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Comfortable outfits with good quality can’t be found everywhere! And as you know, Banana Republic has a lot of time here giving us nice-priced and high-quality clothes since the ’80s. So, let’s review their eCommerce site and let you know if this is a good option to get stuff from an American’s favorite brand at your doorstep.

What is Banana Republic?

Founded in San Francisco by the artist Mel Ziegler in 1978, Banana Republic is an American company producing and designing various garments that undoubtedly offer avant-garde, comfort, accessibility, and variety for both men and women.

The beginnings of this brand were based on the creation of clothing for travel and safari, simulating fantasy in their catalogs, having high recognition thanks to its originality, proposing themes in all its stores in a creative way with innovative decoration such as grass and other themes to all-terrain, attracting customers with speed.

Currently, this clothing chain has approximately 750 points worldwide, including Spanish-speaking countries, preserving the liberal essence of its garments and maintaining the quality of the material, promising a modern style at an affordable price.

How does Banana Republic work?

Purchasing a garment from this store is as easy and simple as registering through the official Banana Republic website, choose the garment of your choice, add it to the shopping cart, once the company sends you an e-mail or text message for the pick-up, you will have to give your payment details and finally pick up your purchase at the store nearest to where you are or select the option of delivery to the comfort of your home.

You can choose several options once you have placed your order, either postpone the pick-up, cancel it, or in any case, if you cannot do all of the above, you will have five days of availability to pick up your purchases. Otherwise, your money will be refunded, and the shopping cart will be emptied again.

This chain has different payment methods, either with debit or credit cards, gift cards, and various additional rewards that you can earn through the official website of the organization or in limited promotions that allow you to redeem a code at the time of your purchase.

You also have the opportunity to leave someone in charge of making the withdrawal. As long as you have previously designated it, the same must bring to the store the e-mail that describes the corresponding authorization, either printed or digital, along with the identification of the person in charge. All the above mentioned is the way to buy online. You may prefer to buy directly from the store closest to your location.

Is the Banana Republic reliable?

We are talking about one of the clothing and accessories companies with 99% reliability, since every purchase, whether online or physical, has a guarantee adjusted to each product you purchase, there are also multiple positive reviews for the quality of their fabrics, claiming that each garment has been of maximum duration.

The Tripadvisor website has more than thirty individual opinions of people satisfied with their purchases. In addition, it mentions the excellent service and the nice classic atmosphere from which all their rooms are inspired.

So far, most of the complaints from some of the store’s customers have been about the high cost of certain garments. However, Banana Republic offers discounts, bonuses, and various prices to achieve a wider reach to the public.

Advantages of Banana Republic

One of the best-known advantages of this store is its diverse opportunities for discounts and rewards. For example, the famous Banana Republic Store Credit Card and the Banana Republic Visa Credit Card, with which you can earn points to claim a reward or even qualify for renewable credits. So, among the advantages we find:

  • More affordable prices than most competitors
  • Free shipping for bulk purchases
  • Low price + high-quality
  • The variety of clothing is incredible
  • Targets children, teenagers, men, and women of any age

Besides, if you have no idea what garment or accessory to choose, Banana Republic has advised their customer service will provide you with options and important information, so you know how to choose your purchases.

Disadvantages of Banana Republic

It is worth mentioning that the endless promotions have turned out to be a disadvantage for some of their customers, who claim that their coupons do not make much sense or exclusivity.

Besides, the clothing and accessories supplied by the Banana Republic have a simpler pattern than other luxury apparel in other apparel chains. Therefore, it was considered in a collection as “Basic Clothing,” but it all depends on your taste.


Despite the time it has been around, this clothing brand has retained its initial essence, not to lean too much for the eccentric and prefer the comfortable and urban. It comes in handy if you are one of those people who live life to the fullest.

A vital feature of Banana Republic is its promotions. So if you like to save a little and expect excellent quality for your daily outfits, you can prefer it.

Its online shopping version is very practical and easy to use, useful to get out of trouble with just one click, and a completely free subscription. If you have any inconvenience, there will always be a purchase guarantee.

One of the best things that this store offers you is their good customer support. They make sure that what you are going to wear is ideal for you and adapts to your expectations, both in price and style, all this with a bonus plus in points for your next purchases.

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