4 Online Recharge Websites Like Freecharge

Best Online Recharge Websites

Paying bills can be a hassle. Did you know that there are websites that let you compile all your bills in one place and pay them off in a few clicks? Freecharge is one of the best online recharge sites to do just that. On this site, you can pay your mobile, your electricity, your broadband, and even your metro card.

Don’t miss the Freecharge offers today, and the Freecharge coupons for today, new ones are added all the time, log onto their site often to save a ton of cash.

Freecharge works as an online wallet that lets you pay just about everything with your cell phone. You can use Freecharge at McDonald’s, Hypercity, Crosswords, HomeStop, and even Domino’s. There’s a lot of other places you can use your Freecharge app with too.

Just log onto their site to see all that’s available. On their homepage, you can find the today Freecharge promo code which can also help you save on certain bills, simply add the code to your cart before paying.

Websites Like Freecharge

The Freecharge wallet adds money offer is another way to save money before paying your bills with your cell phone, tablet, or computer. Freecharge is engaging, very easy to use, and completely safe. You can also send money to friends or family seamlessly with Freecharge, in less than 5 seconds.

If you love this hassle-free website to pay your bills online, send money to a loved one, and save your hard-earned cash with coupons and codes, you’ll love these other sites like Freecharge below, we guarantee.

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Official Site

MobiKwik is one of the top sites to add money to a virtual wallet that can then be used for payments on just about anything. Mobikwik can recharge the minutes on your phone, pay your bills, and more. Like Freecharge online, Mobikwik also has a ton of savings for you each day. Click on the link above to see everything this website has to offer.

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The MobileStore


Official Site

If you own a mobile phone, you’ll love this site called The MobileStore. On The MobileStore you can buy or trade in your old mobile phone for a brand spanking new one. You’ll only find the best prices on this website like Freecharge and multiple payment options are always available. The best thing about The MobileStore is their free shipping and express delivery. Start shopping for a cheap new phone now.

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Official Site

Paytm is very similar to Freecharge. While Freecharge is an Indian based online recharge site, Paytm is an American based website. This is a great alternative for those living in the United States. Paytm works like Freecharge by letting you pay all your bills in one place and save a ton of cash with each payment.

Paytm even helps you save with each purchase you make online. If you want to save money and do a lot of your shopping and bill paying online, you should check out this site. You’ll never want to pay your bills the normal way again once you’ve discovered this site called Paytm.

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91 Mobiles


Official Site

Lastly, on our list of websites like Freecharge, we must add 91 Mobiles. This is a great site for discount electronics, power banks, watches, smartphones, and more. With 91 Mobiles, you can search by brand, feature, or price. You can also search by the score to see which mobile or electronic is a fan favorite. You can save up to 95% on this site called 91 Mobiles and most of the electronics for sale ship for free.

Don’t just take our word for it, read the thousands of reviews found on this site to see just how satisfied each customer is with their purchase. For all these reasons, and more, we must also include 91 Mobiles on our list.

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