7 Best Apps Like Buzzfeed

Apps Like Buzzfeed

In today’s world, everybody seems to be connected to the net. This can be a huge advantage since large communities have been created where people can share their points of view and information travels freely.

Buzzfeed was launched to allow people to read, write, and share their posts and opinions with everybody. All you need to do is sign up using a social media account or email address. The Buzzfeed app is equipped with algorithms that learn about your preferences and customize your experience.

The more you use the app, the more it learns about what you like, and soon you’ll be seeing personalized videos, articles, animated GIF images and news stories related to your interests. There are lots of sites like Buzzfeed where you can create content and read what others have created.

Check out some of the Buzzfeed alternatives in the following list we gathered up for you.

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TopBuzz is an app like Buzzfeed that is famous for its lists, videos, and quizzes, which are wildly shared on Facebook and other social networks.

Want to know what kind of sandwich best represents you?  Or which “dance Moms” girl you are? Complete a quiz and you will find out. Everything on this site is full of humor and sarcasm, ready to make you have a very good time.

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Digg is targeted at people of all ages. Of course, cricket related articles are always popular, but so are trending news coverage and videos. One thing that makes this different from other apps like Buzzfeed is its ability to get very interesting information about all the great subject of the moment.

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Upworthy is one of those apps like Buzzfeed that focus on trending news. Over 50 million people visit them every month, articles, videos, and photos are shared with the readers. You can tailor the feeds you receive to match your needs and get local news and weather alerts wherever you are.

Instead of jumping through different news websites, get all your info in this app and save some time. News that matters, entertainment you love, it is all here.

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If you want to find apps like Buzzfeed that let you stay updated on the latest news, Flipboard would be one of the best. It is a news aggregator, which means that it gathers content from around many websites and filters it to shows you the topics you are interested in.

From productivity to food, from technology to holiday trips, this app can collect and share the stories easily and simply.  The content is gathered from sources that include CNN, ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports, Fortune, GQ, and much, much more.

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The news is created every second, and having it available as it happens is possible with Mashable. It is a straightforward and lightweight app that keeps headlines from major newspapers in the palm of your hand.

It is optimized for low bandwidth usage and provides high-speed downloads. If you find something interesting, share it easily via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or any other similar app on your phone.

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News Break

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Yet another of the Buzzfeed app alternatives, News Break offers breaking news and headlines from many different publishers. Your feed can be personalized with news about kids, games, education, photography, astronomy, and many other topics.

You can also save the stories on your device and read them even when you are offline. Browse through the channel showcase and find stories neatly organized into categories, and block publishers you don’t like and keep them from showing up in the app.

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Not many of the apps similar to Buzzfeed can compete with this monster. Reddit has over 540 million monthly visitors, and registered members can submit text posts or direct links, as well as vote on what other members have shared.

The more votes it gets, the more visible it is for everyone else. The categories, or subreddits, are available for almost any topic you can imagine. And if it is not, go ahead and create it; soon many others will start to join in.

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