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What is Academy Sports + Outdoors?

We found out that Academy Sports + Outdoors is one of the leading online retailers. As the name implies, they sell especially sports and entertainment-related items. They strive to offer the cheapest items by selling to over 100,000 manufacturers in their stores.

I also found outdoor items. So they are an option if you are looking for a specific garment for yourself or to make a gift. Other things we liked were the description of their items and the in-store availability tool. Also, browsing this website was very easy because of how well ordered it is.

What exactly does Academy Sports + Outdoors do?

Thanks to its alliance with more than 100,000 different manufacturing brands, they sell all kinds of items. While browsing the site, we found the main categories of sporting goods and outdoor items:

Sports equipment


Fan shop






I also saw seasonal offers as gifts for Mother’s Day. Or products that are trend and barbecue essentials. We can decide between buying online or going to the nearest store. As far as our data’s protection is concerned, they are above average on other similar sites. And they offer free return or exchange policy, under certain conditions.

How much does it cost?

Selling at low prices is always the aim of Academy Sports + Outdoors. They even offer a price adjustment policy. We can use it if we get the same item from another seller at a better price. Unfortunately, they offer very few coupons. But it makes sense when you consider how little an item can cost in their stores.

They even offer discounts on selected merchandise. They also offer free shipping on purchases over $25 (an excellent range for anyone). The return policy can be used for both online and physical store purchases. If we want to give a gift but don’t know what to buy, we can decide on a gift card. And we can buy them online. Although they sell fishing and hunting items, they do not have a military discount.

Is it reliable?

I found reviews of all kinds on the Internet. Essentially, the ones that complained were critical of poor customer service. Some mentioned that they take a long time to return the money, up to 30 days. Others explained that the phone line put them on hold for up to an hour. They even criticized the quality of the items they received. Or that the stores lack qualified personnel for each sales area, such as:




But we also read about satisfied customers. Some mentioned that they received exactly what they ordered and within the time frame. The tracking code can be obtained upon request. Or they praised the possibility of knowing if in a particular store they could find what they needed. So it’s within the average reliability. It will depend a lot on what kind of staff you have to deal with.


Wide variety of brands for each available item.

Wide stock, with the possibility of knowing the stock of each store for a certain article.

The website is easy to use and very well ordered.

Low prices in most cases.

Policies that guarantee to save money in different ways.

Free shipping for purchases of just $25 or more.

Loyalty program.

Customer service via chat or phone call.


Having so many employees, customer service is not efficient in all cases.

They must expand online payment methods. They have few at present.

Some customers complained that online stocks are not always reliable.

Although they sell at low prices, they should include rebates for active members.

They have no financing options.

The return policy should be improved, usually leaving the matter to the bank.


Academy Sports + Outdoors is a store with good privacy policies that make it easy to save money. We like how easy it is to find what I’m looking for or what we didn’t know we needed. Also, with so many brands available, we can decide if we want premium or low-cost items. And we like the seasonal offers or the simpler option of gift cards.

But they need to address the issue of customer care. And they need to get better online and in the stores. Like many other stores, they don’t allow more than one coupon to be applied to a purchase at a time. But they balance it out in online shopping with a low limit for free shipping. Customer satisfaction is within average.

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