Best Prepper and Survival Websites to Bookmark

Preparing for any situation is something that everyone should do because you never know when a vacation or business trip becomes a survival situation; In addition, the outbreak of war, an economic collapse or any other situation could force you to survive in ways you did not expect.

Thinking of helping you we have compiled a list with Survival Websites that you should keep at hand to stay up to date and prepared for a contingency, which will also help you to train the necessary skills for those situations.

3 tips when choosing a survival site

Before showing you the list we want to give you some tips so that you know how to choose your favorite Survival Website:

  • Thematic: some sites specialize in certain conditions or topics such as deserts, ice, natural medicine, weapons, personal defense, among other things, although all knowledge is necessary, concentrate on those that you think are most likely to apply to you.
  • Backup: many websites of this type are only forums, the best are backed by brands dedicated to manufacturing products for these occasions and, in other cases, have the support of recognized personalities of the prepper and survival world.
  • Content quality: the councils should be easy to understand if you need to read the same thing over and over or watch the videos many times, look for another page.


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Official Site

It consists of a web of general information with the mission of helping people to recover their peace of mind, being more and more self-sufficient in all aspects of life: from putting food on the table, keeping their loved one safe and staying in good health.

One of its sections is aimed at preparing you psychologically for chances of survival.

Although it does not have the backing of stars of survival possess an exaggeratedly extensive material that will prepare you for practically everything and they are proudly part of Top Survivalist Sites.

On this website, you will not be able to buy any item directly, but if you need it you can be redirected to other websites where you can make your purchases online.

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Survival Life

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Official Site

Convinced that no knowledge is unnecessary, Survival Life is focused on combining old knowledge with new knowledge, for them, it is the best way to guarantee survival, you choose the one that best adapts to your reality.

Its different sections, where they develop various topics related to prepper/survival life, are focused on demonstrating that it is not necessary to be paranoid to prepare for possible exceptional events.

They also value very much that you comment on their articles, ask questions or share your knowledge, because they think that it helps to strengthen their content and allows to prepare more people.

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The Prepper Journal

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Official Site

The Prepper Journal is a daily survival blog that began in 2013 dedicated to a wide variety of topics of preparedness, survival, self-sufficiency, and self-defense focused on readers who want to protect themselves and their families from natural or caused by man disasters.

They have a fairly large section of articles and videos dedicated to the best survival food.

Selling items are not part of your strategy, but they have many links to other websites where you can acquire everything necessary for survival.

The Prepper Journal is under the supervision of “Wild Bill”, a war veteran with extensive knowledge of survival who has traveled all over the world teaching courses and learning new skills.

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Prepper Resources

Official Site

It is a very simple but useful blog where you can stay informed with articles of varied topics.

Prepper resources prefer to deal with different topics instead of specializing, so you will find information oriented to the prepper mode like self-defense, bug out, homesteading and other related topics.

In addition, they have links to other similar sites that will allow you to expand your research and preparation on a topic of your interest. Although they are not direct sellers, in case you want to make a purchase, they have useful links to specialized online sellers.

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Offgrid Survival

Official Site

We can say that off-grid Survival is among the best survival websites in the world.

Its founder, Robert Richardson, has more than 20 years of experience in issues of urban survival and wildlife, is also a writer of and the author of The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Sufficiency Strategies for a Dangerous World.

You will find everything on this website, from issues of survival and preparation to geopolitical and economic news that can threaten your future and that of your family.

In addition, they offer a newsletter to your email for free to keep your Prepper supplies list up to date or, if you wish, to advertise your product through them.

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Survival Joe

Official Site

Developed by a parent named Joe Jacobs, Survival Joe’s goal is to demonstrate how easy it is to train the skills necessary to protect the family in case of disasters of any kind.

This site is focused on helping you make the best decisions for your family, offering advice on various topics of survival, food and more.

It is a relatively small website, in fact, many articles that appear are not really from the page, and you end up referred to other similar sites. Do not expect to buy anything here, their goal is to transform you from an average person to one capable of survival.

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Doom and Bloom Medical

Official Site

Thinking about the need for everyone to be prepared for medical emergencies, Doom and Bloom Medical is a website that aims to put a medically prepared person in each family, to have it available, have online articles and videos, you can also Buy the books written by the Albon couple or attend their online courses.

It is very important to understand that the medical advice offered on this page is for cases of disasters or extreme situations if you need medical attention to consult a professional doctor.

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Survival Cache

Official Site

When you visit Survival Cache you can notice the variety of its content, this is because the writing team is composed of people of different backgrounds and applications, from Special Forces to rocket scientists and hardcore survivors.

They also have a forum where you can share your experiences with others and learn about what other people have done in their prepper and survival lifestyle.

In addition, you will have a valuable resource here, the Preppers checklist of the authors, through which you can see how prepared you are.

It is worth mentioning that in Survival Cache special emphasis is placed on weapons, so if you are looking for a specialized site, this is what you need to explore.

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Skilled Survival

Official Site

This blog is owned by “Just in case” Jack, a mechanical engineer who has spent a good part of his life developing the skills necessary to survive.

Here you can find many useful tips to know if staying in your home or leave, a good survival list, and practical tips and easy to apply to be a better survivor.

They even have a section dedicated to those who are starting in the prepper world, this valuable information -if it is your case- will help you to know where to start, how to prepare your house or your backpack according to your case, and many other things necessary.

Another valuable resource is a map that locates safe natural nuclear refuges near your home and, of course, completely free, “just in case”.

In The End

When it comes to keeping your integrity or that of your family safe, no provision is too much.

Through this list of websites, we have put at your disposal a valuable tool that will allow you to clearly determine the Prepper supplies you need.

If you are new, the best option for you is Skilled Survival because its section dedicated to people without knowledge is a useful tool to know where to start.

In case you need to reinforce your knowledge of medicine Doom and Bloom Medical will train you for those desperate moments. If you want an expert site then Offgride Survival is the best decision.

Being prepared for economic, nuclear or natural disasters is something that we should all do, do not wait to face the moment to think about what you should do or what you should have learned, use our Survival Websites list and always be prepared.

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