Amazing Bird Watching Websites to Discover

Bird Watching

You may want to practice bird watching, which is a relaxing activity. Whether you’re just starting in this world or taking time to do so, there’s no doubt that few activities connect you to nature like this one.

Connecting with nature is something we should all try to do someday. And there are several ways to do it. Some prefer to practice outdoor sports, others enjoy camping, and some even venture for several consecutive days exploring. But maybe none of those activities catch your eye. Maybe you’re looking for something calmer.

Bird Watching Websites

To help you be as prepared as possible to spot these colorful and beautiful animals, we have prepared a list of the most amazing and inspiring sites for bird watchers, saving you time by avoiding all those unhelpful websites.


Official Site

We started our list of avian observation websites with Audubon. More than a place where other observers share experiences and photographs, an organization is deeply committed to ensuring wildlife conservation, especially birds. They oversee 23 state programs, 41 Audubon nature centers, and nearly 500 local chapters.

In addition to an online site to promote their vision of how we can help wildlife, educational programs and materials are disseminated through Audubon Magazine. This quarterly printed conservation magazine introduces school children, families, and nature lovers to the wonders of nature and the power of conservation. To receive copies of the magazine, you must be a community member and do so through a donation.

The site also includes fascinating and practical educational articles for bird lovers. If you are interested, you can also support their cause by shopping at their online store and subscribing to receive their newsletter in your email.


Official Site

It is also a website with a printed edition, the popular Birdwatching. This site is especially interested in promoting “birding,” their name for the bird-watching activity. To this end, they have made an effort to promote their printed edition, making it possible for readers to receive a digital edition and the possibility of printing their copies on their own.

Entering this website is a great idea if you are searching for destinations, far or near your home, to enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures. You’ll see national and exotic destinations (for those who can afford it), ideal for birding.

Besides, since 2006, they have selected observation points throughout the nation, and perhaps one of them is close to you. As expected, you can subscribe to their newsletter. The news section is quite interesting. The photo section will allow you to enjoy professional work. Moreover, you will participate in contests since you can register your user, among many other things.


Official Site

With more than 10 million members worldwide, BirdLife is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to collaborate in the conservation of birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through the collaboration of each member. To do so in an organized way, this bird watchers’ website relies on the work of 121 non-governmental organizations and individual members. They believe the best way to contribute to global biodiversity conservation is through local people.

As part of this policy, they have several world-renowned partners, and curiously, their honorary president is Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado of Japan. As expected, you can subscribe to their email newsletter, but there is much more to this site.

You can explore the news by region on the website, learn a little about its history and vision, and enjoy interesting articles on global biodiversity, especially birds. Overall, this is a good place to learn about wildlife initiatives worldwide.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Official Site

From The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s point of view, the mission is to interpret and conserve the earth’s biological diversity through research, education, and bird-centered citizen science. His field and laboratory studies explore the earth’s biodiversity, the processes that have generated it, and how to conserve this abundance of life.

It’s a fairly extensive website where you can learn about the programs supported by this organization dedicated to animal life conservation. Besides, you can also know the upcoming events in which they will participate, know how to promote this activity in the youngest of the house, and, perhaps, enthuse your son to daughter in school age in a healthy activity.

Note that Cornell University supports this website. You can also have here a birding guide, content prepared especially for students, among other things. Finally, on this platform, you can donate money to support their work and access more than 13,268,429 photos, videos, and sounds of bird species worldwide.


Official Site

10000Birds is, as they themselves indicate, the perfect place for people who love birds, bird images, and people who write about birds, bird watching, conservation, and much more. The design of this website is quite simple but very functional.

It is also obvious to follow them on Facebook, although they do not indicate they are present on another social network. You can also go to the conservation section, where you can learn about rare species native to the United States and everything you need to know about them.

Although they do not indicate who is behind this website, they show the author in each article, and you can leave your comments or read those of other users. On the other hand, if you are interested in bird watching on your trips abroad, the excursions section includes stories about birds from all over the world and the best way to see them, among other things.

All About Birds

Official Site

All About Birds is a website presented by Cornell Lab dedicated to educating people about birds. Unlike the mother website, this one is dedicated especially to education, not conservation. You can sign up to receive the LivingBird physical magazine for $44.

An interesting aspect of this website is that it eventually tells the reader how to identify a certain bird that may be on your to-do list. The interesting thing about this is that you can access it by clicking on the link above, and it’s free, whereas in the education section, you can also access manuals to identify other birds, but these guides are for sale.

All About Birds has been online since 2015 and is available only on Twitter and Facebook. On the home page, you can read the latest articles and news, interesting information about birds, and even how to make your own birdhouse. Besides, you can participate in contests to receive some free courses.


Official Site

BirdGuides is an online site where you can get the best birding ideas, good photographs of the nation’s most interesting birds, and other places worldwide. In addition, you can read interesting articles about birds on the home page, the best place to spot them, and other useful tips.

They are very active on Facebook, Twitter, and youtube, being the case that you can comment on their official publications or share your own photographs or news from other media. If you like the mining company where the information is presented, you can subscribe to the newsletter to read relevant information about birds in your mail.

Another interesting aspect of this page is that they include the week’s photo and the week’s review, which has pleased many readers. Another tool they have used to increase their acceptance and compete with other more established magazines is offering special offers and publishing contests for their affiliates.

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, bird watching is a pleasant activity, full of meaning, and closely linked to the conservation of the environment, the protection of biodiversity, and the protection of endangered bird species. Besides, you may be able to give your own contribution by sharing your time with the organizations involved in the different conservation activities or simply by donating.

Finally, these sites are excellent for you to get birding ideas close to home and how to attract birds to your garden, among other things. In some cases, you can subscribe to print editions of magazines, and in others, only to the digital edition or the free newsletter. The important thing is that you follow up with the ones that give you information that you can enjoy and share to make this hobby more pleasant!

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