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Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Working on a new design is a great deal of work, and having a lovely template to get started can save you a huge bunch of it, especially if you land an option packed with additional features such as lights, video editing, and more.

But are these easy to find? Not really, much less do they usually have reasonable prices. So, we decided to round up a nice list of the best-designed template sites you can find, like Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Why not Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

While Adobe Creative Cloud Express, which used to be called Adobe Spark, is probably the first to-go service for a nice template on design, it is also quite expensive. Templates here are not precisely free, and the overall service has a price of 12,09$; you can get better offers for almost the same tools out there. Check out the list:

Visit Adobe Spark


Official Site

Easelly’s primary goal is to offer you a simple way to make professional designs. Its platform is extremely interesting for students and small merchants.

Regarding costs, Easelly has a wide range of highly affordable plans. Currently, they have three plans: Student, Individual, and Business. These are priced at $2, $4, and $5 per month, making them one of the most economical platforms on the market.

The only negative aspect it presents is the lack of a free version and the limited molds. So, Easelly offers you a guarantee system for the first seven days from your purchase.



If you want to purchase an affordable design service, you can consider Easelly. The plans have meager costs. However, its catalog of templates can be a bit reduced. For this reason, we recommend its use only if you are a person with little experience in the area.

Design Wizard

Official Site

Unlike many of its competitors, Design Wizard offers you a free service. With it, you can access a series of exciting functions for people who are not very experienced in the area.

However, if you want a less limited version, you can always access one of their paid plans. At the moment, they only have two plans: Pro and Business. These have a monthly cost of $9.99 and $49.99, respectively, and you can have a 25% discount on the annual payment.

Additionally, any of these plans has a free trial version. Therefore, you only need to enter the plan to start your trial registration.

The main negative aspect is the lack of advanced features. Design Wizard handles basic tools and does not present large available storage.



This is an ideal option if you want to get a free service. However, remember that the service is fundamental, so that it may be mainly dedicated to the presentation and simple publications.


Official Site

Like Adobe Express, Rocketium is the perfect tool for experienced designers. This platform fully functions with external programs such as Photoshop and After Effects. In addition, all its plans feature exclusive customer service and training tutorials.

Regarding the cost, the platform does not present the service price at any time. However, a version of Rocketium is dedicated to freelance designers and another for companies.

To know the price of both plans, you need to contact the Rocketium team. They will build a budget that suits your needs and the number of active accounts you want in the software.



If you are looking for a more advanced design option, Rocketium is perfect for you. Many designers use this platform for its variety of tools. In addition, they are fully dockable with external programs frequently used in the design.


Official Site

Another of the most outstanding design platforms of the moment is Visme. It is a highly professional software with over 1000 prefabricated designs in its catalog. In addition, it has a free version that you can access by simply registering on the platform.

It also has several payment plans with a more significant number of tools. They have three plans: Personal, Enterprise, and Visme for Teams. The first two cost $29.00 and $59.00, respectively. The Visme for Teams plan requires you to contact the Visme sales team.

Regardless of the plan, you will be offered six months free if you wish to purchase the annual subscription.



Visme is one of the most exciting alternatives on the market. Its designs are beautiful, and spending money from the beginning is unnecessary to access them. Its only negative aspect is that all its plans contain limited storage.

Pablo by Buffer

Official Site

This platform is one of the ones with more designs on this list. It has more than 600,000 high-quality images you can use as background in your designs.

On the other hand, they have a free plan with which you can access the most basic tools. If you want a more advanced version, you can purchase one of their paid plans: Essentials, Team and Agency. These monthly costs are $6, $12, and $120, respectively. If you purchase the service annually, you will receive two months free.

In addition, all paid versions have a 14-day trial period.

It should be noted that the free version is not as functional as you might think. In addition, the tools it has are extremely limited, so it is almost mandatory to purchase the service.



The paid versions of Pablo By Buffer are pretty interesting. They have a significant number of design tools along with a trial period valid for all audiences. However, we would like to point out that the version is minimal. Therefore, we do not recommend using this platform if you want a free service.


Official Site

Undoubtedly, RelayThat can be one of the most exciting platforms with payment plans. Moreover, the designs of this platform are highly eye-catching and professional. For this reason, they have been chosen by a lot of important companies around the world.

Currently, they have three plans: Pro, Pro+ Plus, and Enterprise. The first two cost $15 and $25, respectively. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan does not have a defined cost on the platform. Therefore, you must contact the RelayThat sales team directly to purchase it. They will build you the most reasonable budget for your needs.

All plans enjoy more than 3 million images with unlimited downloads. In addition, it has an SEO image tool capable of facilitating the arrival of your designs.



If you are looking for professional software with many tools, you should consider RelayThat. There are almost no platforms that can match the quality of this service. Despite not having a free version, its most basic plan offers many functions for a reduced price.


Official Site

Although it is not very well known, Pixelied has several exciting tools. As a first aspect to highlight, the platform has a free version. However, this is somewhat limited, so it may be preferable to purchase the paid service.

At the moment, they only have one plan available. However, this is for life. You do not need to renew. It costs $97 and gives you access to over 4000 designs, unlimited downloads and storage, and exclusive customer service.

On top of that, this subscription comes with a 30-day guarantee. For this reason, if the product does not convince you, you can always get a refund.

However, this platform certainly has several disadvantages. It does not have a wide variety of designs like other platforms. In addition, the membership is limited to being used by two different members.



This is the ideal choice for designers who want basic, inexpensive software. Unfortunately, it does not feature a wide variety of tools. However, the reduced cost makes up for these shortcomings. In addition, it has unlimited storage and downloads, aspects absent in many of the most recognized platforms.

At the end

The most outstanding platforms in this list of software, like Adobe Creative Cloud Express, are Rocketium, Visme, Pablo By Buffer, and RelayThat.

In the case of Rocketium, this platform is ideal if you are a Photoshop or After Effects user. You can always upload your files to Rocketium’s software and manage them from this platform. However, it does not feature a large number of designs. This aspect is fully covered by Pablo By Buffer, a platform with a massive list of templates.

On the other hand, Visme presents one of the most balanced services on the market. So whether you want a free version or an economically paid plan, we recommend using Visme.

Finally, RelayThat is superior to all these platforms. However, it does not offer a free plan. Therefore, this software is ideal for companies that want to have quality designs and a lot of options.

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