Best Arts & Crafts Supplies Stores Like Hobby Lobby

The Internet is a vast place with space for all tastes, and luckily for you, Arts & Crafts Supplies Stores are not left behind by the whole online world deal.

While some people prefer to buy clothes in elegant shops and modern decorations and equip their homes with home automation technology, among other things, there are still those who love crafts and prefer things made by hand.

Even people who prefer to make their ornaments, weaves, and other crafts have space online. If you belong to that kind of person, we’ve listed the Best Arts & Crafts Supplies Stores like Hobby Lobby online.

After all, few things help strengthen family ties as much as spending an afternoon working together on crafts.

Many of us remember our grandparents just by looking at these online stores. That’s why we also want to allow you to live your anecdotes and share them with family and friends while giving your home a warm touch.

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Official Site

For over 20 years, MisterArt has been selling all kinds of arts and crafts products online, always striving to offer customers the best price.

Whether your profession qualifies you as a painter, sculptor, photographer, scrapbooker, mixed media artist, encaustic guru, student, or craftsman, they offer the materials, solutions, and tools that most of these professionals need.

They are proud to belong to this market and point out as reasons to choose the following:

  • VIP Membership: You enjoy discounts and other advantages for an annual membership of $25.
  • Price Matching Guarantee: if you get the product elsewhere at a better price, you get a gift certificate.
  • Gift certificates: send gifts to family and friends via email.
  • Favorites: Because artists often buy the same products, this section allows you to store the items they need more frequently, making them easy to find.
  • Affiliate Program: You get a 10% commission for all items that apply, and sometimes a higher percentage.
  • Corporate Accounts: Accept purchase orders from corporate clients and schools with approved accounts.



Official Site

This is one of the best-known stores where you can buy crafts, crafts, and supplies to work on at home.

To buy at Michaels, you don’t need to register as a user. Instead, enter the payment information correctly and the destination information to receive your supplies for arts & crafts.

They have an extensive support section where you can track your purchase order status and learn about return policies, among other things.

Besides, you may also be interested to know that they offer special discounts for the military, teachers, and seniors. And another way to save money with them is by using coupon promotions or buying through their iOS and Android app, where you can get up to 50% discounts.

You’ll get about anything here, trendy crafts, clay and molding, clothes, paint, templates, candle-making elements, art tips and techniques, engraving equipment, and many other things.

And there is also the possibility of buying both by unit and in bulk. It is very nice that the online store is well organized, classifying each item into specific categories, making it easy to find.

The Craft Store

Arts & Crafts

Official Site

The Craft Store was created in 2015, incorporating an interesting facet, and became the first shopping channel dedicated to arts & crafts and hobbies. Its founders, Paul Wright and Val Kaye built the Ideal Shopping Direct Empire.

This online company aims to provide outstanding products and unparalleled service.

They offer their customers more than 100 categories filled with many excellent quality products and the latest art supplies, sewing, die-cutting, and many more.

Although based in the UK, shipping to the US costs $6.95, and each additional product adds $1.5 to the basket. But if you’re a regular customer, you can be a HOCHANDA FREEDOM MEMBER and save money on delivery charges.

Accessing the home page, promotional offers, and the latest products added to the store.

You can also see the programming schedule or, if interested, learn handicraft lessons in the section dedicated to explaining the products’ use.

A Cherry on Top Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Official Site

ACOT (A Cherry on Top Crafts abbreviated) currently offers thousands of products, including papercrafts, general crafts, needlework, sewing and quilting supplies, art supplies, and much more.

Their website design, while simple, is effective in helping the customer get what they are looking for. In addition, like other similar online stores, they are constantly offering discounts on selected merchandise.

When you enter the site, you can see a column where they post items recently added to their inventory and the option to browse the site by categories.

You can even browse the store based on the articles published in a particular year. This is very useful if you like a tool that already requires a change, and we should also mention that when your order exceeds $69, you get free shipping.

When you scroll through the top menu options, a drop-down menu appears that helps you precisely locate the item you are looking for.

Besides, if that doesn’t work, you can use the site’s search engine.


Arts & Crafts

Official Site

Founded to give artists the right tools at reasonable prices, Arteza is a very well-structured online store.

From their point of view, every art form is a work that, to be expressed correctly, needs to have the right tools, and that’s where they come in.

The main categories are anchored at the top of the page and are always accessible. These categories are:

  • Pencils and pastels
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Markers and pens
  • Paint and media
  • Art sets and packages
  • Canvas and surfaces
  • Artistry.

Each with a drop-down menu will help you locate the supply or instruments you’re looking for.

They clearly state that shipments are free and have no return charges. In addition, you’ll see the newest, best-selling gift ideas for your friends and blog articles that will help you develop your art skills on the home page.

We Are Knitters

Arts & Crafts

Official Site

We Are Knitters strives to promote weaving among new generations with a vision focused on ancestral skills.

It presents it as an activity that gives a personal touch to clothing and sells woven clothing for those who prefer to use only woven clothing rather than weaving it.

This store is for you whenever you want to start a manual activity.

They sell their customers a pattern, instructions, thread, and wooden needles to weave their creations with thread imported from Peru.

We Are Knitters’ vision is to do everything naturally and with a low environmental impact. Hence, the bags they send the material are recyclable, they do not use plastic, and the fabric thread is leftover.

On the other hand, they tried to create a community, inviting their clients to share their experience of creating their clothing on this website –Although you won’t find many people participating here.

To learn, you can watch countless videos explaining the different weaving techniques. Shipments are free, and the order is over $60.

Online Fabric Store

Arts & Crafts

Official Site

Online Fabric Store has one of the largest inventories in the United States regarding premium upholstery, curtains, apparel, and industrial fabrics.

This is because of their long-standing relationships with suppliers and factories, allowing them to offer you the best and most difficult fabrics at reasonable prices.

They currently have more than 17,000 fabrics for sale. Therefore, this online shop is the most attractive option for those engaged in craftsmanship and fabric. –We are talking about souvenir makers, upholstery, covers for furniture and electrical appliances in the kitchen, and even homemade family clothing.

The fabrics are classified into linen, muslin, scrim, tassels and trimmings, vinyl, and leather.

You can also search for fabrics by brand, color, design, use (clothing, crafts, decoration, general-purpose, and home), or other filters, such as price.

Finally, you will also find needles, pins, threads, eyelets, and thimbles in the supplies section, among other things.

To Sum Up

We can all enjoy giving our home or loved one satisfaction, something we have done with our hands.

On the list, you’ve come across sites dedicated to providing supplies for arts & crafts, weaving clothes, and even working exclusively on fabric. Each has tips and videos that help you perfect your skills; almost all are on social networks.

So make sure to visit the ones that suit you best and find out how you can improve your skills or get that decorative owl that you want!

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