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Most people with a limited budget feel obliged to spend more time shopping, as they compare prices of the same item from one store to another. But today there are more convenient ways to save money or get rebates, and not just for groceries, but for almost any product or service.

We’re talking about cash-back platforms.

TopCashback Review

You see, more and more people use them and get real economic benefits for both their digital and in-store purchases.

About this, now we will describe the services of TopCashback, a cashback portal where you can earn money for purchases you make online –And yes, as for the moment, it only works with online shopping.

How does TopCashback work?

It works in a simple way, you must register a user using your email and some personal data and buying through one of its business partners. This means that since their inception, they have been investing time in establishing agreements with different online stores to make them available to you.

They currently claim to have over 4400 online retailers, including the popular Walmart, eBay, GNC, Newegg, among others.

Now, for you to start earning rewards you must enter the portal of your choice from its platform, that way you ensure that you will receive rewards for your purchase online.

Due to previously established commercial agreements, TopCashback declares on its website that the economic rewards of its users are the result of the commissions paid by the different retail stores.

What is not very clear is how they benefit and remain operational, as they declare that they give the customer 100% of the commission earned on their purchase.

Range of purchases

Understand that in order to receive real benefits you must adapt the way you shop online, always logging in from your portal to access your business partners and then proceed with the purchase.

However, the plurality of possibilities is overwhelming, and if you still get a deficiency in a particular market, direct your concern to the customer support section and possibly include the online store you have in mind.

Your purchases may span:

All travel expenses

Whether you are a frequent traveler or simply the ad hoc type of person, through this platform you have access to discounts and coupons on all expenses associated with your trips, such as flights, accommodation, car rentals, resorts, cruises, and travel insurance.

Electronic items of your choice

Such as computers or laptops, appliances, mobile phones and appliances, cameras, and home theater systems.

Different forms of entertainment

Such as tickets to your favorite events, books, videos, magazines, and music, among other things.

This cashback insurance service also covers some health care items and services, including something as simple as taking care of your skin until you get that body in shape (remember to avoid self-medicating and going to a doctor if you have a health problem).

You can also stay fashionable, as partner stores sell clothes for women, men, children, and everyone at home.

In addition, the list is still extensive, offering more shopping options such as food, baby items, toys and games, office supplies, flowers, and even wedding-related items.

Other things to know

TopCashback also offers money-saving options by making purchase coupons available, so that you get both the coupon savings and the purchase refund.

  • They have a mobile application with which you can buy from anywhere instead of from a computer.
  • To withdraw your winnings you must go to the website and go to the payments section.
  • You can choose between amazon gift cards, ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Paypal.
  • If you select amazon you will receive a bonus, which is usually 2.5% but can exceed 5%.
  • A positive aspect is that there is no minimum margin to withdraw your winnings. However, refunds can take up to 14 days to arrive.

In addition, they offer $10 rewards through the referral system. To benefit you have to give your code to a friend who registers using that code.

Then, you have to get at least $10 in earnings, when your referral reaches that figure they reward you.


This platform is an excellent option to make profits through your online purchases.

Here, you can buy almost anything or service through them, although you must adapt to buying habits.

Besides, as is natural, you will see that there are satisfied customers like others who are not so satisfied, to avoid problems make sure you follow the steps properly and make it clear to buy when logged in –And in insured items.

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