7 Popular Clothing Stores Like TopMan

TopMan is our benchmark for popular clothing stores, and its quality and designs only reaffirm that it is one of the best options on the market. So today, we bring you 7 Popular clothing stores similar to TopMan.

TopMan is a virtual store that has served as a reference for men to dress in more style. The site offers clothing and sells a wide variety of accessories for those who want to look younger.

The page focuses on a variety of designs and styles that keep up with world trends. But in addition to that, they also offer a clothing section for those who want to dress more stylishly, as they also offer suits.

The TopMan online shop is also a site that serves as a blog for your customers. The store itself is quite easy to use and has various discounts from time to time, plus, depending on the season, the styles and designs of the clothes they offer change.

River Island

Official Site

River Island is an alternative to what TopMan can offer us. Only its catalog is much wider. TopMan is a store that focuses mainly on men’s clothing. River Island is a store that also offers clothing for women.

The style is quite similar in both stores. They offer a breath of fresh air in terms of world trends and are brands worth following closely.

River Island is also a popular clothing store in the UK, where most of its stores are located and where almost all of its shipments are made. But that hasn’t stopped him from becoming popular around the world.

Besides, it is a store that plays with the seasons and the clothes they offer. A garment will never be the same inside River Island.


  • They offer a wider range of clothing.
  • His style is quite youthful and for all ages.
  • They are one of the most popular stores around the UK.


  • Shipments to other countries are usually costly.

Without a doubt, if we’re looking for something similar to Topman, River Island is a good choice. Good quality garments, up to date designs, is all we need to bet on them.

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Mainline Menswear

Official Site

People are always looking for variety in the clothes they want to buy. Searching for several options is the easiest way to choose a new garment. And that is basically what Mainline Menswear offers within its website.

It is an online store based in different countries worldwide and with shipping support to most countries. But that’s not the most interesting thing about the brand.

The most striking thing about Mainline Menswear that has made it a popular clothing store is the number of items found inside its online store. It’s like visiting Amazon but only for men’s clothing.

From Boss, Lacoste, Hugo to some other brands are the ones that predominate in the options of this store that has been a success in the market.


  • It has a wide variety of partner stores.
  • They also offer accessories inside the store.
  • They offer seasonal discounts.


  • International shipments are usually somewhat high.

Mainline Menswear is the combination of many stores in one place. No doubt, this is a good choice to put TopMan aside.

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Ted Baker

Official Site

Ted Baker is a clothing brand that brings together the alternative with the casual. The store not only offers clothes for men but also for women, and for both cases, the styles are still quite similar.

A popular clothing store wins customers by its reputation and the quality of the clothes it offers. And it’s something that Ted Baker has sought to innovate. Each of their garments are of high quality, so they have managed to position themselves within the market as a good alternative for other brands.

Besides, they offer a variety of accessories to accompany each of their garments. It’s a pretty complete store that seeks to stand out.


  • They have a subscription service to access discounts.
  • His style is young and elegant at the same time.
  • The page is quite easy to use.


  • They do not have international shipping options.
  • It has a few locations around the world.

Ted Baker is undoubtedly a store that has earned its place as one of the most popular. Its style and designs have managed to capture the attention needed to make it grow around the world.

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Jack Wills

Official Site

Jack Wills is one of the most sporty but popular clothing stores in the UK. Most of their garments’ style is quite simple, but that does not mean that the quality they offer is less than other major brands.

The fact that it is a more sporty style has only managed to position Jack Wills as a popular clothing store. In a market where most stores follow worldwide fashion trends, Jack Wills has its own method of standing out.

The garments they offer are for both ladies and gentlemen, and in both cases, the styles are similar. Sweaters, sports bras, shorts, flannels with a simple print. These are some of the clothes offered inside the store.

But on top of that, Jack Wills has chosen to offer accessories inside the store, allowing his customers to combine everything in one place.


  • They offer a more sporty and youthful style than other brands.
  • Most of their garments are available for both men and women.
  • The page design is simple and easy to use.


  • They are based in the United Kingdom.
  • The prices for international shipping are quite high.

In a market that is congested by similar garments and with styles that do not offer much difference. Jack Wills has sought to offer something beyond that, thus creating an important yet unique brand.

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Official Site

Like other online stores, USC has sought to have several brands within a single site in order to engage more people.

Without a doubt, USC has managed to mix brands of great importance and different styles in one place. And all of those brands are popular clothing stores that have been on the market for a long time.

Both men and women can take advantage of the offers and the wide catalog of USC and take advantage of the different brands we can find on the page. All along with a variety of accessories


  • It brings together several major brands in one place.
  • They present combinations of garments in their catalog.
  • They offer a wide variety of accessories.


  • Some offers are for the UK only.
  • International shipments are somewhat expensive.

Popular and quality clothing stores in one place. USC is an excellent option for those who want to renew their wardrobe with new clothes.

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Browns Fashion

Official Site

Browns Fashion is a store that gives us a more elegant touch to our way of dressing. Whether you are a man or a woman, Browns Fashion’s options will make you look unique and elegant.

But they also have variety in the clothes they offer. Not everything is luxury and glamour. Some of his clothes are also more casual in style, and this is something we can also find with his accessories.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a popular clothing store because of the style they offer. All the opposite. The most attracted to this clothing store because they offer something that many other brands have decided or chosen not to exploit yet. But it’s something that Browns Fashion has managed to achieve and has succeeded on the way.


  • They have a style of clothing more unique to the youth market.
  • They have support for iOS phones.
  • Their prices are visible in a wide range of currencies.


  • It can be exquisite for young people.
  • They do not offer the possibility of international shipping.

Browns Fashion is an excellent option for a somewhat more mature market. Their garments follow world trends but bet on a slightly different market.

To Conclude

Mainline and Jack Wills are probably offering the freshest looks. But take a look at these sites. You may find in river island the exact improvement that you need. On the other hand, USC offers quite good discounts that you need to take.

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