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We all like to shop online because the prices are lower than retail and we can find unique gifts and treats for ourselves. The best thing about buying online is all the added coupons we can add to the final cost and save more than expected.

Scoutmob was launched in 2009 and since then it’s helped people save a ton of money. Scoutmob is a little different than your typical coupon site. This website gives local deals to things like restaurants, shops, and cafes in your town or city.

Deals Of The Day

Start by narrowing down your search to find where you live to see the best deals of the day. Scoutmob requires a smartphone and a number to acquire the coupon. This website will never ask for a credit card, cash, or your firstborn.

There are no strings attached. Find a deal, get the Scoutmob promo code sent to you, and use it. That’s it. Each Scoutmob discount you receive is available for a limited time. Use it before it expires and find a new one each time you go out. Scoutmob also has deals for online stores. Check out their website for more information.

Sites Like Scoutmob

If you like the idea of deals, discounts, and money-saving coupons, you’ll also adore these other sites like Scoutmob listed below. Each one will save you money, time, and help you find inspiring gifts for everyone you know.

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Groupon is one of the best sites like Scoutmob on our list. This site also offers daily deals and unique gift ideas. The only thing Groupon needs to start sending you daily deals is an email address. Deals can be things like a cool place to eat, something fun to do, or a place to visit with an unbeatable price.

Usually, Groupon can save you anything from 50%-90% off retail cost. The catch, Groupon requires a group of people (hence the name) to give you the best deals. The more people interested in an offer, the better the price. Sign up now not to miss a thing and tell all your friends to get the best group deals.

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Coupon is money saving website lists new coupons each day on their homepage. You can use Coupon to save on clothing, beauty products, shoes, groceries, toys, and more.

Coupon has the link embedded on their site so you just have to click to be redirected to the purchase of your choice. You can also print the coupons for your local stores with a simple push of a button. Find unique gift items and amazing deals with Coupon.

Leave your email for exclusive deals sent straight to your inbox.

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Etsy might not be a coupon site like most of the sites like Scoutmob on our list but this website is certainly one of the best to find unique jewelry ideas, one-of-a-kind items, and personalized gifts. Etsy is a place for artists.

People around the world create things with passion and sell them on this site. If it’s been imagined, it’s probably available for purchase on Etsy. Start browsing to see just how fabulous the things on this site are.

Prices vary depending on the time it took the artist to create the piece and the location to and from for shipping. Etsy uses PayPal for secure payments and bulk orders are usually negotiable.

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LivingSocial wants you to get off the couch and live. This is one of the best cool gift websites on our list. LivingSocial can save you up to 70% things like restaurants, events, attractions, spas, and fun things to do in your local area. To start searching, simply enter your location.

LivingSocial will then produce a long list of discounted activities for you to enjoy. Copy the code to your phone or print it out. New deals are added all the time, sometimes many times a day. If you’re ready to explore all the neat things near you, for a fraction of the cost, check out Living Social before you leave your home.

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CloseOutFortune loves to help individuals and enterprises to save money. There are over 300,000 products to browse on this site. You can buy a small case of something on this site and still pay below wholesale price.

If you choose to buy a palette full, you’ll save even more. Clothing, party supplies, jewelry, office supplies, furniture, and more can be found on this site. Start browsing CloseOutFortune to see just how amazing this site is and how much money you can save on bulk items.

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Lastly, on our list of sites like Scoutmob, we find Ebates. Ebates is a blend of the ever-popular eBay + rebates. This site sells for less, has more for you to discover, and adds new things each time you log in. Ebates has featured deals, top stores, coupon codes, cash back offers, and a lot more.

If you live on a budget, or you just like to save money, you’ll love Ebates. Start by connecting your email or Facebook account to be able to access the hundreds of thousands of deals available. Ebates will become your new best friend when it comes to saving money, bookmark it for further usage.

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