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On many occasions, administrative tools and software, in general, have prices that for a company in a full process of growth become something impossible to obtain, but not to enjoy the tool supposes a loss for the growing company. That’s when AppSumo becomes an ally for these growing business projects.

You see, companies in stages of growth require many tools that will allow them to enhance their goals and their projects.

But many times, accessing these resources turns out to be difficult or impossible. The high software costs are an obstacle to be able to enjoy these work tools.

It is not a luxury to try to use the different software packages ideal for a business project. In the era we are living in, it is something obligatory and fundamental. There is a vast universe of digital tools that have become essential elements to facilitate the work.

Using technologies to develop business activities has allowed companies’ growth to be done in very efficient ways.

The importance of incorporating digital technologies in any human activity has made a difference in entrepreneurship development, so companies are growing faster today than in the past.

What is AppSumo?

“Never Pay the Full Price for a Software Again” is the slogan of AppSumo, a company of promotions of computer programs and mobile devices, a leader in the market of discounts for the legal acquisition of licenses for the use of digital tools.

Entrepreneur Noah Kagan started this company in 2011 and soon became a leader in the market for the distribution of offers for software.

Its efforts save its subscribers thousands of dollars and help combat piracy, allowing program creators to earn much more by selling more affordable costs.

What does the AppSumo offer?

A lifetime subscription to access special offers for the purchase of software. With only an initial investment of $69.00, you will be able to receive daily notifications of special offers in your email.

On the other hand, AppSumo has partnered with the world’s leading technology companies and has established a set of trade exchanges to offer its partners multiple, accessible offers.

The promotions that come to your email are pretty much great, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars in the acquisition of digital tools for your company or project.

With AppSumo, you can test the software of your preference to establish if the tool is convenient for you. It also offers a money-back guarantee in case you request a refund.

The technology company offers support to its customers in a personalized and dedicated way.

It is part of AppSumo’s work philosophy that its affiliates enjoy careful attention. For this reason, it has a significant deployment of care managers who take care of the concerns of their subscribers.

Is AppSumo Reliable?

Most customers see AppSumo as a technological ally in the development of their company. And despite being a promotion company, there are no small letters in the promotion process.

In this regard, AppSumo does not only does it offer you special offers, but it also audits and tracks the digital development of your project.

Most importantly, the opinion in the different web portals, where users share their experiences, shows that the service, purchase, and usefulness are very favorable (Above 4.0 in TrustPilot).

Advantages of subscribing to AppSumo

  • The subscription is for life.
  • The offers help you save thousands of dollars.
  • Payment is affordable, and profits are high.
  • The AppSumo partnerships allow the entrepreneur to have access to a wide gallery of tools for his project.
  • It allows you to enjoy a guarantee in case the software does not meet expectations.
  • It is a company that allows software creators and users to save money.

Disadvantages of AppSumo

The free subscription is overall limited, if not useless. On the other hand, the program is not recommended if your company or project hardly requires any software.


AppSumo is a valuable tool for companies that constantly require software to enhance their activities. Otherwise, it is not a recommended program.

The fact is that a “lifetime” subscription is handsome, and its additional monitoring tools make this technological promotion company an important ally for the growth of its subscribers.

At the end of the day, you get what they offer, a small discount in a somewhat wide range of administrative tools. Give it a try if their offer is viable to your company, and you may save a lot of money in the long run.

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