8 Great Websites for Renting Apartments

Finding a place to live in isn’t always as easy, and there are several sites online where you can get a scam-free rent. For this reason, today we present you 8 Great Websites for Renting Apartments.


Official Site

Its site tries to show you explicitly the different options of rent that you have near. They mainly intend to allow you to find a suitable rental much easier since you will not even have to move from your chair to know every detail of the property.

It is designed so that anyone can use it without complications. It is only necessary to choose the type of property, the locality in which you want it and decide between the options.


  • It has useful advice according to your circumstances.
  • The search range is very wide
  • Gives very complete information, including HD photos, 3D floor plans, reviews, and ratings.

Despite this, it does not have options to make more specific searches, it is only possible to choose between apartment and house, and it does not allow to choose on the type or size. Also, not all links on the site work properly.

The fact that it is a simple site to use means that anyone can use it, however, it is mainly aimed at young adults. Ideal for those who have complications of time or a situation that prevents them from leaving home.

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Official Site

This site seeks to give solutions to both parts of a rental, ie both owners and tenants. Besides, it is made so that when you access it you can not only find different options if you need a place but so you can publish your property and rent it much faster than usual.

It focuses on a young audience, although in the first instance its site does not seem to be much updated.

Here, you have the option to chat and save in a list of the properties that you have been interested in, in case you prefer to check them later.


  • They have a free app.
  • Its use is intuitive, has no major complication.
  • It has good options at a low price.
  • Those who have made use of it have a positive opinion.

However, the site itself does not have photos, plans or explicit information about the properties, but rather allows you to communicate to the person who wants to rent it, so there is not much prior information.

It is quite useful both to get a property quickly and to get a tenant. It is not recommended for those who are not accustomed to making use of websites for this type of business.

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Official Site

ForRent has many years of experience offering its services, has a vision focused on the professional field. Here you will find experts who can help you to have a clear guide and advice.

Furthermore, it is a site with a very aesthetic design, not limited only to the search of properties, but offers useful information for these cases.

As is common on this type of website, its main focus is on young people who are on their way to becoming independent or who are looking for options for an affordable place near their work or school.


  • The fact that it’s made up of rental and leasing professionals is a big help.
  • It aims to facilitate everything, so it also offers an app
  • He has a blog that supports the most inexperienced.

In spite of its advantages, its professional perspective can be uncomfortable for those people who are accustomed to using more casual apps or websites.

Quite advisable for people who are looking for a rental for the first time, as the guide of professionals is usually necessary in these cases.

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Official Site

The goal of Hotpads since its creation in 2005 is to offer the most economical options as the case may be, that is, once you make use of their site you can find an option that suits your needs in a short time.

It is a site with a fairly aesthetic and dynamic image that gives a sense of accessibility.

Besides, it handles exclusively the urban housing market. Knowing how complicated it can be to move in this area they intend to make it a much simpler task and perhaps also pleasant.


  • They offer many tools and resources in their app and site.
  • They have all kinds of search filters
  • Its system of ratings and opinions gives the user an objective perspective

Although it may seem very versatile their site does not work so well, since not all of its links are active and do not offer blogs or guide articles for those who are not very experienced in renting properties.

It is useful even for those who are looking for a place to spend their holidays as it focuses on very touristic cities.

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Official Site

PadMapper is a site created to facilitate the search of apartments for rent throughout the United States and Canada.

It is not a very aesthetic site, it has an unobtrusive design that clashes a lot in comparison to other sites of this type, even so, it is quite easy to use, and it does not generate confusion at all.

Besides, PadMapper works in collaboration with Zumper, and is not limited only to the search for rent, but also gives the option to publish properties to place for rent.


  • It covers a very large territory so you have many options.
  • They have an excellent opinion of its users.
  • It is not limited to major cities.

In spite of all this, this site does not offer any type of guide to the user and they are few the visual references that put to disposition, besides this, it does not have the comfort of having an app.

Being such a direct and “old-fashioned” site is quite useful for adults or young people who are not familiar with this medium to search for property.

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Official Site

Apartsments.com is one of the leading websites in this market. It is powered by CoStar who is its information provider which in turn was formed in 1987.

It is a very complete site, where it is possible to access apartments, houses, condominiums, and townhouses for rent. From the beginning, it is clear how to use it. Besides, it also has an app, and the option to publish a property for rent.

On the other hand, this site counts with many search specifications and facilities available.


  • They are known for having a lot of variety, being that they offer more than a million properties.
  • The searches can be very specific thanks to their filters.
  • It has the option to be put in Spanish.

However, the fact that it is such a large and formal site can be uncomfortable for young people who are accustomed to more casual and dynamic places where you can contact the owner of the property in the first instance.

It can be very useful for Spanish speakers since few sites in this area offer their services in Spanish as well. It is recommended because of the large number of properties they have.

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Official Site

This site is focused on urban leasing, StreetEasy aims to give an affordable option to inexperienced buyers.

The design of your site allows it to be easy to use, does not have many sections, it is a matter of entering the data and finally, decide on the option that suits you best. On the other hand, a curious aspect of StreetEasy is that it not only focuses on renting apartments but also on selling them.


  • StreetEasy offer’s many useful tips if this is the first time you are going to buy or rent a property.
  • They make many resources available to their users.
  • They have an application to make your searches anywhere.

Although there are many advantages, this site does not offer any professional guide, also, when accessing the search, there are very few graphic elements to which you have access.

Yet in the end, it is a nice site and an excellent option for those who are looking for a good offer in an urban area.

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Rent Jungle

Official Site

This site was born in 2010, is established following the interest in facilitating the task of getting a property to rent that can meet their needs and thus avoid the user the frustration and tiredness that usually comes with this search.

It has a quite childish and friendly design, is well done, makes use of it is quite easy.

This site offers extensive information, not only in the form of articles but on the objectives and aspirations of the same. Making use of it is extremely simple.


  • It has more than 700,000 properties at the user’s disposal.
  • It covers many cities, even those that are not very common.
  • It has many filters to search for specific as possible.

On the other hand, it can take a long time to respond, which makes choosing specifications a tedious matter, as it requires each choice to be made individually to move on to the next.

It is a quite useful site, having so much variety there are many possibilities of finding a property adapted to your needs, this makes it highly recommended.

In Brief

Looking for a place to rent is can be a pain the first time, but you will get used to it.

If you are willing to pay the commissions, a site like Apartments.com is good, but almost every other option on this list will allow you to deal directly with the owner and you get higher chances to find a good deal this way.

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