5 Invitation Sites Like Evite

We always want to share the important moments of our life with others, and even an ordinary meeting with friends to spend time together can turn out to be an important event.

In this regard, we all enjoy occasions like birthdays, dinners, anniversaries, weddings, and many other occasions. However, sometimes inviting everyone or making sure they receive the invitation is a challenge. Besides, there are more environmentally friendly options (which avoid the use of paper).

Sites Like Evite

To help you in this work, there are Invitations Sites like Evite, which has very varied designs for invitation cards dedicated to multiple events, in addition to offering other valuable functions, such as electronic confirmation or invitations by text messages.

But this world is vast, and there are other effective alternatives to invite your friends and loved ones digitally to your important events. For this reason, we prepared a list with the best alternatives for Evite at your disposal.

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As its name clearly indicates, PsPrint offers deals on printed invitations, so they are not digital invitations that you can send by mail, social networks, or text message. Instead, you must distribute them in person or through the postal service. However, the process of selecting and designing your card is entirely digital.

First, register a user. Then, after entering the site, you should go to the products section, choose the invitations, and then determine manufacturing aspects according to your needs, such as size, printed sides, material to be printed, and the quantity (between 50 and 10000 ).

An advantage of this step is that you observe your order’s quotation according to the adjustments you make.

You must be clear enough when ordering. Once the invitations have been printed with an error, you will lose time rearranging, and you will have a hard time.


  • Wide variety of designs and editions of designs.
  • You can upload your own design and, if you authorize it, they post it on your blog for others to see.


  • There may be communication errors, and therefore errors in the printing.
  • Someone could steal your design.


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Smilebox is a website dedicated to designing and distributing electronic invitations, created in 2005 to help anyone better organize their events. The efficient idea is to send reminders of the event to your contacts easily. Likewise, if you must make a last-minute correction (such as place or date), you can do it quickly and forward your invitations.

As they explain, invitations are created in four steps:

  1. First, please select a style: they have a great variety of styles applied to different types of events used.
  2. Insert an image: you can add an image of the image bank, your social networks, your cell phone, or your computer.
  3. Customize: change text, fonts, and color schemes. Also, take this step to add the details of your event.
  4. Preview and send: get a preview and, if you are satisfied, send via email, post on social networks, print them and save them on your computer.


  • Insert photos from your social networks, as well as from your personal or mobile computer.
  • The tools for creating invitations and other products are easy to use.


  • To explore the design options, you must register a user.
  • You need a credit card to purchase the pro version. Otherwise, you will have to be happy with the free version.

Purple Trail

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Let’s start by mentioning that Purple Trail is a site dedicated to offering its customers many products, such as calendars, planners, cards, among others, and of course, invitations. Unfortunately, they do not have electronic invitations, but the variety in design for printed ones is worth trying out.

Invitations to important events in your life are well covered on this website: graduation, Halloween, Thanksgiving, moving, anniversary, dinner, birthday, and much more. Besides, it is not necessary to use the classic rectangular shape. Instead, there are several options on the shape that your invitation will have.

Your order can include another of your items for sale. The construction of all of them is of good quality and mostly covers the expectations of the customers. With their referral system, you get 10 $ off discounts once a friend completes an order that exceeds $ 50, and he also receives a reward of $ 10.


  • Variety of design and construction of invitations.
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 75.
  • You can send a gift as a planner, along with your invitations.


  • Although you can edit the design or create yours, it requires skill to use the design tool.
  • You must be very specific and clear on what you want before ordering. Otherwise, you can have a hard time.

Paperless Post

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Paperless Post is another online designer of invitations that also prints. However, its strength lies in digital invitations. They take with a professional perspective what they do, so all their designs are well thought out. An example of this is that they have made partnerships with large companies and designers, such as Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co.

Here you have the freedom to edit the design that you have chosen for your invitation. In fact, this policy is called “reimagining the invitations.” Thus, you can easily explore the site, choose the product you want, the reason for your invitation, and edit its design, although to do so, you must be registered, and to send them, you have to pay for them.

This company’s objective is not simply to help you better distribute your invitations or make them more attractive. Instead, one of its objectives is to avoid as much as possible the use of paper when printing invitations for occasions that occur once a year.


  • Free registration
  • Modern, classic, elegant designs for all types of people.
  • They include moving images in digital invitations.
  • Free of advertising.


  • Service entirely paid.
  • They have a lot of content, which can be confusing.


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Unlike the previous options, in Celebrations, you can send different types of arrangements to your loved ones. Among other things, you can send them:

  • Floral arrangements.
  • Baskets with handmade sweets.
  • Cookies and sweets
  • Luxury treats
  • Gourmet bakery sweets.
  • Popcorn and snacks.
  • Steaks and chops.
  • Fruit Arrangements.

You can also find the shops closest to your home that offer these services. Unlike invitations, these gifts allow you to show appreciation at the individual level and brighten the day of a loved one.


  • Multiple gift options
  • Who receives the gift can delight in a delicious gift.


  • You must know the shipping address accurately.
  • It can only be directed to one person at a time.
  • It is not an economical service.

In Conclusion

By sending digital invitations to your relatives, you will help them to avoid the embarrassing moment of asking for the address again because they have lost the invitation card, and they can consult it from any device to confirm their presence or verify the place, date, and time of the event you have programmed.

With these invitations, you also have the possibility to send reminders of your events, which is quite difficult when it comes to printed invitations. Even so, companies like Pingg and Paperless Post combine electronic invitations with printed ones, that in case you prefer to continue sending the traditional invitations by postal service or person to person.

Try to select a platform with which you feel comfortable when using it. For example, some people feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied because they do not understand how the invitations’ edition works or place a photo from a personal device or social network.

Now you are better prepared to get people assisting to your event! Most of these sites will also allow you to use your email contacts to compile the list of people who will receive the invitation.