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Allianz Travel promises to assure you of a safe and secure trip. But does it work? This is what we will evaluate in this review.

These types of insurers, a team of trained people and professionals are available 24 hours a day to help with any inconvenience that usually covers both illness and accidents.

But in the case of travel services, offers tend to be more focused on two key factors:

  • The way
  • The stay

What does Allianz Travel offer?

Like any travel insurance company, this company offers coverage depending on the destination, for which the following options stand out:

  • Clinical expenses due to illness or emergencies
  • Clinical expenses for sports accidents
  • Compensation for loss of luggage
  • Legal Services
  • Health trips

Is Allianz Global Assistance Reliable?

This company is a globally recognized insurer with a fairly decent reputation in elements such as TrustPilot.

However, there are quite a few user complaints, especially in Latin America, which may mean that regional administration is not the best.

As far as the United States is concerned, the company reflects a solid image of positive recommendations and reviews.

Allianz Global Assistance is a distributor of collective assistance, travel shelter, and proposal services where clients can find solutions to problems before, during, and after the trip.

On the other hand, this agency meets with a wide range of partners, including airlines, hotels, corporations, resorts, travel agencies, and recognized credit card companies.

In conclusion, Allianz is, in general, a fairly reliable company. However, it is recommended that you review other users’ opinions regarding the country’s service responses to which you plan to travel.

Characteristics of the Allianz Global Assistance service

Among other things, it is important to highlight how Allianz service works.

This company works with “cash on delivery” policies at a general level. This means that you must have the money in hand to cover emergencies, and in approximately 10 working days, your case is studied, and your expenses are reimbursed.

In addition to this, Allianz Travel has some features that may sound tempting:

Assistance experts:

It is a company with more than a decade of trajectory in the area of travel insurance.

Among other things, this translates into a greater variety of products and services to manage your insurance packages.

Trusted by many users:

Despite what I told you earlier about Latin America claims, the company has a generally good reputation and an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

Backup of personal data:

Allianz Travel Assistance has SSL security systems to encrypt personal information and protect users’ security and privacy through their system means, claims, payments, and refunds.

In other words, Allianz is a good choice if you are looking for a policy to cover a “discreet” trip.

Acceptable response times:

Insurance companies usually specialize in emergencies, and this is where Allianz fails.

First, the reimbursement policy implies that you must resolve any immediate emergency by other means in most cases.

On the other hand, a response time of 10 business days on average means you’ll have to wait about two weeks to recover.

Allianz Care Channels

That said, this company is headquartered in Richmond, USA. And it has decently efficient channels of care.

If you call on the phone, you will have a timely response to your questions and/or complaints. However, the response time by mail may vary.

Allianz Travel Pricing

Bearing in mind that the golden rule is that you insure your trip with a policy no greater than 10% of the total budget, Allianz Travel can be an expensive service.

The cheapest policies don’t go below $100, and the luxurious ones have costs above $500 on average. This does not include insurance for rented vehicles.

However, each trip is unique, and you may find the policy you are looking for with this company. It is a matter of requesting a quote and evaluating whether the coverage is sufficient for your trip.

Allianz Travel Packages

For a single trip, you have the following options in order of price:

  • One trip Cancellation Plus
  • One trip Basic
  • One trip Prime
  • One trip Premier
  • One trip Emergency Medical

On the other hand, the following options are preferable if you travel more than once a year:

  • AllTrips Basic
  • AllTrips Prime
  • AllTrips Executive
  • AllTrips Premier

Also, Allianz offers a 24-hour rental vehicle damage policy for collision, loss, or internal damage.


Our final verdict is as follows: Allianz Travel is a legitimate company and may be recommended if you travel within the country or to destinations abroad with regional offices to expedite claims.

In the end, the decision is yours, so consider the key aspects of your trip and define if the Allianz Travel Assistance options are right for you.

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