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Prepaid Business Debit Card

If you own a business, you’re going to be spending a lot of money, and so will your employees. Poor money management or financing mistakes are two of the most common reasons small businesses fail within their first three years of running.

How can you avoid this from happening and address the problems before they arise? Prepaid debit cards for small businesses are a great way to keep a close eye on spending and money management while also giving your employees the ability to spend on their budgets easily.

Today, we’re looking at Bento for Business, a full-featured debit card company that offers unlimited business options regarding their financial needs and employee spending.

What Is Bento?

Bento for Businesses is a financial aid company that offers employee spending solutions and additional business owners services. They sell prepaid debit cards to their clients to use for business and employee spending and complete control over how these cards work.

If you’re skeptical over the reliability that they can provide, rest assured knowing that they are an award-winning company that has been featured on trustworthy networks like Forbs, The Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times.

How Does A Prepaid Bento Debit Card Work?

Businesses come across a large variety of expenses, and tracking them can be problematic, especially in smaller businesses or ones like a construction business that needs to make several transactions across the board daily. They also offer prepaid cards that can be limited and controlled easily.

These cards can be assigned to any employee, purpose, or project. They can control how the project will cost, use as fuel cards for company cars, or even keep track of monthly extra money for employee lunches or gatherings.

Apply for Bento, choose your funding options, activate the cards, and then set up the specific controls for each one! It’s that simple, plus they have a comprehensive app that gives you access to detailed reports of all spending done with the Bento cards.

What Are Bento’s Best Features?

Bento prepaid debit cards have a lot of great features for business owners to take advantage of. Their cheap options and great control settings make Bento really stand out compared to competitors, but there is so much more to the company than that. Take a look!

  • No startup fees!
  • Companion app with easy navigation and full spending reports per card
  • Unique restriction options available like product categories and the ability to set certain days the card is activated
  • Reorder new cards fast and easy
  • Unauthorized spending will send you alerts immediately
  • Receipts are uploaded on every transaction to the app
  • Customizable book-keeping tags
  • Monthly spending statements
  • 60-day free trial
  • Attentive customer support staff

As you can see, Bento is a thoroughly thought-out company equipped with every tool necessary for assisting a business in their spending needs. Going through Bento for Business can help your company reach an improved financial status!

Why Should Small Businesses Choose Bento?

For businesses that spend over $20,000 on their cards a month, having Bento prepaid debit cards has no fees. This is a way better deal than other companies that offer business cards and can save thousands of dollars for your company over time.

If you don’t spend $20,000 a month, the fees are probably still cheaper since they go by flat rates and not by cards. Overall, Bento is the cheapest and most reliable company to trust with your employee spending, especially when you use the companion app.

Finally, none of your employees are at a personal risk with a Bento card since anyone is approved, and it doesn’t check credit. Your employees are happy, you’re happy, and your business thrives.

How Does Bento Stand Above Similar Companies?

If you take Bento for Business and compare it to other leading companies in the industry, such as Netspend, you’ll see the differences really clearly. Bento is much more affordable, offers more features and control settings per card, and is backed strongly by overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Bento is safe, secure, trusted nationwide, and reliable. They get the job done and offer countless business options for your funding needs, and have helped millions already. Will you be one of the business owners who enjoy the unlimited benefits of Bento?

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