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If you are looking for an online dating platform where you can get casual sex, real profiles and at a good price, you have surely come across this page at some point.

Even if you weren’t looking for adult hookup sites, this platform has reached the eyes of millions thanks to its well-distributed system of ads.

Therefore, we decided to run our Ashley review, in order to clarify any rumors and let you know their pros and cons along with their reliability.

Ashley Madison

This, like many other of the best adult dating sites, is the goal of hundreds of thousands of single individuals or who are in a relationship, but who are looking for a sporadic sexual encounter with other individuals in a discreet and safe way, allowing you to conquer online meetings or intimate meetings in person.

In the beginning, the page that promised discretion was really far from that goal.

But after 17 years in the market, they made some improvements in the platform and their popularity has touched 52 countries to date, with above 57 million users that trust the system.

One of the features that make this page really popular is its ease of use and organization, which allow users to enjoy an average of 8.23 pages in just over 4 minutes of the visit, therefore, offering you a truly productive experience when looking for a hookup.

Keep in mind that this site began as the first of now hundreds of cheating dating sites for encounters to evolve into a page of casual encounters for people of different sexual preferences and sentimental situations at a moderate price.

Types of Accounts

At Ashley Madison like most nightclubs on Thursday nights, women go free.

Regardless of the type of meeting the ladies are looking for, they will not cancel additional credits to get a good time.

In contrast, heterosexual men, and gay men and women must choose between free and premium accounts.

With a free account, you can delight your eyes with a catalog full of candidates but will be in that uncomfortable situation in which you can see, but not touch.

In these cases, most visitors usually join to shake off the sensation of seeing food porn without a dime in their pocket… and in addition, these users can’t respond to any interaction initiated with them, reply to messages, send and review photos in a conversation initiated by another user and anchor others as favorites.

The premium account, on the other hand, allows users to begin interacting with those profiles that captivate their attention, send messages, initiate conversation, get priority the order of the listings, send gifts and start a chat and video sessions.

For the Price

To access a premium account you must obtain a credit package from the ones listed below:

  • 49 € for 100 units
  • 149 € for 500 units
  • 249 € for 1000 units

These credits can be canceled with your credit card of preference, to which a payment is credited with an alternative concept to ensure your discretion, or with a Paypal account.

Also, when activating your account or canceling it for whatever reason, you will be charged a commission of 15 € each time.


  • Extremely friendly platform
  • Payment facilities
  • Filters for advanced searches
  • A large number of new users registered daily
  • Traveler mode to connect with users located in different cities and countries
  • Discretion in the payment receipts
  • Control over the information published in the profiles
  • Privacy control of the photos
  • 30-second registration process


  • A large number of false profiles
  • Bad reputation security system with hacking precedents
  • Numerous testimonies of dropouts occurred through the platform
  • Basically, the only way to interact –unless you’rea heterosexual woman- is to subscribe to premium

In the End, is a Matter of Cash and Patience and a Lot of Both

Sometimes, the number of users is not everything.

On this platform, you can find real users, yes. But your chances diminish if you are not in Spain or certain cities in the United States where the site is more popular.

For women, it can be a great tool to find casual partners, but if you are a heterosexual man or a member with LGBT preferences, it represents a great investment and a great quest to get the cheese out of Ashley Madison’s in general.

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