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It’s always easier to get a debt than to get rid of it, and there may be certain situations that prevent you from remaining solvents –such as illness, divorce, a sudden drop in income, or just excessive spending.

Alarmingly, this causes a lot of people to decide to file for bankruptcy.

To avoid this terrible economic context, you have several legal tools at handsome, more expensive than others.

And, in this case, American Debt Enders, you count with a for-profit organization that offers free, non-aggressive consultations for all those who want and take advice or hire a debt management service.

About American Debt Enders

Founded in 2006, this organization began as a company that offered credit counseling and employed a unique business model to offer multiple debt relief programs and solutions under the same roof.

It offers non-profit debt consolidation plans, debt settlement, credit restoration, and free bankruptcy counseling over the phone through contractual agreements.

Steven Ciantro is its founder, a Certified Credit Counselor, Management Representative for American Debt Enders, and was a finalist in Ernst and Young’s Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur of the Year Contest 1991.

In 2004, Steven found work at a national nonprofit credit counseling company, where he consolidated and strengthened his knowledge in this field.

How does American Debt Enders work?

This is a for-profit company, but it is not a direct service provider. Yet, all credit counseling consultations are entirely free, with no obligation or pressure to hire one of its programs.

During the consultation, they analyze your problem in detail, chart an adapted course of action, and can enroll you in the appropriate debt settlement program if you approve.

Credit counseling inquiries are made over the phone. In contrast, enrollment in any debt consolidation, debt settlement, and bankruptcy or credit restoration program can also be made and approved over the phone.

You should know that there are no hidden fees:

All fees are explained during the initial consultation, always specifically for the program you are interested in, or that suits your debt situation. You don’t pay any fees directly to American Debt Enders, and you can start their programs without paying money upfront.

Through these debt settlement programs, your funds are deposited into a secure account. Then, as the money accumulates, settlements are made with each creditor, credit card issuer, among others.

You will also receive statements and be notified –And you will continue to receive monthly statements from each creditor until the last debt is settled.


As expected, they are focused and specialized in one type of debt.

Currently, American Debt Enders can help you with any unsecured debt, although your debt must meet one condition: Not due to IRS problems, student loans, or payday loans.

Although the design of the website is quite simple, it is well thought out. They have decided that the telephone number you make inquiries and contracts are anchored to the top of all links and locations within the site. You avoid returning to the home page to get it, a simple but effective strategy.

They are constantly adding educational content to their site to give you the best possible support so that you don’t always have to call to find out what to do in a given situation.

For example, categories such as credit counseling, bankruptcy, debt collector harassment, creditor lawsuits, among others, are addressed.

If you wish, you can register your personal mail to start receiving each item that hangs on the site in your inbox. This will save you time and, at the same time, keep you updated with the latest information in this field, an important value in a world of changing finances.

To Sum Up

American Debt Enders is undoubtedly a necessary ally to deal with debt. The fact that the consultations are free and, according to them, non-aggressive makes it an attractive service for those who are in a financial mess.

Consider that getting rid of the condition that made you look for this service will take an average of 3 to 5 years of work.

Besides, remember that all the credit cards you sign up for the program will be closed, although your advisor will help you determine which ones are still convenient for you to keep.

If you are in a hurry, give American Debt Enders a chance before giving up your debt to bankruptcy! Try them now!

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