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Snapwire is a digital platform dedicated to lovers of photography and multimedia content. This site is focused on the needs of companies, although you can get pictures here for personal use.

The whole deal is made up of a community of more than 700,000 people called creators. They are here to take pictures of the project you want to carry out.

This platform allows you to create visual content through brands that are dedicated to carrying out your project or the idea they have in mind and the best thing is that it fits your pocket, being this, an affordable tool.

What does it offer?

This page offers three options and you can choose the one that fits what you want, it focuses on the client’s need, just like the companies or campaigns.

The services that this platform offers are for personal use, for a company or business and campaigns.

Personal exclusive content: 

Snapwire has prepared specialists in the area that will be assigned to your requirement, this option allows you to save the final artwork as exclusive use for you, of course of high quality. Therefore, you are guaranteed videos, photos and all the multimedia work you require for your brand and with high-quality content.

Creating content for companies:

This option allows companies to require and obtain suitable content that fits their needs, we have professionals and experts in the audiovisual area that will meet the objective.

To get in touch you must communicate with the creators or the people who will execute the work and it is done through messages, where there is clear and effective communication since this is how the expert will be indicated how he wants the final work to be.

Content for campaigns or creating award-winning campaigns:

Through the platform, you will be able to obtain the photos and videos or all the audiovisual material you need for your campaign. Creativity and excellent service are guaranteed with experts in the area trained to generate exclusive content for your campaigns.

Advantages of working with Snapwire:

  • They offer a project manager at your disposal who will guide and help you make decisions and will have your full advice.
  • Within the workgroup, you will have the help of experts in expanding your vision or if you require any help with creativity.
  • They guarantee SEO optimization, you can position your brand in social networks by automatically inserting tags that help you boost your company or your brand.

Note: SEO in images is mostly done trough METADATA. This is something that you can do using an app like apple pictures or Adobe Photoshop.

  • Through this platform, you will be able to manage your needs or those of your clients (in case you are the intermediary to use our tools for any client)
  • The work is done on the platform, customers will be able to observe them.
  • This page thinks about the client’s needs and adjusts to what he needs.

Why Snapwire?

This platform has a great trajectory and is currently used by very important brands or websites ai such as Google, in, Hertz, inTUIT, HUFF POST, Deutsch, ZAGAT, Hootsuite and Traffik.

Besides, Snapwire offers two ways of working or two audiences. One is the buyers and others the creators, either you can request our multimedia services for your company, for your personal use, to create a campaign. Or you can work as a creator, who has the option to belong to their team of experts.

This way, you can get some nice paycheck for your pictures and the customers will entrust you the application or art they want to develop through their photos or videos.

In conclusion

It is worth mentioning that Snapwire is a platform that allows creators to be contacted by companies or brands to create fresh and unique images and in this way develop a joint work, where talent and passion for photography are guaranteed.

It also offers a section where you can find the work of the creators and their clients can access and vote, select or choose the one they like best for their design. This platform is a huge employment opportunity and was designed with the intention that those passionate about photography stand out and get jobs and in turn, keep customers happy with the results of the creators.

To request information about Snapwire, please visit their official website or page and there you will find your request and what you want, and you will have the work of trained experts to provide the best service and get the best result.

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