7 Best Websites Like UserTesting

It is a nice idea to test your products before and after launching. And the best way to do so is with real users who will land right in the changes that need to be done if you want your real customers to be happy. That’s when UserTesting comes in.

The site pays people to use your product and gives feedback about what can be better. This platform is currently HUGE, used by big gamers like Canva, HP, Go Daddy, and Even Alaska Airlines.

So, UserTesting is probably the best way to get nice and quick user feedback. But it is also probably the most expensive way to do it. For this reason, we bring you a nice list of the 7 Best Websites, Like UserTesting, that will most likely fit your budget.

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This platform is ideal for game development companies. PlaytestCloud is the solution for testing games in the development of the prototype phase.

They have different plans for testing video games. The main difference between them lies in the number of hours dedicated to the game by the user. Thus, you can opt for a plan where your game is studied in-depth and receive real opinions through surveys.

It should be noted that the platform has a free trial version. If you want to choose a paid plan, you can select from 3 options: Professional Basic, Professional Advanced, and Enterprise. The prices are $1085, $2375, and a negotiable amount. The latter must be negotiated directly with the sales team.

The simplest plan does not include interviews, research services, or advanced testing. All these features are integrated with the Professional Advanced plan.


  • Different plans
  • Varied products for game feedback
  • Option to join as a developer and as a tester


  • High prices

As a testing system for enterprise games, it can be a bit high-priced. We do not believe that it is aimed at small developers. However, the service is of high quality and ideal for receiving real feedback on games in development.


Official Site

In this case, it is an extension of UserZoom, a platform dedicated to website testing. As in the rest of the websites of this style, you can enter as a developer or a tester.

It currently has two plans: UserZoomGo and UserZoom. The first case is the simplest version of the service, which only uses tests and live interviews.

Meanwhile, the UserZoom version has a huge variety of tools. Thus, you can carry out surveys, click tests, and research analysis, among other options.

It should be noted that if you enter as a tester, you will have greater or lesser availability of tests depending on various aspects. You may receive fewer tests if you are in a particular region.


  • Different plans
  • Option to join as a developer and as a tester.


  • Not available in all regions
  • Complex testing protocol

This might be a good option if you want to make extra money. It follows the same style of UserTesting, being a website testing platform. However, we should note that this one is not available in many regions.



Official Site

In Checkealos, you can hire plans to analyze your website, application, or programs using various methods. This can be done through surveys, click studies on your website, and user testing.

Additionally, you can target your test to a particular group of people. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the receptivity and opinion of real people of a certain age or gender. All this can be done by focusing on your product’s particular topic or aspect.

Currently, they have three plans: Go, Advanced and Ultimate. The Go version is the simplest and does not include human analysis tools or advanced demographic filters.


  • Option to join as a developer and as a tester.
  • Available in different regions
  • Several plans
  • A large number of functional tools


  • You must quote prices with a form

This is an excellent alternative if you have a digital product you want to test. It has all the tools you might need. In addition, you can enter as a tester and receive $10 per test performed. The only negative aspect is that they do not directly indicate the cost of the plans.

Try My UI

Official Site

Try My UI is dedicated to providing a real-time digital product testing service. This way, you can get a real user’s point of view and behavior. This is valid for any blog, website, or app.

They have four plans: Personal, Team, Enterprise, and Unlimited. They cost $99, $399, $2000, and $5000 per month, respectively. The Personal version is the simplest but has the most basic and functional tools you may need. It is possible to filter demographically, receive written surveys, and make unlimited annotations.

The focus of this plan is perfect for people who are just starting with their product analysis.


  • Wide variety of plans
  • Low pricing
  • Perfect for people who are new to product testing
  • Free trial


  • Complex tester system

We could consider Try My UI as one of the best alternatives for website testing. It has a lot of tools for a small price. In addition, its free version allows you to test first-hand how the service works. We do not consider it to have a relevant negative point.




Official Site

This platform is mainly focused on digital testing products. They have formed a large community of freelance workers who earn extra money by testing products.

The platform works through a project system. UTest will recommend you some projects based on your profile information. Thus, you will be in charge of analyzing the tasks to be fulfilled and then applying for the project. Everything related to payment will depend on the project you have chosen.

Additionally, UTest has a free mobile app available on Android and iOS.


  • Extremely simple
  • Aimed at anyone
  • Mobile app


  • No section to apply for trial products

If you want extra money, this is the ideal option. It has a straightforward system to join. Besides, any person can be part of this community. The only negative aspect is that it is not aimed directly at developers. It does not have a section dedicated to hiring a testing system.


Official Site

This platform has something exceptional; it does not require a subscription to test products. That is, hiring a payment plan to test your digital products is not necessary. In this case, you will be debited a defined amount for each tester included in your profile.

The cost is variable, depending on the origin of the test user you take. If you bring them to the platform, you will pay $30 per user. If UserFeel is to provide it to you, the amount to be paid will be $60.

This is a great advantage for those just starting in the testing world. In addition, the platform has all the tools you could ever need.


  • You can bring your own test users
  • Low prices
  • No membership is required
  • A large number of tools


  • No demographic filters
  • Users are not random

This is a good platform for people requiring a digital product test. However, the fact that you select the users makes the test lose some veracity. It would no longer be a random group of people chosen but a user selected by you.



Official Site

UserCrowd is a platform for people who want to get extra money. It is a community for digital testing products, but it is focused only on the tester. There is no option to apply for products.

It is managed through a credit system, where each credit is equivalent to $0.20. At the same time, you need a minimum of 100 credits to receive a payment in your Paypal account.

You must be alert to your email to find out when they have a survey available. You will receive notifications when a survey or test is available.


  • Simple registration
  • Notifications when tests are available
  • Aimed at anyone


  • Does not have a section to apply for test products

It can be an interesting alternative to get additional money. However, its payment system is not very convincing. Besides, some platforms allow you to earn more money than UserCrowd.

In Conclusion

First, you must establish whether you want a platform to complete tests or post your products.

In the first case, the best alternatives are UTest, Try My UI, and Checkealos. All these platforms are extremely responsive to users new to the community. In addition, the payouts are quite interesting and represent a substantial amount.

If what you need is a platform for testing your digital products, you can also choose to Try My UI. This has the best quality/price plans; you can even hire the service for less than $100.

Additionally, we highlight PlaytestCloud because it is dedicated to a particular market. This is the ideal option if your product is a video game. It may have slightly high prices, but we must consider that it is aimed at moderately relevant developers.

You can also be part of their community of trial users.