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Founded in 1994 in Paris and by Prosper and Martine Assouline. This website is a brand dedicated to the culture of luxury. Throughout its history, it has grown and established stores in the main cities of the world. The digital store operates today, gaining a good reputation. They currently ship to 77 countries around the world.

Currently, its center of operations is in New York City. This publishing house also creates unique and elegant bookstore accessories. Everything you can buy here is designed to give you a modern and luxurious bookstore.

What do they do?

Starting from the editorial process, they seek to create cultural content aimed at people who love the quality. Thanks to that vision, they have published more than 1500 different books on subjects that include, for example:

  • Art
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Gastronomy
  • Fashion

Two of their Best Sellers show how they respect their ideals. The first is Rolex: The Impossible Collection at $895. The other is New York by New York, which costs a little less, $250. These works are dedicated to celebrating the avant-garde lifestyle and bringing it into your hands.

Then the printing process reflects their commitment to quality and justifies the prices. In addition to printing in Asia, they also print many of their books in the United States and Italy. And to reach their target audience, they are in cities like New York, London, and Paris.

Is Assouline expensive?

Assouline considers that his idea is to create luxury books for people who love modern culture. Therefore each publication has a rather high price compared to others of similar topics. The same can be said about the accessories that are designed to be elegant and unique.

But they do make available to you some discount options. One of them is that you get free shipping if your purchase exceeds $100. They also occasionally issue promotional codes, contests, and sweepstakes. Some of the prizes are usually credits or discounts on your purchases with them. Eventually, you will find some offers on the site.

Remember that all promotions are restricted in some way. So you can’t combine promotions here either. You can’t use them outside the date enabled by Assouline either.

Is Assouline Trustworthy?

When we checked this website, we noticed that the rules about privacy, returns, and so on are short but accurate. They state that they do not store any customer data and protect the information you give them with SSL encryption. Besides, the content is not misleading, and they offer top quality products as advertised.

We must say that we found little and no information about their customer service. We could only find one comment on Trustpilot and 110 on TripAdvisor about the shop in London. It is unusual to consider that they have more than 25 years’ operation, much of that time online.

Therefore, we cannot give you information about the most common topics in these customer forums. To find out how they handle returns or quality shipping, you will need to have your experience.


  • Books of excellent quality designed to preserve modern culture.
  • Bookcase accessories of elegant design and appreciable manufacture.
  • They cover avant-garde themes in works that include architecture, art, or lifestyle.
  • They have published over 1500 different books over 26 years.
  • Their headquarters are located in a location suited to their strategy, New York.
  • You get free shipping when your purchase exceeds $100.
  • They eventually publish coupons, sweepstakes, and offers.
  • They make special editions of some of the works published by them.


  • The prices of library accessories and books are quite high.
  • They have very few physical stores in the world, and some things are only available there.
  • Little online information on previous customers, which is at least suspicious.
  • Many books cost $95, making it difficult to get free shipping.

To Sum up

Assouline is an eCommerce aimed at those who do not scrimp on increasing their bookstore. It is true that information from previous customers is missing or not accredited. But it’s also true that we didn’t find any complaints about their service all the time they’ve been publishing. It would be fair to say that they have a well-organized and easy to use the website for anyone.

The prices are justified because their authors represent brands or trends of great impact. If you are one of those who prefer an optimal quality book over an average one, then you might like it. You will need to have enough space on your card to keep up with the culture from its perspective. Accessories are ideal gifts.

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