload CSV
  • Unlimited user accounts


Oxyleads is a valuable tool that every entrepreneur should have because for a monthly fee that can be considered accessible (you can have a free account in any case) you have access to data that will save you a lot of time, which is an advantage over your competitors.

This way, you can even Get data from prospect employees and convince them to join your company. The possibilities are multiplied with a tool of this type, so get your hands at it as soon as you can.

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