Discover The Best Artist Portfolio Websites

Art has reached the world of technology. This is an undeniable fact. Nowadays, it is quite simple for artists to present their works and projects in a simple way to their viewers through Artist Portfolio websites.

This way, more and more artists have ventured to create their websites to publicize their work and even put them on sale so that art lovers can acquire their favorite pieces from each artist.

These websites are also used as an online portfolio to store their best works and make them last in time beyond the physical.

So, which artists can be found in the infinite cyberworld to access their beautiful pieces of art? It seems like a difficult path to take, right?

Since you may not know where to start. We have listed here the best Artist Portfolio websites to discover.


Official Site

The first of the websites for online portfolios, if you’re an artist, is Bestfolios, which is undoubtedly one of the most relevant and important UI/IX design portfolios, resumes, design resources, and case studies on the Internet.

This portal offers you the best and largest collection of websites where you will find the design portfolios of the best designers in the industry, from UX to product design or graphic design, design in motion. In short, all the possibilities are put at your disposal in Bestfolios.

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Shantell Martin

Official Site

The stunning design of the Shantell Martin homepage can give you an idea of the quality of the artistic content you’ll find on this amazing website.

Shantell Martin’s firm conducts a fairly thorough investigation of artists and their relationship between the role of artist and viewer, in which the works are more than just a better object to be admired.

Martin explores themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play, playing the role of cultural facilitator, which you can easily visualize through the website, admiring his works and even buying them (after a series of questions that will classify you as fit to have a piece in your own home).

Overall, she sells exclusivity, which makes the visual aid of her portfolio a tempting purchase option. This is the greatest example of an artist’s portfolio to copy if you are looking for ideas to make yours.

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Matt Pamer

Official Site

Matt Pamer is an art director, designer, and illustrator currently residing in Brooklyn, USA. His profile in Bestfolios (site mentioned above) already has more than 27700 visits, and in it, you can find his portfolio of graphic design pieces, Illustrator, brands, printed, among others.

You can share his work through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. So go ahead and find out more about this artist. For sure, his works will catch his attention.

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Lori McNee

Official Site

Lori McNee is a Californian who was raised in the southwestern United States. Since she was a child, little Lori showed her interest in the art and nature of the world, a quality she cultivated and developed into an adult.

Her career as a wildlife artist began in the 1980s and 1990s, and he currently has a website where you can find all the art pieces she has to show.

Also, you can find upcoming events, exhibitions, and workshops of the artist. As well as DVDs and books she has available for your enjoyment.

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Paul Booth

Official Site

On the website of the artist Paul Booth, you will be able to find everything related to the others of this one so that you enjoy attractive pieces and of good taste.

The artist allows you to visualize his pieces in small drawings, medium drawings, large drawings, self-portraits, and a series of marching orders.

Here, each piece is identified with the name that Paul Booth assigned for each one, and in the same way, with only one click, you will be able to visualize the piece in greater size and even in complete screen.

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James Lewis

Official Site

James Lewis is a lettering artist who presents to you his portfolio of works through his website, in which he shows his creative process by teaching workshops and producing viral video content.

On this website, you will be able to visualize his best handmade lettering works, his logo designs, and his typographic designs, and you will be able to look at his teaching workshops.

You can also find their most outstanding projects through the categories of the website.

Lewis has collaborated with major clients such as Pepsi, Samsung, and Red Bull and the BBC, Tik Tok, and many others.

Could you take a look at his work? You’ll love it and, if you wish, you can even buy some of his best pieces through his website.

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Katie O’Sullivan

Official Site

Katie O’Sullivan is an artist who uses an imaginative composition with vibrant colors and certainly unusual surfaces (such as gold or silver leaf, for example), which help to emphasize further her great drawing ability and her extensive knowledge concerning the anatomy of wildlife.

On this website, you will find the portfolio of Sullivan’s wonderful graphic pieces, as well as an archive section in which you will discover the artist’s most relevant artistic works that undoubtedly deserve the appreciation and recognition that we know you can bring to your enjoyment.

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Melissa Smith

Official Site

Smith is one of those artists that we can’t stop loving, and how can we not do it if this great artist transforms a simple photo of our dogs or cats into wonderful pieces of art to collect and hang in our living room or your bedroom.

On the artist’s website, you can find a gallery full of her fantastic works, as well as testimonials from clients who have been no less than satisfied with Melissa’s wonderful work transforming simple photographs into amazing pieces of the most beloved of the house.

You can also place your order for Smith to forever capture your pet on a canvas that you can take home with you.

We do not doubt that you will love visiting Melissa’s website and enjoy all the work she has to show.

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Jeffrey Barge

Official Site

On Jeffrey Barge’s official website, you will have access to an amazing gallery of pieces by this artist. His portfolio is as colorful as it is varied, and more than one of his works will undoubtedly attract your attention.

Among the categories of galleries that you can find is that of sports, in which the artist captures his best works of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer, for you to live firsthand the passion of sport through its art.

You will also find a section of pieces related to films, in which the artist captures his favorite scenes and characters impressively.

Other categories include themes such as pop culture, portraits, logos created by Barge. Don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in this portfolio of undoubtedly extraordinary art pieces which can be heavenly to any sports fan.

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James Turrell

Official Site

For more than half a century, James Turrell has been on the artistic stage, working directly with light and space, thus giving life to works of art attractive to all viewers, maintaining the limits and wonders of human perception.

On their website, you can access their most outstanding works, cataloged by type, date, and location, so that it is easier for you to find a specific work if the case.

You can also find a specific section to view their solo, group, commission, and public exhibitions so that you can be fascinated with the fantastic works of art of the renowned James Turrell.

To Conclude

Without a doubt, the world of art surrounds us from all media, including the web.

We have introduced for you outstanding artists whose portfolios on the web are ready to be viewed by all those people who, like you, feel a special affinity and passion for art, design, and everything that this world involves.

We are convinced that on these websites, you will be able to spend a long time enjoying the best pieces of art by outstanding artists who continue to foster a love for artistic culture, enriching the world with their multiple and diverse works.

Do not miss the opportunity and venture to learn more about these artists that we present for you.

You will love their portfolios and, who knows, you may want to buy one or another work to complement your home’s decoration. Perhaps a piece of lettering, a work of nature, or even a portrait of your most beloved pet, there is for all tastes in this post, you’ll surely find what you’ve been looking for so much.

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