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It is becoming increasingly challenging to stand out in the commercial world. New brands are constantly being launched, posing more than the adequate competition for any entrepreneur. Therefore, giving a professional touch capable of optimizing your business operations is a feature every business should have.

For this comes Alliance Virtual Offices, a company dedicated to offering a virtual office service to businesses worldwide. This facilitates the process of gaining credibility among the consuming public so that your business will reach a new level of recognition. Their services are not only limited to increasing your credit. They also promise to stimulate your connections, simplify your schedule and provide you with a workspace.

Thus, Alliance Virtual Offices is a service full of essential features. Therefore, you must have at hand a guide full of the most relevant details of the platform. Based on this, we have decided to bring you a review of this service where you will learn about its purpose, operation, costs, and even the company’s security.

What are Alliance Virtual Offices?

Alliance Virtual Offices is a platform dedicated to offering virtual offices for clients worldwide. Thus, any business can have an office in a specific location. In addition, it is an ideal way to establish trust in the client by having an office to rely on in case of any problem.

This service will give your business an address where mail will be processed, and customer service will be provided. At this same address, you can hold meetings and use them to open bank accounts.

On the other hand, they also offer other services specializing in providing an excellent customer experience. Among them is the virtual receptionist service, an option capable of providing optimized customer service at all times.

This service can filter calls so that you will not receive automated calls that could waste your time. In addition, this service includes a phone number for your business that you can use when applying for a bank loan.

If you do not want to purchase the customer service plan, you can request the phone number individually.

They also have an option for renting dedicated coworking locations. You can select locations near you and under a series of pre-established characteristics. In turn, this service is offered to choose a place with people with similar jobs or businesses. This way, you will have a source of constant support and a means to build meaningful relationships.

How do Alliance Virtual Offices work?

Each of these services can be purchased individually. However, the platform’s most sought-after and flagship plan is its virtual office system. Including a business address, access to meetings, and a place to receive mailings contains the advantages that any small business owner is looking for.

To acquire it, you must enter a location in the platform’s search engine. Once you do so, you will have at your disposal a series of business addresses where you can establish your virtual business.

You can choose sites within the United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Each of the alternatives has a detailed description of the office. If you enter the option that catches your attention, all you have to do is select a plan and adjust its features. Among them, you will have to set search for packages and the telephone number, in case you choose the method with this service.

Meanwhile, the process for using the meetings and telephone number service is very similar to virtual offices. If you wish to purchase the meeting service only, you will have to use the search engine and locate the location that catches your attention. Regarding telephone numbers, you will only select the one that corresponds to your site and matches what you are looking for.

In the same way, in the virtual receptionist service for customer service, you must select one of their plans. These vary in cost depending on the number of calls available per month. At the same time, you have to choose the receptionist’s telephone number.

Finally, in the coworking option, you can also select a specific location. When using the search engine, you will have a series of alternatives in the search engine. Each of them contains a detailed description of the site and its advantages. At the same time, prices may vary depending on the time plan you select.

How much does Alliance Virtual Offices cost?

Prices within Alliance Virtual Offices can be very variable. It will depend entirely on the service you wish to purchase on the platform and the office’s location.

In the case of virtual offices, you can get amounts higher than $100. However, there are much cheaper alternatives, around $50.

At the same time, the cost may increase depending on the plan you select. The alternatives displayed in the search engine always correspond to the most economical method of the platform. This only contains the virtual office and package reception service, the Platinum Plan.

If you also wish to acquire the virtual receptionist service, you will have to pay an additional amount. This amount can be equal to an additional $100, so the total amount to be paid could be around $200. In addition, depending on the selected option, it may or may not include the installation service. This only needs to be paid once and is usually $150.

They also have the Platinum Plus among the options for virtual offices. However, this is only found in specific alternatives in their catalog. This option has all the functions of the Platinum Plan and a certain number of meeting hours.

Regarding individual services, they have a series of unique plans. In the case of the virtual receptionist, this has a variable cost depending on the number of monthly calls. You can purchase between 50 and 500 calls, costing between $95 and $475 per month.

Meanwhile, the phone number service fee is a one-time fee. This option costs $30 per month and is an unlimited plan. However, remember that this service does not include a virtual receptionist.

In the same way, virtual offices, meeting locations, and coworking spaces have variable costs. Their price depends entirely on the characteristics of the premises and its location.

In the case of meeting offices, their cost is displayed on an hourly basis. However, you can get variable pricing options for the same office in specific alternatives listed. The reason for the variation in the hourly rate is the features included in the office. This can include whiteboards, call systems, wifi, printers, etc.

It should be noted that when you purchase a service from Alliance Virtual Offices, your credit card will be associated with the service. This is because contracts are usually held for several months. However, you can unlink your credit card at any time to avoid automatic payments.

On the other hand, Alliance Virtual Offices has a series of promotions valid during October 2022. You can only enjoy these promotions if you are in the United States.

Save up to $80 on your virtual office.

One consists of an $80 discount on the total amount to be paid in a virtual office. You must take into account that there are specific requirements to be fulfilled. The primary condition of this promotion is to acquire a virtual office valued at $70 or more. In addition, the discount will be applied to the installation fee.

If your virtual office is not worth less than $70, you can still enjoy the promotion. However, the discount will be reduced to $40 off the installation fee.

To enjoy these promotions, you must enter the code OCT80 or OCT40, respectively.

40 discount for your virtual receptionist

This promotion consists of a $40 discount on your first receptionist of the month. This bonus is only available during October and only applies to the 50 calls per-month plan. To receive the compensation, you must enter the promotion code LROCT within the Alliance Virtual Offices platform.

Great promotions on virtual offices

For the purchase of any virtual office that includes a receptionist, you will receive a $90 discount. The amount to be discounted will be applied to the cost of the service installation. You will have to enter the code VOLR90 to get the promotion.

Is it safe to use Alliance Virtual Offices?

There are excellent reviews of Alliance Virtual Offices. Virtually all of their users are satisfied and state that their service is of excellent quality and security. At no time do they take any suspicious data or offer you false deals. On the contrary, their users indicate that they perfectly comply with the product provided.

Although they have no guarantees on their services, there are no complaints related to non-compliance or errors in the virtual office.

Payment Methods

There are very few payment methods available on the platform. You can only purchase any services available at Alliance Virtual Offices using credit cards. There is no other option among their payment methods.


The platform follows all the necessary guidelines to operate. In addition, they have a series of conditions that allow the maintenance of companies outside the United States.

On the other hand, all business addresses or telephone numbers offered by this company are entirely legal. They are subject to U.S. guidelines and can be used without any problem as data for credit applications. They can even be taken as legal information for opening bank accounts or establishing LLC companies.


In terms of trust, the platform will not cause you to worry at any time. You have detailed descriptions of the services, which are in line with the Alliance Virtual Offices guidelines. There are no breaks in contracts or contradictions in office descriptions.

In addition, Alliance Virtual Offices has a help center capable of solving any problem you may have on the platform.


  • High-security
  • Attractive promotions in October
  • Wide range of services
  • Affordable prices


  • Mandatory installation cost in most alternatives

Complaints and opinions

Its users make practically no complaints. There are only a few complaints related to the 6-month card charge. This charge is created automatically when you purchase your first service on the platform. However, many customers do not wish to be charged for this service.

On the other hand, some users indicate that the automated answering service can be disappointing in specific scenarios. For example, they state that the virtual receptionist fails to respond satisfactorily when questions go outside the norm. Thus, customer service can become deficient in these highly complex cases.

At the end

Despite the few negative aspects, this is still a highly recommended product. It is an ideal service for any small investor who wishes to give a professional touch to their business. In addition, the costs are well below the offerings found in other virtual office platforms.

This is a service that is almost exclusively aimed at these small businesses. For this reason, the quality may not be as desired for larger companies.

Leaving this aside, we recommend using the Alliance Virtual Offices service. Few platforms give you so many service variants together and individually for an affordable price.

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