5 Best College Saving Plans Like Upromise

Upromise by Sallie Mae is one of the best saving plans for college. You can start a plan when your child is a baby so it grows while they do. This college tuition savings plan is guaranteed to work with you to coincide with all your family goals.

Upromise Rewards

One way that Upromise does this is by offering you a cashback service. This lets you do all the things you already love, like eating out, shopping online, and traveling, and uses your purchases to add cash to your chosen college savings program.

You can also add more money to your child’s future by shopping for groceries and drug store items. All you have to do to receive this cashback advantage is to register your credit and debit cards with Upromise. It only takes a few minutes to prepare for the rest of your life.

Upromise also has a lot more advantages, like a college planning calculator, scholarship search aids, and more planning resources. This great company that offers college investment accounts knows that every family is unique and not all our finances are the same.

College Saving Plans Like Upromise

Upromise works with you to ensure you won’t be caught in a snag when the college days come around. For more great websites that all offer the best college saving plans, browse our list below.

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Saving For College


Official Site

Saving For College has never been easier. This website offers the best college fund plans through 529’s. What is a 529 you ask? A 529 is an educational saving plan to help families set aside hard earned cash for future college expenses.

These 529 plans can then be used in any college across America that your child gets accepted to. If you’re a Canadian and plan to send your child to an American college, this plan will work for you too.

On Saving For College, you also gain access to tips and tools to help you with the confusing and complicated world of college admissions and fees. Click on the link above to browse this site that offers something similar to the Upromise college fund.

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My Plan


Official Site

My Plan’s main goal is to set you up with the tools needed to feel calm about the college transition. My Plan helps students and professionals with their college saving plans.

If you’ve decided on your college, or are just planning ahead, My Plan is a great website to get all your ducks in a row before the big day.

There’s a ton of options to explore on My Plan’s website that will bring you clarity on things like college savings accounts and unbiased opinions about colleges and future careers. The research and data found in My Plan are extensive and thorough, you won’t find much like it anywhere else.

Click on the link above to take a look for yourself.

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College Savings Plans Network


Official Site

College Savings Plans Network must be added to our list of sites like Upromise. With this informative website, you can figure out what college savings program is right for you and your child.

You will also get great advice on the big decisions you’ll have to make, like lodging and career plans. We all wish our child could stay little forever but since that isn’t possible we must prepare for their future.

Websites like College Savings Plans Network connects you to people and articles that can help you with the big questions. Take a few moments to browse the real life-changing stories before deciding which college tuition savings plan is right for you.

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Official Site

This website can help you discover all the scholarships and grants that your child can work hard to receive. There are over 3.7 million available, there’s bound to be a few that you soon-to-be, a college graduate is suited for.

Like Upromise college savings, Scholarships know that college can be ridiculously expensive. That’s why they try to give your children the most money possible. Don’t take our word for it, go to Scholarships website and see all the recent scholarships awarded.

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Official Site

If you want to boost your college savings accounts, explore your options on Afford. Afford has been helping families afford education for a long time. Afford will help you find an affordable solution to have enough money for the future and still be able to pay the bills and live comfortably.

With Afford’s pay-as-you-go plans and smart counseling, there’s a solution for everyone.

The application is quick and easy and if you have a pertinent question, employees are standing by to answer your questions. Afford knows that college can be overwhelming and they’ve been through it themselves, this information can help you make the choice on whether to choose Afford as your college financial aid.

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