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AccorHotels is a company with 50 years of experience dedicated to obtaining lodging offers. They also have a hotel network. And they are associated with different hotel brands around the world to expand the offer. In total, there are 3960 locations in 110 countries around the world.

What exactly does AccorHotels do?

Regardless of your economic scope, AccorHotels may have an offer for you. In this regard, they classify their hotels based on:

  • Luxury
  • Premium
  • Medium-scale
  • Economic

They are associated with renowned hotel companies such as Delano, Mercure, or Ibis. But you can also get the experience of staying in resorts or homestays. Besides, by subscribing to their newsletter, you can get special discounts and notices of seasonal offers. And you can also get car rentals through their partners.

They also have their hotel network that maximizes the accommodation experience as they claim. On the website, they show the opening of 10 of their many new locations for that year. This site is particularly useful if you select the room carefully if you are one of the customers.

This company claims to be very careful in handling your data. They only share them when you book at a hotel that does not belong to their chain. Once the agreement is finalized, they get rid of your data.

How much does it cost?

The rates are directly associated with your hotel selection and location. Please note that if you choose an AccorHotels reservation, the price per night will be lower. When you select another hotel, this company gets a small commission for placing you in the room.

From your first booking, you are eligible for a discount of up to 10%. But to enjoy it you must be a member of their community.

This has been one of the strategies that have allowed them to increase loyalty. When family members make reservations, the second room can receive a discount of up to 50%. If you get a lower price, they will match the offer and reduce it by 25%.

Is it reliable?

Reservations made through your website are real. But consider that they do not claim to specialize in getting deals. You can get a limited time offer and find out that another date would be cheaper. So the positive thing about AccorHotels is the loyalty and the discounts you get for it.

We should mention that their online rating is slightly below the desired average. But most customers complain about not being able to correct their own mistakes. Make sure you make the right decision when booking with them. When it comes to cancellation customers, claim that it is challenging to get a refund. You should reschedule the trip.


  • Special offers for all family members.
  • Access to 1200 lounges with Priority Pass.
  • Up to 10% discount from the first reservation.
  • If you get a lower price, they will match it and then reduce by 25%.
  • On family trips, the second room can receive up to 50% discount.
  • You can select from their hotels and partner chains.
  • Selection ranging from luxury hotels to homestays.
  • Established in 110 countries through 34 different brands.
  • Service for meetings and special events.
  • Exclusive discounts on car rentals with your Europcar partner.
  • Prudent use of your personal data.


  • Prices are not the lowest available by date.
  • You will need to provide your details for each booking.
  • It offers only for active members.
  • It is complicated to make a cancellation claim.
  • Advertised prices may not include local taxes of the selected destination.
  • There is no visible information about permission to bring pets.


AccorHotels is prepared to offer you solutions in room reservations all over the world. The experience includes restaurants, meetings, and events or daily use rooms.

With a presence in 110 countries, thanks to 34 brands, the range of selection are wide. These offerings include luxury hotels, luxury homes, and more economical options, such as resorts.

Promotions do not always result in offers. But the discounts for your “family” members are worth it. Although online reviews are discouraging, they have not achieved a good loyalty rate in vain. The website could be improved.

To improve your experience, take the time to subscribe to the “family all.” This will make you eligible for exclusive offers. And if you select one of their locations, the final price could be great. But don’t forget that taxes in each nation can affect the final price.

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