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Investing money is often the best way to secure the future, more specifically retirement. But it must be recognized that with so many investment offers, we don’t know exactly how to address this much-needed issue.

More importantly, in the face of the threat of a scam, we must know to whom we entrust our money.

In this regard, SmartAsset is committed to providing the most accurate and practical advice, thus helping its clients make decisions that affect personal and family finances with confidence.

That is why we have prepared this article to clear out if this is a legitimate option available to you.

What does Smart Asset do?

To help their online visitors, SmartAsset has some tools and tips available with objectives based on data compiled on their platform.

For example

They use a patent-pending automated financial modeling (AFM) technology to simulate how the different decisions you make (such as buying or renting a home) will affect you financially.

On the other hand, in some cases, companies pay a referral fee to earn money if you click on a financial product or approve any decision trough this site.

However, this compensation does not influence the recommendations or advice reflected on the SmartAsset platform.

They strive to maintain editorial integrity when evaluating products and clearly label any partner, sponsored or advertising content –Their reputation basically depends on this.

To offer as much help as possible they have tools in the areas of home buying, taxes, banking, credit cards, life insurance, refinancing, personal loans, student loans, plus of course, retirement and investment.

Investment Guide

One of the highlights of this online advice site is the investment section. Here you have access to tools like:

  • Investment Calculator: will help you determine how your money will grow over time with the decisions you plan to make.
  • Asset Allocation Calculator: After you’ve selected a profile that’s right for you, this calculator will help you adapt your allocations to align with your true risk tolerance.
  • Inflation Calculator: You can track the $1 value in the future of the United States so you can set a goal of how much you need to raise.
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculator: See how the profits you make by selling the shares you own will be affected by capital gains taxes at your location.

Also available in the investment guide section is a large list of online articles that will provide you with first-class guidance in making financial decisions. These articles address topics such as stock, general investment, index fund, captivity, derivatives, among others of interest to new and experienced investors.

In addition, there is a news section called Smartreads, which provides relevant information on the world of investments taking both local and international news –Especially good if you are working with a correlative asset.


As it becomes increasingly common to do paperwork and almost anything online, the retirement guide is a very complete and valuable section of this online site.

It also has different calculators4 and articles prepared so that they are easily accessible. We must mention that the design of this website is very simple and efficient, which makes the user interface pleasant, regardless of the age of the user.

You may be interested to know that they have lists of the best financial advisors available for you, in person, in the main cities of the country.

Another possible method is to use the comparison tool, which simplifies the selection process. To match the best financial advisors nearby, you are asked a series of questions about their retirement plans, life estate, investment goals, and advisor preferences. That’s how this search engine works:

  • Answer a few simple questions: To find out what you’re looking for in a counselor, answer so they can find a match that’s right for you.
  • Check out the advisor matches:Then you’ll get up to three advisors based on your answers.
  • Book Appointments: You can use the online tools available here or the Concierge Service to book an appointment.


After visiting and browsing the site we must indicate that the site could be improved if visitors could create a user to customize and adjust certain elements.

With that caveat, this is an excellent platform to educate yourself in the financial sphere, helping you to make decisions that are appropriate to your reality and adapted to your goals.

Besides, the possibility of establishing a personal appointment with an advisor is very valuable, as well as the fact that the list of advisors covers more than 100 cities in the US.

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