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When surfing the Internet, we should always prioritize our security. This is due to the frequency of data theft and the large number of scams we are exposed to. That is why some providers seek to offer you the best security, as is the case of 1Password.

This is a platform designed to be used as a maximum-security data store. Here only you and the people with whom you share the information will be able to see what is stored. Below we summarize all the points you should know about the 1Password platform.

How does it work?

As we introduced, this company is dedicated to providing highly secure and private storage.

No one but you will be able to see what you enter on the platform, not even 1Password. Because of this, many people and businesses have decided to use its services.

The service starts under the concept of having a unique password. With this password, you can access all the information you decide to enter in 1Password. In addition, this same system allows you to restrict access to passwords and users that belong to you.

In this way, logins will be protected under this single password. Furthermore, this function is optimized, letting you start any session with a single click and under total security.

On the other hand, 1Password is available on all devices. Thus, you can synchronize your data regardless of your operating system or browser.

Another service present in the platform is the Watchtower tracking system. With it, you can keep track of security system violations. It also acts as a secure website checker and password protector.

How much does it cost?

There are different payment plans that you can sign up for. Essentially they have two very different categories of plans: personal and business.

There are only two alternatives in the category of family and personal plans. You can sign up for the traditional 1Password system or the 1Password Families. Both plans are available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web. However, they differ in their prices.

The traditional 1Password has a monthly cost of $2.99, while Families costs $4.99 per month. Additionally, the latter plan includes certain features not present in the traditional one. For example, with this plan, you can share it with five family members, manage what they can see and do, and add more guests for an additional $1.

You can purchase three different packages regarding business plans: Starter for teams, Business, and Enterprise. The first of these packages cost $19.95/per month. With this, you can add up to 10 members to your unit.

With the Business plan, you can include a much larger number of members. In addition, many more functions and possibilities are linked to advanced security control. However, the cost is much higher, $7.99 for each user added to the package.

We should mention that there is a special promotion for the Business package. Until April 20, 2022, you will be able to get this service with a 25% discount. You must fill out a form, wait for an email from 1Password, and agree on the discount with the sales team.

This promotion is only available until the indicated date. Moreover, it can only be applied for the first year of service. Once you get the discount, you will not be able to use it again for the next subscriptions you wish to purchase.

Finally, the Enterprise plan does not have a defined cost. However, this package has the most features, and you should contact the 1Password team directly to get a quote.

It should be noted that all plans have a 14-day free trial phase. This is not available only for the Enterprise plan. At the same time, payments must be made only once per plan annually. In other words, the plan is contracted for a minimum of one year.

Payment methods

You can get your subscription using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and UnionPay. Perhaps it does not have many digital wallets as payment methods. Despite this, it has the most used methods by its customers, being the purchase process extremely simple.

Is it reliable?

This service is highly reliable. There is a great security system when managing the payment and using the service. There are no complaints about lousy attention, scams, or bad service.

We must emphasize that this platform is used by large companies worldwide. This gives it an undeniable certificate of quality and security that allows us to classify it as a secure platform.

Customer Service

When you enter the help center, you will find a pleasant dynamic interface for the eye. It is effortless, allowing you to locate the information you want in a few seconds.

The platform offers you a comprehensive FAQ section. In addition, it has different tutorials used to guide you during your beginnings in 1Password.

If you can’t find the information you were looking for, you can contact the help center directly. In addition, you can transmit your doubts through email or social networks. Unfortunately, they do not have a live chat directly available. They only have a system with forms and recommended topics.

This help system may be a bit limited.


  • Very economical and diverse plans
  • High-quality service
  • Sufficient payment methods
  • Highly secure platform with outstanding testimonials


  • No live chat

In Conclusion

Undoubtedly this is one of the best security platforms on the market. The number of good reviews and features is rarely seen for such a low price. It is the best service for keeping our data safe and available.

If you want to have a little more security when managing your data on the Internet, we recommend using 1Password.

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