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If you want your company to emerge and position itself, go to the digital marketing experts “Yelp”

Yelp Review

Yelp is a page used by most business owners designed to calculate or have control overspending, it is currently known that this page has about 142 million users per month. Besides, it is considered one of the best environments for online marketing and is that this application was used to attract the most customers and position brands.

What does it offer?

One of the things that this page offers is free basic tools and you can highlight your business, as one of the most important in Yelp. Keep reading this Yelp review to know more about them!

One of your options is Full Service, where you will have:

The support and advice of the marketing experts themselves who will guide you when making your ads or designs for your page. As well as giving you specialist advice to deal with negative comments or those criticisms that can cause a smear.

On the other hand, you can add a video of Yelp to your profile as well as the button “call option” and thus achieve somehow to stand out from the rest and get popularity.

This way you can be one of the best or at least get some preference among the other companies that are registered. Given the case that there are many competitors with the same objective as yours.

If you decide to choose the self-service option

It will allow you to select your price or budget for the ads and in this way, it could be advantageous. Through this option, you will be able to reach people who are looking for services similar to your company’s.

The platform does not publish its prices. However, with this option, your company takes advantage as no advertisers from other companies will appear that can generate a comparison and you can also get an improved slide show as a result. It costs $25 per month and you can select your photos for your page presentation.

Why Yelp?

This platform is recommended for entrepreneurs because it is very easy to use. Besides, with its easy process to select the photos or content you want to show off your company you can create a professional corporate image at a low cost.

On the other hand, the platform allows you to respond to customers. Through it, you can easily make your advertising under the concept, photos, and content you want. And, in turn, make the budget yourself.

Yelp will take care of choosing the right keywords and a suitable population to publish your ads. In this way, you will take your ad to other pages which they will decide and search to publish.

Advantages of using Yelp:

  • You can count on the advice of experts in digital marketing. (Premium only)
  • It is easy to use and manage.
  • You can set your budget.
  • Your ads can be seen on other pages.
  • Communication with clients is positive and immediate.


If you want your brand to have a greater impact than you expected it will not be possible, as this platform has some weaknesses in terms of performance.

On the other hand, if you are going to register to enjoy its benefits, the ideal is a company with many followers, because due to some weaknesses that the platform presents, it will not be possible to achieve an increase in followers so easily.

Besides, due to multiple demands that the platform has presented for issues of extortion and manipulated reviews, the company has been involved in really important issues that generate a doubt of its reputation.

To Sum Up

Yelp offers very interesting and easy to handle benefits. Thus, being a platform that will allow you to develop better marketing. But it also has its cons, so it is recommended that before creating a trial or rush to make a decision.

The platform is well structured, and as far as current news go it is working just fine. So, you can evaluate if it suits you and your interests.

In this way, you can make a decision and identify if you want to belong to the family of Yelp. Besides, we remind you that for more information about the platform, its benefits, objectives, mission, and vision, you can visit their website. There you will find the information you want.

On the other hand, they do demand that your website meet certain qualities for the result to be positive.

Among them you will find that:

  • You need to keep your page in order
  • The information needs to be updated (phone numbers, addresses, etc.)

And keep in mind that the more information you provide to the public, the greater the receptivity and positive results you will get. Are you taking the risk?

We hope that you appreciated this Yelp review. Explore our website for more interesting reviews and blogs.

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