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Specialized training is not always easy to find. Besides, sometimes traveling to get practical experience is not an option.

This being said, 360 Training promises to give you dedicated experience wherever you are. Let’s review their service and see if that’s true.

What is 360 Training?

“360 Training” works as an academy for people who are dedicated to a special field and need specialized training. These courses mainly cover the preparation of people who are looking to become supervisors, directors, among others of constructions, so that they can correctly handle daily situations.

They offer a variety of courses for people who are looking to obtain practical knowledge. Its courses vary between theory and practice, creating an experience where the student can learn in both ways at the same time.

Furthermore, the courses offered within 360 Training are certified by OSHA. So the quality of what they offer to their students is assured. Besides, they have sought to create segmentation for the courses depending on the industry in which the students are located.

How do 360 Training work?

“360 Training” works as a virtual academy where students will sign up for virtual classes.

The courses offered are segmented to improve the quality of the study. In other words, all you need to do is sing in and apply for a course based on your needs.

The main feature of this platform is that you can obtain an OSHA certificate after completing the 360 Training courses.

How much does 360 Training cost?

Since it is a virtual academy, there will vary depending on the amount of content to be taught. Besides, the prices influence the material that we will be able to obtain within each course, as these add value.

Some of the prices of 360 Training are:

  • 10 hour OSHA construction ($59)
  • OSHA General Industry ($59)
  • 30 hour OSHA construction ($159)

It all depends on the course you want to take. The longer the course and the better the teaching materials, the higher the price.

Is it reliable?

360 Training is an academy that has been recognized by the IACET, so it has earned the trust of people by being recognized by an entity of such magnitude. Likewise, 360 Training also has other sections that have allowed it to gain fame within what it does.

Besides, the verdicts of former students make the brand name gain confidence.


  • They offer complete and varied training courses for all needs.
  • They are a verified academy in terms of the quality of the courses they offer.
  • Offer specialized attention to each of the people who are part of the academy.
  • They have different products for daily use.
  • They have experience in the field of education for more than 20 years.


  • They have only focused on one particular market.
  • The content is only available in English, leaving French and Spanish speakers behind.

What makes it better than other options in the market?

They have more than 20 years of experience teaching and preparing people who have decided to opt for environmental health and safety courses. They have demonstrated the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition and to innovate in what they deliver.

On the other hand, they have made their brand grow; they have not stopped their growth in just training courses. They have even, due to the 2020 situation decided to create a course for people to know more about the virus and the measures they should take to prevent it.

Their courses have also demonstrated a unique quality. It is a market that is not highly exploited and thanks to its track record, 360 Training has managed to position itself as a better option than its competitors.

Final verdict

As a final verdict, we can say that 360 Training has demonstrated high-quality above all. They offer a range of different courses and have provided materials to satisfactorily complete each of the stages of studying.

Even the fact that they have decided to expand their options to more products and services speaks to the quality of the brand.

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