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ProteusThemes is a tool with more than 21 WordPress themes specially designed to create an optimized website that complies with the most important SEO (code level) regulations.

This page has some experience in the field, as its themes are used in more than 77 thousand websites around the world by more than 30 thousand people.

This gives you a higher level of confidence. Besides, your template design process is based on your users, listening to their opinion to improve each topic and make it fit the needs of the market.

ProteusThemes WordPress Themes

We can find 21 topics within the platform. Among the main ones are MedicPress, BuildPress, Bolts, and LegalPress. Another interesting feature is that the templates are thematic and better adapted to market niches.

Before acquiring a membership, it is recommended to make use of the free trial period with any ProteusThemes WordPress theme. In this way, the user can evaluate and verify the efficiency of the template.

The themes of this company are characterized by being easy to configure, having a quick load and having direct advice from other professionals in the sector.

What are the advantages of ProteusThemes themes?

Some advantages that we will find when using the subjects of the company are:

  • Quick installation: With just one click you can install any theme.
  • Don’t start from scratch: The user will start with the demo configuration of the theme. This way, you will be able to use the template from the moment of purchase.
  • Content is easily placed: You can set up the template quickly.
  • Pagebuilder system: All the elements can be moved from one side to the other, you only need to drag them with the mouse.

This point can mean a huge advantage for people who don’t know much about WordPress. However, for people who have already worked with the platform and other topics, it will not be an advantage, as they have made configurations and will know that it is very easy to order a website.

Innovation: “Pagebuilder”.

One of the strongest points of the topics offered on the website is the PageBuilder.

This tool is one of the most innovative in the market because it allows the user to create his website, dragging segments and placing them in the desired place.

Each theme includes about 40 widgets (including about 20 of ProteusThemes’ widgets), each with unique functions that will allow you to create a fresh, intuitive and easy-to-use design so that customers can easily find information on the website.

Thanks to this, ProteusThemes makes it easier for users who don’t understand much about programming to create their websites under the conditions they want.

ProteusThemes Statistics

Obviously, when analyzing a company, it is important to look closely at the results it has obtained over time.

According to the official ProteusThemes website, the response rate of customer questions is 100% (answer any question) with an average waiting time of 3 hours and 25 minutes.

In total there have been more than 15,584 tickets and each one has been rated on average with 9 stars out of 10.

Also, technical support is qualified to solve code level problems very efficiently and quickly.

Prices and Packages

ProteusThemes has different packages that adapt to the needs of each client:

  • Free trial: By creating your account on the web, you can access for 7 days to any of the themes that are sold on the platform.
  • Personal: $79 (one-time fee): This package is designed for users who wish to purchase a single WordPress theme. It also includes 6 months of premium support.
  • Agency: $149 per year: By purchasing this package you have access to all 21 WordPress themes plus unlimited premium support.
  • Lifetime: $498 (one-time fee): When you purchase this package you have access to all 21 WordPress themes for unlimited time plus unlimited premium support.

Although WordPress themes are very good for improving the speed and user experience when browsing the website, the packages offered at ProteusThemes are very expensive.

You can get the same results with free themes –And adequate knowledge.

To do this you just need to know how to incorporate some speed plugin (which you can also find for free) to get a very fast page.

It is only advisable to invest in a WordPress template if you are sure of its full functionality or you do not have the knowledge to build-up the site yourself.

Besides, the variety of designs that ProteusThemes offers could well be worth it. Give it a try and tell us what you think of the ProteusThemes system!

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