6 Best Sites Like 4chan

4chan took a quick road to fame recently and got to cause a lot of discussions. But it is not the only site where you can post anonymous content. Here you will find the six best Sites Like 4chan.

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Official Site

AllChans is an alternative with similar nuances to 4Chan everywhere we look. The only thing is that we will find even more material than what is usually inside 4Chan.

The number of forums on the site allows users to enter into discussions, view all kinds of memes, and even learn about relevant news worldwide. Besides, AllChans has proven to be a supportive community among all its members.

Like 4Chans, what we will get within this page is the content of all kinds. The forum is quite complete, and the options to visit and spend some time are not few. We can review and get interesting things, as well as we can find some not-so-flashy things.

It is an entertainment forum for all kinds of people. But over the years and with the number of people who have managed to gather in your community, the doors have opened to new forums. You can even get business, technology, and even political forums.

Besides, one of the strengths of AllChans is that it is a free forum. People do not have to register to access the content in the forums. Just enter a name and an email address, and create anything from a topic to posting comments.

On the other hand, despite the content that can be obtained, AllChans is a highly reliable site, and the support of its community leaves no doubt about it.


  • It has all kinds of forums and sub-forums
  • Handles multiple languages


  • Not much moderation in content
  • The page can’t be bookmarked on mobile phones.

For all this, we can say that it is a page that deserves to be visited and that, without any doubt, it will give you a good time.


Official Site

Pixoto is more of a community far from the standards we are used to seeing within the 4Chan-style forums. It’s still a great community, but if we compare it with all the content we can find inside other forums, we’ll fall short since Pixoto is a community where users compete for who has the best photo.

However, it does have its touch of 4Chan style content, but it is more for the users than for the content promoted within the page. Users usually give it that humorous touch that so characterizes the forums, and that way, people can spend hours viewing the content.

Best of all, the forum is free. All you have to do is fill out a simple registration form, and confirm your account, and you can access everything Pixoto has to offer. Without a doubt, one of the largest free photo banks.

Also, several bodies are certified, making it reliable and that the contests they run are completely legitimate.


  • He has a huge amount of photographs from all over the world.
  • It’s completely free and no extra charges in the future.


  • It lacks other forums that add more humor to the 4Chan style.
  • Outside of the forum’s usual competencies, there is not much else.

In conclusion, Pixoto leaves us with mixed feelings due to its content. However, it is a community we can enjoy, and that will certainly know how to receive us from having a good time in the best 4Chan style.


Official Site

With News360, if we come across something that is not very similar to what 4Chan does but still maintains similar energy. The reason is that the news portal covers various interesting topics that allow users to subscribe and spend hours and hours going through all its content.

The site does collect news of all kinds and even allows its users to customize their interface to get the news of interest. On the other hand, those who do not do so will have hundreds of options to read, and perhaps they will come across something that interests them on one of the sites they did not have on their interface.

We can enter and register to News360 free of charge, but we will consider that the application has internal purchases to unlock more content. If you don’t need it, we can continue using it without problems in its free version.

And speaking of confidence, the portal has received the approval of other major media worldwide. The Guardian, The New York Times, VentureBeat, and others have left their testimony on the page.


  • The news is available in several languages.
  • They support Android and iOS with a mobile application.


  • Much of the news is usually from the United States.
  • International payments are usually a bit complicated.

In conclusion, we can say that News360 is a good alternative for those who want to spend their time watching the news and reading about current affairs, among other things. Of course, it is not the best style of 4Chan, but it will certainly entertain us.


Official Site

Flipboard is a news portal similar to News360. We can say that it is a substitute for 4Chan in all the topics covered by the page. Topics range from day-to-day news to more controversial topics that allow us to understand global issues more deeply.

On the other hand, we will not have much interaction with other users, and it will be more of a site of analysis and less of sharing.

The page does collect news of all kinds, business, sports, and entertainment, and brings it all together within its website. As a result, the news is complete, and people can spend hours and hours viewing the content on the page.

On the other hand, registration to Flipboard is free. You need to log in with an email or use our Facebook account to do this.

Finally, we can’t let go of the trust that the page has earned. It has been reported for years and rated as a high-quality site.


  • Its interface is easy to use
  • Registration takes no more than 5 minutes.


  • Amateurs can write the news.
  • They don’t have a newsletter system.

We can say that Flipboard is a good page to keep abreast of news, global issues, and other controversial topics that may enter our radar of interest.


Official Site

Quora is a page that was created to distribute knowledge throughout the world under different themes. The page is an informative portal for those who wish to be aware of various topics. The only thing is that the community is not as open to comment as in other forums.

This site has been characterized by keeping the people who subscribe to the site up to date. However, to enter, you must create an account or not see the content.

The good thing is that Quora is priceless for its use. People can use it for free without making additional payments once they are on the page.

The page’s trustworthiness has media certified its veracity, and moderators constantly verify the content they publish.


  • It has all kinds of news on the page.
  • Information is double-checked before publication.


  • No preview available
  • Does not have a mobile app

We can say that Quora is a great option for people who want to keep up with the latest news. Although it is not allowed to share so much in other forums, it is certainly a good option to pass the time.


Official Site

Reddit is one of the most faithful and similar versions of 4Chan. You can get the same amount of forums, the content is quite similar, and even the community is quite similar. On the other hand, Reddit is a bit more exclusive as it offers subscription plans for access to other types of content.

What makes Reddit special is that it has several forums where users can get lost for hours on end, whether watching theories, news, or watered-down memes within the forum.

On the other hand, we can register for free on Reddit, although there is a premium subscription for those who wish to support the site further.

Besides, it is one of the most reliable sites on the Internet. Not only because of what it publishes, but its community also makes it quite reliable.


  • It has a lot of forums
  • It has mobile phone support


  • The page does not load with slow connections.

This is, without a doubt, a place where we can enjoy quality content, laugh, and learn about important things happening worldwide.