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Tasting a good drink is one of the simplest and most pleasant tastes we can enjoy. In fact, almost any social occasion lends itself to being entertained with a good wine or whiskey, or a celebration that goes hand in hand with a beer of the highest quality.

Today, the beverage industry has been adapting to today’s new lifestyles, and therefore some new products have emerged to the market. Others, such as artisanal beer, have gained popularity and, beyond being a fashion, have been becoming almost a social movement.

Alcohol and Spirits Beverages

Because of how this industry has been moving in recent years, you need to know how to keep up with it. For this, we have prepared a list of the best sites that give you information about Alcohol and Spirits beverages.


Official Site

Founded by the Beverage Testing Institute, Tastings was born in 1981 to produce wine reviews that were fair and impartial to consumers.

This philosophy is still applied today, and they have included beer and other liqueurs in their reviews. So it is an independent product evaluation and rating company that provides its readers with beverage buying guides and education for consumers and retailers.

Since it’s essentially a website where you’ll find out the score that expert tasters have given to the drink you’re weighing buying, they openly expose what their scoring system, which is:

  • 96-100 – Superlative (Platinum Medal)
  • 90-95 – Exceptional (Gold Medal)
  • 85-89 – Highly recommended (Silver Medal)
  • 80-84 – Recommended (Bronze Medal)
  • 79 / NR – Not Recommended (No medal)

Although to give this score, the drink is subjected to several rounds of tasting. The site has a design quite easy to explore, with drop-down menus that give you access to drinks by country, what you should know in general when drinking them, featured products, drinks of the week, among other things.

In the end, Tastings is a great site to take guidance when you are looking to spend some cash on a nice bottle for a special occasion, but you won’t find much other information or discussions here.

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Official Site

This website definitely takes very seriously its mission to help its readers as much as possible when it comes to liquor.

Its content is geared towards both industry professionals and occasional drinkers. Whether on the desktop or mobile, by email or on social networks, online or at live events, offers its audience essential stories and experiences related to the most interesting drinks.

The site is divided into six main sections: recipes, videos, city guides, spirit, community, and bartenders. Each one is suitable for any person. After all, it’s not too much to learn how to prepare a good cocktail to enjoy with your partner, even if you’re not a bartender.

It is designed to let you know the best places and the best choices to enjoy a good drink regarding the city guide.

The site also highlights being very active through social networks and, if you want, you can subscribe to the free newsletter through your email. Besides, at the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see the featured articles in each section.

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Estates and Wines

Official Site

According to their website, Moet Hennessy (Estates and Wines) produces the best wines from the various terroirs in the world, and this website is the official window for information on this range of products.

To sum up, it is a unique collection because of its winemaking properties with a diversity of origins, terroirs, and people.

Something that adds value to these products is that the brand has a long-term strategic commitment to environmental sustainability, to ensure that global vineyard and winery operations improve the environments of the diverse regions in which they are located.

Therefore, to meet that goal, they maximize water use efficiency, protect the land from erosion, minimize the carbon footprint of CO2 production, and improve waste reduction and recycling efficiency.

The review of their products is quite simple, indicating the origin of their raw materials and ingredients, what defines them and the main characteristics of the different variations, keeping in mind both the production and the process.

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Drink Spirits

Official Site

Drink Spirits is an independent digital publication, and its reviews are not biased. Through this website, you will mainly be able to read reviews about the drinks available in the American market to know if they are outstanding or if they are actually worth their published price.

Although they offer reviews of most beverages, such as gin, tequila, rum, and whiskey, they highlight all those drinks produced nationally.

Moving forward, by logging in, you have access to recently published articles, as well as those most read by site visitors.

Besides, their content often includes interviews with emerging national beverage manufacturers. It is also normal to come across articles such as “Top 10 Best Irish Whisky Selections for St. Patrick’s Day” or “Top 10 New American Gins”.

As expected, you can subscribe to the newsletter to be aware of its publications, although we are duty-bound to point out that this website’s activity is quite scarce. They also have an interesting cocktail section, without overlooking the section on how drinks are made.

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Official Site

Located in New York City and online since 2014, VinePair is one of the largest digital media companies offering accessible, entertaining and inspiring content about beverages and experiences that are related to glass in hand.

What makes this site cool is that they do this through a fresh, youthful voice and design without overlooking every drink’s tradition and history.

Often on this website, you will learn things like the basic concepts of spirits, distillation, and the history of man’s efforts to make liqueurs the proper way each type of drink should be served. Besides, they provide detailed information on almost every beverage type, including technical data and major manufacturers.

This website also has many other things to offer, such as the “cartography” section, which describes the location (geographically speaking) of the major bars in major cities in the United States and the world.

On the other hand, they also include a cheese section, where they explain curiosities about this delicious product, and a coffee dedicated section –For the next day, I guess.

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Official Site

Using the modern design, Distiller is a platform for the discovery and recommendation of spirits. Its founders consider themselves big fans of spirits, and they started this website by recognizing, in their opinion, that a tool was needed that daily appreciators of good drinks could use in the store, bar, or restaurant.

Therefore, Reviews of bottles from writers, bartenders, distilleries, and liquor enthusiasts are continually entered here. A fascinating aspect is that, when you have their app for iOS and Android, you can suggest through their platform any review of a bottle that you are about to buy or that you love and think deserves to be on this website.

They clearly indicate who the tasters are who rate the different drinks, and the rating scale is as follows:

  • 0-49: Inferior quality
  • 50-59: Poor quality
  • 60-69: Below average
  • 70-79: Average
  • 80-84: Good
  • 85-89: Excellent
  • 90-95: Very high quality
  • 96-100: Incredibly high-quality rating

Unlike other similar websites, on this one, you can register a user and customize a list of favorite liquors, wishlist, among other things.

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The Spirits Business

Official Site

Accessible to more than 50,000 spirits professionals worldwide, The Spirits Business is a physical and digital magazine characterized by varied and insightful analysis covering a wide range of topics while also striving to cover the most important topics for its readers through polls, business news, brand updates, and exclusive research articles.

They even have an online calendar of upcoming events, including the internationally recognized Spirits Masters series, The Wine & Spirits Show as well as popular brand-sponsored cocktail competitions.

You can subscribe to the free online newsletter via email or subscribe to the digital magazine in an annual package that costs £106.

On their homepage, you’ll find the latest news on alcoholic beverages. You’ll also find reviews of drinks, job offers, a summary of the magazine that corresponds to the current month, among other very interesting things.

In the end, and from a business point of view, this site is fascinating as it covers emerging market trends and category analysis along with information that could boost your branding opportunities.

At the End

Clearly, online websites take it seriously to provide tasters worldwide, lovers, or second-hand, with the best information on spirits and alcoholic beverages.

Most of them are present in social networks, but only one of them allows you to register your own user and customize the content according to your taste.

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